Lessons in Latin Parsing: Containing the Outlines of the Latin Grammar ...

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Durrie & Peck, 1843 - Latin language - 214 pages

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Page 52 - A verb is a word which signifies to be, to do, or to suffer ; as, I am — I rule — I am ruled.
Page 39 - There are three degrees of comparison ; the positive, the comparative, and the superlative.
Page 14 - Any Verb may have the same Case after it as before it, when both words refer to the same thing; as, Ego sum discipulus, I am a scholar. Tu vocris Joannes, Той are named John. lia incldit regina, She walks as a queen.
Page 156 - But if a' nominative come between the relative and the verb, the relative will be of that case, which the verb or noun fallowing, or the preposition going before, usually govern.
Page 142 - XX. Verbs of plenty and scarceness for the most part govern the ablative ; as, Abundat divitiis, He abounds in riches.
Page 35 - FIFTH DECLENSION. Nouns of the fifth declension end in es, and are of the feminine gender. Res, a thing. fem. Singular. Plural. N. res, a thing, N. res, things, G.
Page 134 - Partitives, and words placed partitively, comparatives, superlatives, interrogatives, and some numerals, govern the genitive plural ; as, AKquis phUoiophorum, Some one of the philosophers.
Page 150 - Gerunds governing the accusative are elegantly turned into participles in dus, which, like adjectives, agree with their substantives in gender, number, and case ; as, By the Gerund. By the Participle or Gerundive.
Page 157 - When a nominative comes between the relative and the verb, the relative is governed by some word in its own member of the sentence ; as, " He who preserves me, to whom I owe my being, whose I am, and whom I serve, is eternal.
Page 37 - RULES. 1. Adjectives of the third declension have e or i in the ablative singular; but if the neuter be in e, the ablative has i only.

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