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Late Professor of Divinity in the Universities of Franequer,
Utrecht, and Leyden; and *o Regent of the Divinity-
College of the States of Hyland and West-Friesland.

To which is PREFIxEP,
A New Translation from the Original Latin.

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THE following celebrated work of the great WITSIUS, originally wrote in elegant Latin, was first published when the author was Professor of Divinity at Franequer. It passed through two editions before the year 1693, when he republished it with very considerable additions and improvements, and prefixed a dedication to'King William III, the glorious deliverer of the British nation from all the horrors of popery and slavery, and a pacific address to the Reverend the professors of divinity and ministers of the gospel in the United Provinces. The book was eagerly read and highly valued by all, who had a true taste for the excellent gospel-truths it contains and intustrates. A translation of it into English was first published, in three large volumes Octavo, at London, in 1763; and, though indifferently executed, yet met with great encouragement. A demand being made for the work in this country, freed from the many gross typographical blunders and other errors with which the London copy abounded, the Editor has been prevailed upon to review the whole translation; has carefully compared every sentence with the original, corrected many mistakes, supplied a variety of omissions, and endeavored to give the author's true sense. In making the translation, the several editions have been consulted, particularly the third, and one printed at Herborn in 1712, four years after the author's death. And though the Editor dare not say, the work is free from faults, yet he flatters himself the Public will overlook all inaccuracies, and favorably receive a book, honestly intended and plainly calculated for general utility. As this excellent Body of Divinity was for near a century only known to persons skilled in the learned languages, to the very great loss of those who had not received a liberal education; and as every attempt for spreading the knowledge of gospel-truths, particularly those relating to the covenants of works and grace, which enter so deeply into the Mediatorial scheme, merits the public attention; so the Editor hopes, that his countrymen will give suitable encouragement to a work, eminently calculated for explaining the scriptural doctrines concerning the fall of man, and the method of his recovery by the obedience, satisfaction, and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. And he begs, that ministers and other gentlemen who have read this work, and know the value thereof, will recommend it unto others, who have not enjoyed that advantage, as a book very proper to be read not enly by the clergy and students of divinity, but by all sorts of persons with pleasure and profit.

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