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From Kabul Afghanistan,(AN) , Economic Freedom as multifaceted in each era and continents, for instance, Asia and Africa populations looking for economic freedom that comes from west and all the initiatives and measures taken in these two separate places,specially, poorest countries, all as dependency, therefore, it was necessarily to change the development way to attain the freedom, otherwise, it will be depend to west.  

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+Helsinki-based World Institute of Development Economics Research
development can be seen, it is argued here, as a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy...viewing development
in terms of expanding substantive feedoms directs attention to the ends that make development importnat, rather than merely to some of hte means that, inter alia, play a prominent part in the process.
muslim day laborer knifed in hindu area...
'the experience was devastating for me. it made me reflect, later on, on the terrible burden of narrowly defined identities, including those firmly based on communities and groups...But more immediately, it also pointed to the remarkable fact that economic unfreedom, in teh form of extreme poverty, can make a person a helpless prey in the violation of other kinds of freedom.
from Brihadaranyaka UPanishad, a woman named Maitreyee and her husband, Yajnavalkya, proceed rapidly to a bigger issue than the ways and means of becoming more wealthy: How far would wealth go to help them get what they wnat? Maitreyee wonders whether it could be the case that if "the whole earth, full of wealth" were to belong just to her, she could achieve immortality through it. "No," responds Yajnavalkya, "like the life of rich people will be your life. But there is no hope of immortality by wealth." Maitreyee remarks, "What shoudl I do with that by which I do not become immortal?"
+adam smith 'wealth of nations'
There is a danger in seeing poverty in the narrow terms of income deprivation, and then justifying investment in education, health care and so forth on the ground that they are good means to the end of reducing income poeverty. That would be a confounding of ends and means. The basic foundational issues force us, for reasons already discussed, toward understanding poverty and deprivation in terms of lives people can actually lead and the freedoms they do actually have. The expansion of human capabilities fits directly into these basic considerations.
In space of incomes, Europe does indeed have a clearly better record both in terms of levels and trends of inequality, as is brought out by the carful investigation reported in the OECD study prepared by ab Atkinson, lee rainwater and timothy smeeding (23)
Today’s prejudices (in favor of the pure market mechanism) certainly need to be carefully investigated and, I would argue, partly rejected. But we have to avoid resurrecting yesterday’s follies that refused to see the merits of—indeed even the inescapable need for—markets.
Us budget defiits have been, for many years now, moderate enough to be below the ‘norms’ set up by the Maastricht agreement for het European MONETTARY union (a budget deficit of no more than 3% of gross domestic product).
+what is it now??
Bordering on the bay of Bengal, at the southern edge of Bangladesh and of West Bengal in India, ther is the Sundarban00which means “beautiful forst.” Natural habitat of famous Royal Bengal tiger.
+mary wollstonecraft’s ‘a vindication of the rights of woman’ 1792
+paul bauer dissent on development: I regard the extension of the range of choice, that is, an increase in the range of effective alternatives open to the people, as the principal objective and criterion of economic development; and I judge a measure principally by its probably effects on the range of alternatives open to individuals.

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I look forward to read this one. Sounds interesting.

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