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shall dwell, or may be found, unto the clerks of our privy council, for the time being, or one of them, and shall be ready to appear in any of our courts, at Westminster, to answer for


misde. meanor, that shall be committed, or by any wilful default, or neglect, permitted by the said William Penn, his heirs or assigns, against the laws of trade and navigation; and after it shall be ascertained, in any of our courts, what damages we, or our heirs, or succeffors, shall have sustained by such default, or neglect, the said William Penn, his heirs, or assigns, shall pay the same within one year, after such taxation, and demand thereof from such attorney; or in case there shall be no such attorney by the space of one year, or such attorney shall not make payment of such damages, within the space of a year, and answer such other forfeitures and penalties, within the said time, as by acts of parliament, in England, are and shall be provided according to the true intent and meaning of these presents; then it shall be lawful for us, our heirs and successors, to feize and resume the government of the said province or country, and the same to retain, until payment shall be made thereof: but notwithstanding any such seizure, or resumption of the government, nothing concerning the propriety, or ownership, of any lands, tenements, or other hereditaments, goods or chattels of any of the adventurers, planters or owners, other than the respective offenders there, shall any ways be affected or molefted thereby.

Section XV. - Provided always, and our will and pleasure is, War to be that neither the said William Penn, nor his heirs, vereas nor any other, the inhabitants of the said province,

Thall, at any time hereafter, have or maintain, any correspondence with any other king, prince or ftate, or with any of their subjects, who shall then be in war against us, our heirs and successors; nor


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shall the said William Penn, or his heirs or any other inhabitants of the said province, make war, or do any act of hostility against any other king, prince, or state, or any of their subjects, who shall then be in league or amity with us, our heirs and fuccessors.


Section XVI. “6 And because, in so remote a country, and situate near many barbarous nations, the incursions as well of the favages themselves, as of other enemies, pirates and robbers, may probably be feared; Therefore, we have given, and, for us, our heirs and succeffors, do give power; by these prefents, to the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, by Power of themselves, or their captains, or other their officers, a captainto levy, muster and train all sorts of men, of what general

granted, condition foever, or wherefoever born, in the said province of Pennsylvania, for the time being, and to make war, and to pursue the enemies and rob. bers aforesaid, as well by sea as by land, even, without the limits of the said province, and, by God's assistance, to vanquish and take them; and being taken, to put them to death, by the law of war, or to save them; at their pleasure, and to do all and every other thing, which unto the charge and office of a captain general of an army belongeth, or hath accustomed to belong, as fully and freely as any captain general of an army hath ever had the fame.

Section XVII. “ And furthermore, of our special grace, and of our certain knowledge and mere motion, we have given and granted, and, by these presents, for us, our heirs and fucceffors, do give and grant unto the faid William Penn, his heirs and assigns, Power to full and absolute power, licence and authority, that alien he, the said William Penn, his heirs and assigns, from premises. time to time hereafter for ever, at his or their own

the Power to


will and pleasure, may assign, alien, grant, de-
mise, or enfeoff of the premises fo many, and such
parts and parcels to him, or them, that shall be
willing to purchase the same as they shall think
fit; to have and to hold to them, the said person,
or persons willing to take and purchase, their heirs
and assigns, in fee simple, or fee tail, or for the
term of life, lives, or years, to be held of the said
William Penn, his heirs, or affigns, as of the said
feigniory of Windfor, by such services, customs,
or rents, as shall seem meet to the said William
Penn, his heirs, or assigns, and not immediately
of us, our heirs or fucceffors.

Section XVIII.
“ And to the fame person, or persons, and to
the purcha- all and every of them, we do give and grant, by
fers to hold these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, li-
by the Pro-
prietor's cence, authority and power, that such person or

persons, may take the premises, or any parcel
thereof, of the aforesaid William Penn, his heirs,
or affigns, and the fame to hold to themselves,
their heirs and assigns, in what estate of inheri-
tance foever, in fee fimple, or in fee tail, or other-
wise, as to him the said William Penn, his heirs or
assigns, shall seem expedient: The statute made,
in the parliament of Edward, the son of King Henry
late King of England, our predecessor (commonly
called the statute, « Quia Emptores Terrarum,
lately published in our kingdom of England) in
in any wise notwithstanding.

