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, px3l1S, da gre tega leave the Poat of madre nake it male; upon

&c. Queen. Or say, sweet love, what thou defir'A to eat Bot. Truly, a peck of provender, I could munch your good dry oats. Methinks, I have a great desire to a bottle of hay is good hay, sweet

hay hath no fellow. Queen. I have a venturous Fairy that shall feek the kjuirrel's Hoardand fetch thee new nuts. 35!! pathe

Bot. I had rather have a handful or two of dried pease. But, I pray you, let none of your people itir me; I have an exposition of bleep come upon nie.

Queerd steep thou, and I will wind' thee in my@rfois Fairies, be gone, and be all ways away (22) Gently entwm the maple ; ivy for tíst vita alla ? Enrings the barky 6ngers of the elmi '9130 W te Oh, how I love thec ! how I dont on theelsas: -110 2 91507

50 Sud Enter Puck.

$ 333; Dita 06.Welcome, good Robin? Seeft thou this sweet light? Her dotage now I do begin to pity; 1997M ) Por, meeting her of late behind the wood, OUT Seeking sweet favours for this hateful fooly sui no ya Lidid op braid her,o and fall out with her scoa isti 91: For the his hairy temples then had rounded oss With cotonet of fresh and fragrant flowers'; 90) 29798W 0ingl, vao isti (22) and be always away.) What! was

giving her attendants an everlasting dismiffion? No such thing; they were to be fill upon duty. I am convinc’d, the Poet meant ; **19 and bealt ways away. ya yatoa suid i. e. disperse yourselves, and scout out severally, in your watch, that danger approach us from no quarter.!

eri?! woadbine the sweet honeysuekle

Wit; the female inoy fo. 109log

Enrings the barky fingers of ibé elm. ). What does the woodo bine tentwift? Why; the boneysuckle. But ever till now the boneysfackle and the woodbine were but two names for toe fame plant. But we have now found a support for the woodbine, as well as tos


the first blonderer ia which the acute Editors turn'd it into final, and tack'd it as an epithet to ivy.

Mr. Warburton.


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And that same dew, which sometime on the buds
Was wont to sweh, like round and orient pearls , si
Siood, now within the pretty flourier's eyes,
Like tears that did their own disgrace bewail.
When I had at my pleasare taunted her,

Ini! Anthelin mild crms begg'd my patience,

I then did all of her her changeling child,
Which itrait she gave me, and her Fairy fent
Te bear him to my bower in Fairy-land.
And now I have the boy, I will undo

This hateful imperfection of her eyes:
And, gentle Puck, take this transformed fcalp
From off the head of this Athenian swain ;
That, he, awaking, when the others do,

May all to Athens back again repar;
And think no more of this night's accidents,
But as the fierce vexation of a dream.
But, aut, I will release the Fairy Queen;

Be, as thou wait wont to be ;
See, as thou wait 'wont to fee :
Dian's bud o'er Cupid's fower

Hath such force and blefied power. (24)
Now, my Titoniti

, wake you, 'my sweet Queen. Queen. My Oberon! what vifions have I leen! Methought, I was enamour'd of an ass.

05. There lies your love. -(24) Dian's bud, or Cupid's frow'r.) Thus all she editions had fiupidly?exbibited this passageal. The ingenious Dr. Thirlby gave me the correction, which Lhave inserted in the text, and which, doubt“); jes, reftores us the Authoriti Oberon in Act the 2d, where he first proposes o enchant!his

. Queen's eyes and sense, tells us, he has an, antidote to sake off the charm. 9. etsii

And e'er I take this charm from off her fight, --1029: As Lucan take, it'with anòt ber berb, &c. JAnd again, towards the end of the 3d Act, where he is giving Türk directions for di'enchanting Lyfander,' he says;

bits Then crush this berb into Lysander's eye, * A 10 ew Whole liquor baih this virtuous property, m8!!: De Blaa!

To take from thence all erior with its might, l1 ta gaizdege?
And make his eye-balls rowl with wented figblo I


Queen. 'How came these things to pass 20:!. Oh, how mine' eyes do loath this visage now! 10"??

03, Silence, Ya while; Robin, take off his head'; Titania, mufick call; 'and strike more dead (25):1 9 Than common sleep of all these five the sense nost? Queen. Mufick, ho, musick ;fuck as charmech fleep 999) Still Mufickor

7.60 Disej Puck. When thonawak'ft, with thineown fool's eyes peepa

06.Sound, mufick; come, iry Queen, take hand with me, And rock the ground whereón these sleepers beo!!! Now thou and I are new in a'mity; And will to-morroiv midnight solemnly Dance in Duke The house triumphantly And bless it to all fair pofterity : There shall these pairs of faitkful lovers be Wedded, with Theseus, all in jollity.

Puck. Fairy King, attend and mark;
I do hear the morning lark.

Ob. Then, my, Queen, in filence fade; (26)
.Trip we after the night's shade;
We the globe can compass foon,
Swifter than the wand'ring moon.

