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Jease and release, and bargain and sale to be enrolled in chantery, the lease bearing date the day next before the day of the date of the release, and the release and bargain and sale, bearing, even date with the abovewritten obligation, and made or mentioned to be made, between T. T. (nephew and heir, And also devisec named in the last will and teftament of L. L. Jate of in the county of ---- Esq; deceased), and 0, wife of the said. T. T. of the one part, and the said C. C. of the other part, and by a fine in the same indenture of release, covenanted to be levied, are conveyed and aflured, or mentioned, or intended to be conveyed and affured untó and to the use of the faid C. C. her heirs and assigns for ever. And whereas the same niefľuages or tenements, farms, mills, lands, and hereditaments, or some part 'thereof, were by virtue of the will of P. L. late wife of the said L. L. charged and subjected to the payment (among other things), of the sum of

- pounds unto R. R. spinster, one of the nieces of the said P. L. which said sum of

pounds, the faid T. T. aliedges he has fince paid to the said R. R. but the receipt or discharge for the same being misiaid, or not to be come at, cannot at present be produced : NOW the condition of this obligation is such, that if the said T. T. his executors or administrators, shall and do, within the space of three months next ensuing the date of the abovewrito ten, obligation produce or procure from the faid R. R. her executors or administrators, a legal and effectual release and discharge for the said sum of

pounds, and all intereit for the same, lo as the faine, or any part thereof, may not affect, or be a charge on she said purchased premises, or any part thereof: And also thall and do, within the same space, deliver or cause to be delivered, such release and discharge unto the faid C. C. her heirs and asigns, and Thall and do in the mean time, fave, defend, keep harmless and indemnified, the said C. C. her heirs, executors, and alligns, and every of them; and the said purchased premises, and every part thereof, of and from the payment of the said lum of

pounds, and interest, every or any part thereof, of and from all costs, charges, damages and expences, which she, they, or any of them, shall or may sustain, expend, or be put unto for or by reason, or on account of the non-payment thereof, or of any part thereof, or otherwise relating thereunto. Then, &c.

From the vendor of an advowson, and fureties to the purcba fer,

for quiet enjoyment.

HEREAS the above named H. H, has lately bought and

purchased to him and his heirs, of and from the above bounden 'C. C. the perpetual advowfon, right of patronage and presentation of, in and to the rectory and parish church of in the county of

with the appurtenances, for the fum or price of

pounds of lawful money of Great Britain, and accordingly the said advowson and premises are by indeasure, bear

ing even date herewith, between the said C. C. of the one part, and the said H. H. of the other part, Granted and conveyed, or mentioned to be granted and conveyed unto, and to the use of the faid H. H. his heirs and assigns, as by the same indenture, relation being thereunto had, may appear. NOW the condition of this obligation is fuch, that the said Y. H. his heirs and alligns, tall and do from time to time, and at all times hereafter, peaceably and quietly have, hold and enjoy the said advowson and premises, to and for his and their own use and benefit, without the lawful let, suit, trouble, denial, eviction or di&urbance of, or by the said C. C. his heirs or asigns, or of or by any other person or persons, lawfully claiming, or to claim any eftate, right, title, trust, or intereft of, in, to or out of the said advowson or premises, or any part thercof, from, by or under, or in truit for him or them, or from by or under L. A. Efq; deceased, Son and heir of M. A. Eig; also deceafed, or from hy or under the said M. A. or any or either of them, and that free and clear from all incumbrances made or done, or to be made or done, by the faid C. C. L. A. and M. A. or any of them, or by any other person or persons, lawfully claiming or to claim, from, by or under, or in truft for them, or any of them, then, &c.

Of a bankruptcy bond.


E condition of this obligation is such, that if the above bounden

A. B. ihall prove, as well before the major part of the commiitioners to be appointed in a commiffioni of bankruptcy awarded against C. D. of, &c. merchant, as on a trial at law, in case the due illuing forth of the said commission fhall be contested and tried, that the said C. D. is juftly indebted to him the said A. B. in the sum of - l. or upwards, and that the said C. D, is become a bankrupt within the true intent and meaning of some or one of the statutes now in force concerning bankrupts, and if the said A. B. shall cause the faid commillion to be executed, according to the directions of an act of parliament passed in the me year of the reign of King George the, for the better preventing frauds committed by bankrupis, ther, c.

To observe a justice's order of bastardy.


THE condition of this obligation is such, that if the above bounden

1. B. his heirs, executors, and administrators, do and shall, from time to time, and at all times hercafter, weil and truly obterve, perform, fulfil and keep, fo much of the order of R. M. and S.T. Elqrs. two of His Majesty's justices of the peace and quorum of the faid

, concerning å male bastard child lately born, within the said township of

on the body of M, B.

County of

day of

single woman, bearing date the

lait past, as on his the said A. B.'s part and behalf, is thereby ordered and appointed to be done and performed ; and that in and by, all things, according to the true intent and meaning of the said order, then, &c.

To indemnify a parish for a non-parishioner's residence.


HE condition of this obligation is such, that whereas one A. B.

and his family, are lately come to inhabit and dwell within the said parish of

-; If therefore the above bounden C. D. or E. F. or either of them, their or either of their heirs, executors, or administrators, or any of them, do and shall, from time to time, and at all times hereafter, fully and clearly acquit, discharge, save harmless and indemnified, as well the said overseers or church-wardens, and their successors: As also all the inhabitants and parishioners, which now are, or at any time hereafter hall be there resident, and every of them, of and from all manner of costs, charges, payments, taxes, and expences whatsover, which shall or may, at any time hereafter in any manner arise, come, grow due, or be imposed on them,

of them, for or by reason and means of the said A. B. and his family, or any of them, their or any of their family, residing, living, or inhabiting within the said parith; and of and from all troubles, charges, and demands whatsoever, concerning the same, then, &c.

or any

That the beir fall sign a release, when he comes of age.