Section XIX.
“ And by these presents, we give and


liLeave to cence unto the faid William Penn and his heirs, and erect man likewise to all, and every such person, or persons,

to whom the said William Penn, or his heirs, shall,
at any time hereafter, grant any estate, or inheri-
tance, as aforesaid, to erect any parcels of land,
within the province aforesaid, into manors, by and
with the licence, to be first had and obtained, for


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ors, &c,


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that purpose, under the hand and seal of the faid 1681.
William Penn, or his heirs; and, in every of the said
manors, to have and hold a Court-Baron, with all
things whatsoever, which to a Court-Baron do be-
long, and to have and to hold View of Frank
Pledge, for the conservation of the peace, and the
better governinent of those parts, by themselves,
or their stewards, or by the lords for the time be-
ing, of the manors to be deputed, when they shall
be erected, and, in the fame, to use all things be-
longing to the View of Frank Pledge. And we do
further grant licence and authority, That every
such perfon, or persons, who shall erect any such
manor, or manors, as aforesaid, shall, or may,
grant all, or any part of his faid land to any per-
fon, or perfons, in fee fimple, or any other estate
of inheritance to be held of the said manors respec-
tively, fo as no further tenure shall be created, but
that upon all further, or other alienations thereafter
to be made, the said lands so aliened shall be held
of the same lord and his heirs, of whom the aliener
did then before hold, and by the like rents and
services, which were before due and accustomed.

Section XX.
“ And furthermore, our pleasure is, and by
these presents, for us, our heirs and successors,
we do covenant and grant to and with the faid
William Penn, his heirs and alligns, that we, our
heirs and fucceffors, fhall, at no time hereafter, No tax, &c.
fet, or make, or cause to be fet, or made, any im- without the
position, cultom, or other taxation, rate, or con- the proprie-
tribution whatsoever, in and upon the dwellers tor or peo-
and inhabitants of the aforesaid province, for their ple, or by
lands, tenements, goods, or chattels, within the liament
said province, or in and upon any goods and mer-
chandizes within the province, or to be laden, or
unladen within the ports, or harbours of the said
province, unless the same be with the consent of


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This des


ter, &c.


1681. the Proprietary, or Chief Governor, or Assembly, or by ait of parliament in England.

Section XXI.
« And our pleasure is, and, for us, our heirs
tlaration to and successors, we charge and command, that this
an acquit our declaration shall be from henceforth, from

time to time, be received and allowed, in all our
courts, and before all the judges of us, our heirs
and successors, for a fufficient lawful discharge,
payment and acquittance; commanding all the

officers and ministers of us, our heirs and succeso No offi- fors, and enjoining them upon pain of our highest counteract displeasure, that they do not presume, at any time, this char- to attempt any thing to the contrary of the pre

mises, or that do, in any fort, withstand the same;
but, that they be, at all tiines, aiding and assisting,
as is fitting, to the said IVilliam Penn, and his heirs,
and unto the inhabitants and merchants of the

vince aforesaid, their servants, ministers, factors
and alligns, in the full use and fruition of the be-
nefit of this our charter.

Section XXII
" And our farther pleasure is, and we do here-

by, for us, our heirs and successors, charge and preacher,

require, That, if any of the inhabitants of the plication to said province, to the number of twenty, shall, the bihor at any time hereafter, be desirous, and shall, London,

by any writing, or by any person deputed by
them, fignify such their desire to the bilhop
of London, for the time being, that any preacher,
or preachers, to be approved of by the said bishop,
may be sent unto them, for their instruction; that
then such preacher, or preachers, shall and may
reside within the said province, without any denial,
or molestation whatsoever.

Section XXIII.
" And, if perchance hereafter any doubt or
question should arise concerning the true sense and


Provision for a

&c. on apa


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