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Anat which thy ft

Aase my fear of this,

hyd away. . The Two Gentlemen of Verona, 183 Than, by concealing it, heap on your head listen A pack of forrows, which would press-you down, If unprevented, to your timeless grave, vor sit

Duke. Protheus, I thank thee for thine honest care's Which to requite, command me while I lives y Haply, when they have judged me faft alleep TOT And oftentimes Havé purpos d' to forbido minut OT Sir Valentine her company, and my Coutts d'ER? !A But, fearing left my jealous' aim might err, 100 V And so unworthily disgrace the man, isi ati ,

VO (A rafhness, that I ever yet have fhunnid ;) 900 Fgave him gentle looks, thereby to find us I That

haft difclos’d me.
Knowing that tender youth is foon fuggefted,
I nightly lodge her in an upper tower,
The key whereof myself have ever kept?
And thence the


be Pro. Know, noble Lord, have devised a mean: How he her chamber-window will ascend, And with a corded ladder fetch her down; For which the youthful lover now is gone, And this way comes he with it presently a ww Where, if it please you, you may intercept him." But, good my Lord, do it so cunningly, i si el That my discov'ry be not aimed at ; For love of you, not hate

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my friend, Hath made me publisher of this pretence. 304

Duke Upon mine honour, he hall never know That I had any light from thee of this. 919 VI Pro. Adieu, my Lord: Sir Valentine is coming

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[Exit Pro Y V / Eater Valentine.” Duke. Sir Valentine, whether away fo faftO

Val. Please it your Grace, there is a meffengerie That stays to bear my letters to my friends, htcow ? And I am going to deliver them. YTL not curr Duke. Be they of much import?wn 1722 20 T


unto mi

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Val. The tenour of them doth but fignify wsculino My health, and happy, being at your Court. ny 9701"

Duke. Nay then, no matter; stay with me a while ; : Iam to break with thee of lome affairs, Jon ? That touch me near ; wherein thou must be 'Tis not unknown to thee, that I have fought not 03 To match my friend, Sir Thurią to my

Val. I know it well, my Lord; and, sure, the match
Were rich and honourable ; besides, the Gentlemani
Is full of virtue, bounty, worth, and qualities wina
Beseeming such a wife as your fair daughter.i opis
Cannot your Grace win her to fancy him?Lorem

Duke. No, truft me; she is peevith, fullen, froward, 1
Proud, disobedient, Aubborn, lacking duty; 9's, cei
Neither regarding that she is my child. in dc EST
Nor fearing me as if I were her father syres 2 d sisiw l.
And may I say to thee, this pride of hers, Justi
Upon advice, hath drawn my love from her ;
And, where I thought the remnant of mine agence 5.5
Should have been cherish'd by her child-like duty,
I now am full resoly'd to take a wife, amous
And turn her out to who will take her inside oss o
Then let her beauty be her wedding dowers or or
For me, and my posleflions, the esteems, not.t. IV.

Val. What would your Grace have me to do in this

Duke. There is a Lady, Sir, in Milan bereid on
Whom I affect; but he is pice and coyo wish
And nought esteems my aged eloquences
Now therefore woald I have thee to my tutor; 2. OT
(For.long agone I bave forgot to courtsDo
Befides, the falhion of the time is chang'de)ans I
How, and which way, I may beftow myselfyon 3.0
To be regarded in her fun-bright eye. 9tar 910

olivbe Val. Win her with gifts, if the respects not words;


+ Sir, in Milan here. It ought to be thus, instead of in Vetona ? berfoto for the passages first Act, and in the beginning of the first Scene of ihs fourth A&. Alike miftake has crept into the eighth Scene of A&K where Sperd bids his fellow-leryádi Launde, welcome to Hadda... won

Mr. Popi.



you gone as rain 9197

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Burirather to beget more love in you; ti wonat i lov
Flácter, and praise, commend, extol their graces,
And kept severely from refort of menyori 1 9191 be
And built fo Thelving, that one cannot climb it

Dumb jewels often in theit filent kind, 01193 or T 11
More than quick words, dé move a woman's mina. A

Duke: Bat the didifcorn a present, that l'fent her. I

Val. A woman sometimes fcorns wharbek contents her. Send her another; "never give her o'erza

seos For scorn at firt makes after-love the 301 211 If she do frown,' tis not in hate of you, ya noism OT If lac do chide, 'tis not to have For why, the fools are mad if left alone. iv lo liut Take no repulce, whatever the doth fay; i 300229193 For, get you gone, the doth not mean away. y 1951.28.) Tho' ne'er fo black, fay, they have angels faces. buor? I with his tongue he cannot wir'a wotnan. go1189) 2013

Duke. But he I mean, is promis' by her friends br Unto a youthful Gentleman of worth, golube no

man hath access by day to her sad svodi bwana Val. Why then I would reført to her by night want I