THE condition of this obligation is such, That whereas the said 4.

B. the elder, by his indenture bearing equal date with these presen's, HĄTH granted, released, and conveyed, unto the said G. Delo and his heirs, the absolute eftate and inheritance of the said A. B. of, in, and to, a certain close ar parcel of ground, with it's appurtenances, lying and being, in, &c. called, c. as in and by the said indenture may appear. If therefore the said A. B. the elder, do and fhall procure the above named A. B. his son, or such other person or perfons, as shall be eldest son and heir, or heir apparent to the said A. B. for the time being, to seal, acknowledge, suffer, and execute, such further assurance and assurances of the premises to the said C. D. his heirs and assigns, as by the faid C. D. his heirs or affigns, or his or their council, learned in the law, shall be reasonably devised, advised, or required; when and as soon as the faid A. B. the younger, or other ton and heir of the said A. B. the elder shall attain to the age of tu enty-one years, then this present obligation to be void, &c.


Not to utter scandalous words, or commit an afault, &c.

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HE condition of this obligation is such, that whereas the above

bounden A. B. has, in the preferice, hearing, and company of several persons, publicly, openly and otherwise, uttered, reported, and spoken several sath, unadvised, scandalous, defamatory, backbiting, and detracting words and expressions, of, to, and against the said C. D. all which words and expressions, the said A. B. has fioce owned and acknowledged, were talse, abusive, and groundless, and were all spoken and uttered without any reason, confideration, or cause, and uttered merely in heat of passion; and has openly, freely, and voluntarily, begged the said C. D.'s pardon for the same. And whereas the said A. B. has lately several times assaulted, threatened, and hurt the said C. D. without any lawful and just provocation, occafion, reason, cause, or motive whatsoever, wherein he has also acknowleged his fault, and has likewise begged the said C. D's. pardon for the same assault and abuses, which the laid C. D. has been prevailed upon, and condescended to grant unto the said A. B. upon the conditions herein after mentioned, and not otherwise, NOW therefore, if the said A. B. does not, nor shall, at any time or times hereafter, in any place or places whatsoever, before, or in the hearing of any person, or persons, publickly, or privately, on any occasion, or motive whatsoever, say, use, report, uiter, or express any words, language, sayings, or expressions whatsoever, which shall or may, in any wile tend to, or be adjudged, or construed, to the difamation, scandal, prejudice, reproach, difrespect, or damage, of the faid C. D. in any respe&t : And also do not, nor shall not, at any time or times, kereafter, in any wise, beat, affault, hurt, threaten, or abuse, him the said C. D. but do and thall, carry, behave, and demean himself, cia vily, quietly, and peaceably, towards the raid C. D. at all times, and in all respects hereafter, then this obligation to be void, but in case of any default, or failure, of all or any part of the condition aforesaid, then, &c.

Arbitration bond (common).



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HE CONDITION, &c. That if the above bounden 1. B.

his heirs, executors and administrators, and every of them, do and shall, for his and their parts and behalf, in and by all things, · well and truly stand to, obey, abide, obleive, perform, fulfil and keep the award, order, arbitrament, final end and determination of (if more than one say, or any two of theni) arbitrators indifferently chofen elected, and named, as well by and on the part and behalf of the said A. as by and on the past and behalf of the above named G. to arbitrat., award, order, judge, determine and agree for, inn,


touching and concerning all and all manner of action and actions cause and causes of action, suits, bills, bonds, specialties, covenants, contracts, promises, accounts, reckonings, sums of money, jndgments, executions, extents, quarrels, controversies, trespasses, damages, and demands whatsoever, both in law and equity, at any time heretofore had, moved, brought, commenced, sued forth, prosecuted, done suffered, committed or depending by or between the said parties, so as the award of the said arbitrators, (or any two of them) be made and set down in writing, indented under their for any two of their) hands and seals, ready to be delivered to the said parties in difference, on or bea' fore, c.chen, &c.

To be added (before the word Then, 83c.) if to be an umpire.


ND if the said arbitrators fhall not make such their award of

and concerning the premises within the time limited, as aforeVaid, then if the said A. his heirs, executors and adminiftrators, and every of them; for his and their parts and behalf, do and shall, well and truly stand to, observe, perform, fulfil, and keep the award, determination and umpirage, (if the umpire be named) of G. being a person indifferently named and chosen between the said parties for umpire, (if not named) of such a person as the said arbitrators shall indifferently choose (for umpire) in and concerning the premises, so as the said umpire do make and set down his award and umpirage in writing indented under his band and seal, ready to be delivered to the faid parties in difference, on or before the

then, C.

To be added (after the words Theo, &c) when intended to be

made a rule of court.


ND it is hereby agreed by and between the said parties, that

these presents, and the submission hereby made of the said maraers in controversy, shall be made a rule of His Majesty's court of

-, to the end the said parties in difference shall be finally concluded by the said arbitration, by these presents indented, pursuant to the statute in that case provided.

When the condition of this bond is special, say.


HEREAS differences have arisen and are depending be

tween the above bound A. B, and the above named C.D. concerning --, (here particularly mention what the difference is about) which (accounts and all) differences (and demands concerning the fame) the said parties. have agreed to refer to the award, judgment, and determination of arbitrators indifferently chosen by and


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