Queen. Come, my Lord, and in our fight
Tell me how it came this night,

(25) Titania, mufick call, and strike more dead

Thar cummon sleep. Of all these fine the senf..] This, most certainly, is both corrupt in the text, and półnting. Would mufck, that was to Atrike them into a deeper Beep than ordinary, contribute to fine Worly refine) their senses? My emendation, I am persuaded, . needs no ja fiscationar : The five, that lay afleep on the stages were, Demetrius, Lysander, Hermia, Helena, and Bottom...) ought to acknonec ledge, that Dr. Thirlby likewise started and communicated this verye correction.

sing (26) Then, wy Queen, in filence fad, ] Why, fad? Kairict, according to the receivid notión, are pleas'd to follow night. For that reason, and for bettering the xhymě, I think it very probable that I our Au: hor wrote ; ainfilence tade ni. ed vanish, retreat. : In which sense our Author has elsewhere employid this wordd 3 As in Hamlet, speaking of the ghoft's disappearing is gouds most 91:07 It faded at the crowing of the rocksid sisadan G4



. 128 A Midfümmet-Night's Dreath. That I fleeping here was found, s: Ju [Sleepers tit fill. With these mortals on the ground. 01 s 159

s 15' (Wind borns within. Enter Theseus, Egeus, Hippolita, and all his Irain."

The.Go one of you, find out the foreferze.-20010
For now our observacion is perform'd, tultua ni wol2
And since we have the vaward1off the day, 19b9u dos
My love shall hear the mufick of myt houndsg791 25W
Uncouple in the western valley, go,575 17 23950
Difpacch, fay, and find the forefterso nisha zbul
We will, fair Queen, up to the mountain's tops
And mark the musical confufionir's .wasses ist bol
Of hounds and echo in conjunction blo HidT

Hip. I was with Hercules and Cadmus once, 19h0ow I
When in a wood of Creet they bay'd the bear lod T.
With hounds of Sparta ; never did I heari to siin edT
Such gallant chiding. For befides the groves, 908
The kies, the fountains, ev'ry region near, (27) 10

tuoiH IST

M 1347 (27) Tbe fries, the fountains, ev'ry region near, ail en o sem d all ove mutual cry.] It has been propos'd go me, that the Author probably wrote incintains, from whence an echo rather proceeds than from fountains: but as we have the authority of been diffident to diftuib the text. To give a few infances that occur at present, Ovid. Meiam. 1. 3. ver. soo.

Ultima aux fouilem füit t&c. spettantie in undam,slora nigga
kieu frugtsa diicete pier !" Toridemque remit, 1991

Verba lacus,
For so Burmann has corrected it: the common editions have locus.
Virgil Æneid: 12. verf. 886,

911 Ovi NOV

W011 I
Tam-werb exoritur damens rifæque laculquer sis asmowOH

Responsant circà, groelum tonat omne tumulnud 9716d en T
Auson. in Mosellâ. verf. 167, (:

avdanoT auftrerit ollis 3 Et rupes, & sylva trémèns, concavus amnis. And again, veil. 296. S

1 9:57 Refonantia utrimque hi VTIJ Jon I l'erba refert, mediis concurrit Auctibus Echoud to do i 2... 305 P:opert. lib. 1. Eleg: 20. verf. 49toilgo ob I won bA

(ui prosul Alcides iteres refponfa ; fed illi
Nomen ab extremis fontibus dupa refert sa 902162 1



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And now I do bethlevile Our intent

Seem'd all ane mutual cry. I never heard 2.2.1
So mufical a difcord, such fweet i hunders alors ?

Ther. My hounds are bred out of the Sparton kind.
So flew'd, fo sanded, and their heads á e hung.
With ears that fweep away the morning duw,
Crook-knee'd, and idewolap'd, Jike Tibaulio balls';
Slow in pursuit, but match'd in mouth like boi3, 109
Each under each.y. i A cry more runeable 37 9955: _Lith
Was never hallold, to, inor cheer'd' with horri, 9:01
In Creet, in Sparta, npr. in haly.. vi i 17)
Judge, when you hear Butfoft, whatnymphs are there?

Ege. My Lord, this is my daughter bere aiieejay
And this Lysander, this Demetrius is, uit de weg
This Helena, old Nedar's Helena; siis
I wonder at their being here together

Thes. No doubt, they rose up early to observe
The rite of May and hearing our intent,
Came here in grace of our folennity.
But speak, Egeus, is not this the day,
That Hermia should give answer of her choice ?

Ege. It is, my Lord.
1 They: Gobiache huntsmen wake them with their horns.
Horns and thout within ; Deinetrius, Lylander, Hermjay
wzbu janda cand Heiena, wake and start spejsan ärsy

Thef. Good morrow, friends ; Saint Valentine is pab: Begin these wood-birds but to couple now?:

Ly/. Pardon, my Lord.

Thel:pray you all, land ap:
I know, you two are rival enemies.
How comes this gentle concord in the world, as
That hatred is: fo far from jealoufy,
To sleep by hate, and fear no enmity ? il LY 100 A

Lyf. My Lord, I shall reply amazedly,
Half sleep, half waking. But as yet 1 swear, bei
I cannot truly say how I came here:
But as I think if for truly would I speak, not

so it is...1.972:9 I came with

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