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be not extended, in any sort, to bind, change, or 1681 take

away the right, or interest of any person, or persons, for, or in, their life, members, freehold, Their ex goods, or chattels. And our farther will and rent. pleasure is, That the laws for regulating and governing of property within the said province, as well as for the descent and enjoyment of lands, as Property, likewise for the enjoyment and succession of goods ted by the and chattels, and likewise as to felonies, shall be laws of Enand continue the same, as they shall be for the blarda

, til
time being by the general course of the law in our
kingdom of England, until the said laws shall be
altered by the said William Penn, his heirs or affigns,
and by the freemen of the said province, their de-
legates, or deputies, or the greater part of them.

Section VII.
16 And to the end that the said William Penn,
or his heirs, or other the planters, owners, or
inhabitants of the said province may not, at any
time hereafter (by misconstruction of the power
aforesaid) through inadvertency, or design, de-
part from that faith and due allegiance, which by
the laws of this our realm of England, they and
all our subjects, in our dominions and territories,
always owe to us, our heirs and successors, by co-
lour of any extent, or largeness of powers hereby
given, or pretended to be given, or by force or
colour of any laws hereafter to be made, in the
said province, by virtue of any such

Duplicate farther will and pleasure is, that a transcript or of all laws duplicate, of all laws, which shall be so, as afore. to be transfaid, made and published within the said province, the privy fhall within five years after the making thereof, be council

, transmitted and delivered to the Privy Council, for the time being, of us, our heirs and successors: And if any of the said laws, within the space of six months after that they shall be fo transmitted and delivered, be declared by us, our heirs ard



powers; Our


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1681. fucceffors, in our, or their Privy Council, incon

sistent with the sovereignty, or lawful prerogative
of us, our heirs and fuccessors, or contrary to the
faith and allegiance, due to the legal government
of this realm, from the faid William Penn, or his
heirs, or of the planters and inhabitants of the
said province, and that thereupon any of the said
laws shall be adjudged and declared to be void by
us, our heirs and successors, under our, or their
privy seal, that then, and from thenceforth such
laws, concerning which such judgment and decla-
ration shall be made, shall become void: other.
wise the said laws, so transmitted, shall remain
and stand in full force, according to the true in.
tent and meaning thereof.

Section VIII.
Liberty for

“ Furthermore, that this new colony may the King's fub- more happily increase by the multitude of people transport reforting thither; Therefore, we, for us, our heirs themselves, and fucceffors, do give and grant, by these presents, &c.

power, licence, and liberty unto all the liege peo-
ple and subjects, both present and future, of us,
our heirs and successors, (excepting thofe, who
shall be especially forbidden) to transport them-
selves and families unto the said country, with
such convenient shipping, as, by the laws of this our
kingdom of England, they ought to use, and with
fitting provision; paying only the customs there-
fore due, and there to settle themselves, dwell and
inhabit and plant, for the public, and their own
private advantage.

Section IX.
." And furthermore, that our subjects may be

the rather encouraged to undertake this expedition, , And their with ready and chearful minds, Know ye, That goods, mer- we, of our special grace, certain knowledge, and chandise,

mere motion, do give and grant, by virtue of
these presents, as well unto the said Willian Penn,


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and his heirs, as to all others, who shall, from 1681.
time to time, repair unto the said country, full
licence to lade and freight, in any ports whatsoever
of us, our heirs and successors, according to the
laws made, or to be made, within our kingdom
of England, and unto the said country, by them,
their servants or assigns, to transport all and fin-
gular their goods, wares and merchandizes, as
likewife all sorts of grain whatsoever, and all
other things whatsoever, necessary for food, or
cloathing, not prohibited, by the laws and statutes
of our kingdom and dominions, to be carried out
of the faid kingdom, without any let, or molefta-
tion of us, our heirs and succeffors, or of any of the
officers of us, our heirs or successors; saving al-

Paying the
ways to us, our heirs and successors, the legal im-customs.
positions, customs, or other duties and payments
for the said wares and merchandizes, by any law
or statute, due, or to be due, to us, our heirs and