Duke. Ay, but the doors be lock'd, and keys kept fafe, A That no man häth recourse to her by night. 13191 71T Val. What: lets, but one na

may enter at her window.por Duke. Her ehamber is aloft, far from the ground, , Without apparent hazard of his life. And

to) mos Val: Why then a ladder quaintly made of cords,? Doe To caft up, with a pair of anchoring hooks, 1911 on Would serve to scale another Hero's tower, 1 035 91101 107) So bold Leander would adventure ito noisi sdi 29bis

Duke. Now, as thou-art-a Gentleman of blood,s woll Advise me where I may have fuch a ladder. 351 yarador

Vak When would you use it ? pray, Sir, tell me that. Duke. This very night; for love is like a child, Thar longs for ev'ry thing that he can come byť

Val. By leven a clock ill get you fuch, a ladder.

Duke. But bark thee: I will go to her alone; bA nami How. Hall. I belt convey the ladder thither di said that .250

Pal d.

That no

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Val. It will be light, my Lord, that you may bear it Under a cloak that is of any length, .: 29999 98 Duke. A cloak as long as thine will serve the turn ty Vah. Ay, my good Lord.

2007 ng halos Duke. Then let me see thy cloak; got as ibot I'll get me one of such another length..

Val. Why, any cloak will serve the turn, my Lord

Duke. How fall. I falhion me to wear a cloak ? je I pray thee, let me feel thy cloak upon me, What letter is this same? what's here To Silvia ::'3 And here an engine fit for my proceeding? 6 I'll be so bold to break the seal for once. [Duķe reads “ My thoughts do harbour with my Silvia nightly:"T

And flaves they are to me, that send them flyingiu “ Oh, could their master come and go as lightly. 7oT

"" Himself would lodge, where senseless they are lying: “My herald thoughts in zhy pure bosom reft them, 137

" While I, their King, that thither them importanc. “Do curse the grace, that withsuch grace hath bleft them,

“ Because myself do want my fervant's fortune "I carse myself, for they are sent by me, 1x02 " That they fould harbour, where their lord would be. What's here ? Silvia, this night will I enfranchise thes : 'Tis fo; and here's the ladder for the purposes Why, Pbaëton, for thou art Meraps' son, ut o? mal Wilt thou aspire to guide the heav'nly car, ! i som And with thy daring folly burn the world? . Wilt thou reach stars, because they thine on thee) AT Go, base intruder! over-weening flave linia V.0.0 Bestow thy fawning smiles on equal mates; n l'l And think, my patience, more than thy, defert, 9 Js privilege for thy departure hence : 1901 st Thank me for this, more than for all the favoursa Which, all too much, I have bestow'd on theç.. But if thop linger in my territories to itsas) Longer than swiftest expedition Will give thee time to leave our royal Court, sunt By heav'n, my wrath shall far exceed the loves .074 Teyer bore my daughter of thyfelf: 1:2 Yu Want is 't brint .9d1075 1.071


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The Two Gentlemen of VERONA, 187 Be gone, I will not hear thy vain excuse, But as thoa lov't thy life, make speed from hence. [Exit.

Val. And why not death, rather than living torment?
To die, is to be banish'd from myself,
And Silvia is myself; banilh'd from her,
Is felf from felf a deadly banishment!
What light is light; if. Silvia be not feen
What joy is joy, if Silvia be not by
Unless it be to think, that she is by;11; e

And feed upon the fhadow of perfection.
Except I be by Silvia in the night,
There is no music in the nightingale ;**
Unless I look on Silvia in the day, * ..
There is no day for me to look upon :

Llibri 17
She is my essence, and I leave to be, svi mil
If I be not by her fair influencers: I's, filvio!
Foster'd, illumina, cherisha, kept alive.s
1 Ay not death, co Ay his deadly doom!!!
Tarry I here, I but attend'on death 1 s.1.32 **
But fly I hence, I hy away from life.tity: 10%

Goblin Yual isdT 60 Enter Protheus and Lauace." 1730 aed" Pro, Run, boy, run, run, and fęek him odt. 6:23 Laun. So-ho! forhold Pro. What feeft thou?

ng 1 Laun. Him we go to find ; There's not an hair on's head, but us 'a Valentine, i Pro. Valentine, 10-135

si india Val. No.

po to :9117:)


Eyni wona Pro. Who'then ; His fpirit:7:93357 yini dedi body Val. Neither. 2000 $207161ib ydi ist ein 14 2! Pro. What then?

toluisi pind: sir Vel. Nothing Laun. Can nothing speak ? master, fhall I Arike Pro. Whom wouldit thou ftrike Laun. Nothing. Pro. Vilajn, forbear... ? Laun. Why, Sir, I'll arike nothing's I pray you, Pro. I say, forbear: friend Valentine, a word

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