Atlas of the World with Geophysical Boundaries: Showing Oceans, Continents and Tectonic Plates in Their Entirety

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American Philosophical Society, 1991 - Reference - 92 pages
This atlas of world maps is divided into 3 parts: maps with continental shorelines as natural boundaries; composite maps with continental shorelines as natural boundaries; & maps with tectonic plate margins as natural boundaries. All graticules on the illus. are 15 degrees spacing unless otherwise noted & can be computer drawn. All projections, incl. land masses & plates, are suitable for computer drawing although, in some cases, some data have been entered by hand. Latitudes & longitudes are given for the poles of the map & for the center of the map. Latitudes are expressed in degrees north or south of the Equator; longitudes are given in degrees east or west of the Greenwich Meridian. Note that the poles of the map are the continental shoreline coincidences or plate boundary coincidences chosen for the particular map. Includes 29 four-color maps.

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Page 82 - A line on a map or chart of the earth's surface connecting points having the same temperature at a given time or the same mean temperature for a given period.
Page 82 - Any other circle formed on the surface of a sphere by the intersection of a plane not passing through the center of the sphere is termed a small circle.
Page 81 - ... a map projection of the surface of the earth, so centered at any given point that a straight line radiating from the center to any other point represents the shortest distance, that is, an arc of a great circle.
Page 81 - ... horizontal direction expressed as the angular distance between the direction of a fixed point (as the observer's heading) and the direction of the object...
Page 83 - ... assessment and earthquake prediction . The program is a principal part of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (created by the Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act of 1977), and includes the major efforts of the Federal Government in...
Page 81 - A conformai projection where the boundary of the world map is a curve traced by a point on a circle that rolls on the outside of a fixed circle.
Page 52 - This Dynamic Planet, World Map of Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics," Smithsonian Institution /US Geological Survey, 1989.
Page 82 - A line on a map along which there is a constant value showing the occurrence or frequency of a phenomenon as a function of two variables.

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