Section X. " And we do further, for us, our heirs and successors, give and grant unto the said William Penn, his heirs and afligns, free and absolute power, to divide the said country and islands into towns, hundreds and counties, and to erect and country inincorporate towns into burroughs, and burroughs c.

to districts,
into cities, and to make and constitute fairs and
markets therein, with all other convenient privi-
leges and immunities, according to the merits of
the inhabitants, and the fitness of the places, and
to do all, and every other thing and things, touch-
ing the premises, which to him, or them, shall
seem meet and requisite; albeit they be fuch, as of
their own nature might otherwise require a more
special commandment and warrant, than, in these
presents, is expressed.

Section XI.
We will also, and, by these presents, for us,
our heirs and successors, we do



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Power to divide the

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to and

of the ports

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1,681. cence, by this our charter, unto the said William

w Penn, his heirs and assigns, and to all the inhabiTo import tants and dwellers in the province aforesaid, both and export present and to come, to import, or unlade, by produce in

themselves, or their servants, factors, or assigns, from En- all merchandizes and goods whatsoever, that shall gland.

arise of the fruits and commodities of the faid pro-
vince, either by land or sea, into any
of us, our heirs, or successors, in our kingdom
of England, and not into any other country what-
soever: and we give him full power to dispose of
the said goods, in the said ports; and, if need be,
within one year after the unlading of the same, to
lade the said merchandize and goods again, into
the same, or other ships, and to transport the
same into any other countries, either of our do-
minions, or foreign, according to law; provided

always, that they pay such customs and impositions, Paying the subsidies and duties for the same, to us, our heirs

and fucceffors, as the rest of our subjects of our kingdom of England, for the time being, shall be bound to pay, and do observe the acts of navigation, and other laws, in that behalf made.

Section XII. “ And furthermore, of our ample and special conftitute“ grace, certain knowledge and mere motion, we ports, &c. do, for us, our heirs and successors, grant unto

the faid William Penn, his heirs and assigns, full and absolute power and authority, to make, erect and constitute, within the said province, and the ifles and inlets aforesaid, such and so many sea ports, harbours, creeks, havens, keys, and other places, for discharging and unlading of goods and merchandize, out of the ships, boats, and other vessels, and landing them unto such, and so many places, and with such rights, jurifdi&tions, liberties and privileges, unto the said ports belong, ing, as to him and them shall seem most expedient; and that all, and fingular the ships, boats and

other fall

Power to



Power to

goods, &c.

other vessels, which shall come for merchandize
and trade, into the said province, or out of the
fame, ihall be laden, or unladen, only at such
ports, as shall be created and constituted by the
faid William Penn, his heirs, or assigns, (any use,
custom or thing to the contrary notwithstanding.)
Provided, that the said William Penn and his heirs, Provift,
and the Lieutenants and Governors, for the for admis-
time being, shall admit and receive in and about fion of the

the King's all such havens, ports, creeks and keys, all officers officers

, and their deputies, who shåll, from time to time, be appointed for that purpose by the farmers, or commissioners of our customs for the time being.

Section XIII. « And we do further appoint and ordain, and by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, offers cuswe do grant unto the said William Penn, his heirs toms on and assigns, that he, the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, may, from time to time, for ever, have and enjoy the customs and subsidies, in the ports, harbours and other creeks, and places aforesaid, within the province aforesaid, payable, or due for merchandize and wares there to be laded and unladed, the said customs and subsidies to be reasonably afseffed, upon any occasion, by themselves and the people there, as aforesaid to be assembled, to whom we give power by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, upon just cause, and due proportion, to assess and impose the fame; saving unto us, our heirs and successors, such impofitions and customs, as, by: act of Parliament, are, and shall be, appointed.

Section XIV. " And it is our farther will and pleasure, that The Prothe faid William Penn, his heirs and assigns, shall, prietor to from time to time, constitute and appoint an Attor- Attorney, ney, or agent, to reside in, or near our city of Lon- to reside in don; who shall make known the place where he &c.

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