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139. Legislature may empower the

Governor to remove and ap-

point officers.
140. The manner of choosing the

141. In case of tie, how settled.
142. Members of the Legislature

may not hold any other office.
143. Election of other State officers

shall be the same as that of


144. The judicial power of the State,

how vested.
145. The Supreme Court shall con-

sist of three judges.-Two

shall form a quorum.
146. The jurisdiction of the same.
147. In regard to judgments and de-

crees from the Chancery and

Circuit Court.
148. There shall be two terms each

149. Judges shall hold office nine

150. Eligibility to office.
151. Vacancies, how filled.
152. The State shall be divided into

Circuit and Chancery dis-

153. Judges of Circuit and Chancery

Courts appointed by the Gov-

154. To be eligible to such judgeship.
155. Judges to take the following

oath or affirmation.
156. The Circuit Court.-Its jurisdic-

157. Causes that may be brought in

the Circuit Court whereof the
Chancery Court has exclusive
jurisdiction shall be trans-

ferred to the latter.
158. A Circuit Court to be held in

each county at least twice in

each year.
159. The jurisdiction of the Chancery

160. In regard to additional jurisdic-

114. Returns of elections to be made

to the Secretary of State.
115. When the fiscal year shall begin.



116. The executive power of the State

is vested in the Governor.
117. Qualifications for Governor.
118. His salary.
119. He shall be commander-in-chief

of miiitia.
120. He may require information

from the officers of executive

121. He may on extraordinary occa-

sions convene the Legislature.
122. The Governor's message.
123. He shall see that the laws are

faithfully executed.
124. He may grant reprieves and

125. His powers.
126. There shall be a seal kept by

the State.
127. Commissions in the name of the

128. The Lieutenant-Governor.
129. He shall, by virtue of his office,

be president of the Senate, and

give the casting vote.
130. His compensation.
131. When he shall discharge the

duties of Governor.
132. In the case of contested elec-

133. The Secretary of State.-Re-

quirements, term of office and

134. The State Treasurer and Audi-

tor.-Their election, qualifica-

tions, term of office.
135. Sheriff, coroner, treasurer and

other county officers.--How

elected and term of office.
136. They shall hold their office dur-

ing the term for which they

were elected unless removed.
137. The duties of the State Treasu-

rer in regard to public money.
138. The cheriff, coroner, etc., shall

be selected in a manner pro-
vided for by law in each

tion heretofore exercised in
the Chancery Court.



161. The Chancery Court shall have 180. All existing charters under
jurisdiction concurrent with

which organization has not
the Circuit Court.

taken place at the adoption of
162. Causes that may be brought in

this Constitution or within one
the Chancery Court whereof

year of the same shall be void.
the Circuit Court has exclusive ; 181. The property of private corper-
jurisdiction shall be trans-

ations shall be taxed.
ferred to the latter.

182. The power to tax the same shall
163. In regard to the transfer of

never be surrendered.

183. No subdivision of the State
164. The Chancery Court shall be

shall become a subscriber to
held in each county

the capital stock of any cor-
least twice a year.

165. No judge shall preside in any

184. Railroads shall be public high-
cause wherein he is interested.

ways and railroad companies
166. Compensation of judges of the

common carriers.
Supreme and Circuit Court

185. The rolling stock belonging to
and the chancellors.
167. All civil officers shall be con-

any railroad company shall be
servators of the peace,

considered personal property.
168. Election of the clerk of the Su-

186. Laws shall be passed to pre-
preme Court and of other

vent abuses and extortion by

public companies.
169. The style of process shall be.

187. Railroads must establish a de-
170. Each county shall be divided

into five districts and a board 188. Free passes to State officers for-
of supervisors shall be chosen.

171. Justices of the Peace.-Their 189. All charters granted to private

corporations to be recorded in
172. Inferior courts may be estab-

the Chancery Clerk's office.
lished by the Legislature.

190. The right of eminent domain
173. The Attorney-General. — His

shall never be abridged.
term of office, duties and com- 191. Employes of corporations shall

be protected.
174. The District Attorney.-His

192. The encouragement of manu-
term of office, duties and com-

factures and other public en-

175. All public officers, for neglect of

193. Employes of railroads shall
duty, etc., may be removed

have the same right and rem-
from office.

edy for Injury as allowed to
176. To be eligible to be a member of

other persons not employes.
the board of supervisors.

194. The right of stockholders to
177. Vacancies occurring during the

vote in company elections.
recess of the Senate may be 195. Express, telegraph, telephone and
filled by the Governor.

sleeping car companies are de-

clared common carriers.

196. No corporations shall Issue

bonds except for stock, for

money or labor done.
178. Corporations shall be formed 197. In regard to foreign corpora-
under general laws.

179. Tho Legislature shall never re- 198. The Legislature shall enact
mit the forfeiture of the fran-

laws to prevent trusts and
chise of any corporation, etc.


199. The term corporation defined.
200. The Legislature shall enforce

the provisions of this article.


201. A uniform system of free public

schools to be maintained.
202. There shall be a Superintendent

of Public Education.
203. The Board of Education to con-

sist of whom.
204. There shall be a superintendent

of public education in each

205. A public school shall be main-

tained in each school district.
206. The common school fund.-TO

consist of what.
207. Separate schools shall be main-

tained for the children of the

white and colored races.
208. No religious sect shall ever have

control of school or educa-

tional funds.
209. Institutions for the deaf, dumb

and blind shall be inaintained.
210. No public officer shall be inter-
ested in


sale of text
books, etc.
211. In regard to the lands of the

220. The militia shall be exempt

from arrest, etc.
221. An annual appropriaton to be

made for the support of the

Mississippi National Guard.
222. The Board of Supervisors of

each county may aid in sup-
porting a military company of
the said guard.

Choctaw purchase.
212. In regard to the Chi:kasaw

school fund.
213. In regard to certain agricuilural

and mechanical colleges of
this State.


Penitentiary and Prisons.
223. No penitentiary convicts shall

ever be leased or hired.
224. Convicts may be employed on

State work.
225. They may be placed on a State

farm and work thereon.
226. Convicts sentenced through the

county jail shall not be hired
or leased, etc.





227. A levee system shall be main.

tained in the State.
228. The division of alluvial lands

made by the State is hereby

229. There shall be a Board of Levee

230. They shall be qualified voters.
231. The Governor shall fill vacan-

cies for the same.
232. The duties of said commission-

233. They appropriate private prope

234. In regard to the changing of

boundaries of districts or al.

fecting taxation,
235. Each levee board at the end

of the fiscal year shall report

to the Governor.
236. A uniform tax to be imposed

for levee purposes.
237. The Legislature shall have full

power to provide for a system
of taxation for levees as shall

seem necessary.
238. Property which may not be

taxed for such purpose.

214. Militias may be composeil

116. It shall be organized, equipped

and ilis:Ipined.
316. All except non-commissioned of-

dcers shall be appointed by the

07. The Governor shall be ccm-

218. Generals to be nominated and

319. The Adjutant-General and other

staff offcers.


239. The levee boards are to publish

at each session of the Legisla-
ture an itemized account, etc.



240. All elections by the people shall

be by ballot.
241. To be eligible for a voter.
242. Legislature shall provide by

law for the registration of all

persons intending to vote.
243. A uniform poll tax of two dol-

lars, to be used for the com-

mon school.
244. Electors must be able to read in

addition to the other require-

245. Electors in municipal elections

shall possess all the qualifica-

tions herein prescribed.
246. How elections are to be regu-

247. Laws should be enacted to se-

cure fairness in primary elec-

248. Illegal or improper registration

to be corrected by law.
249. No one shall be allowed to vote

for members of the Legisla- !
ture, etc., who is not duly reg-

250. Qualified electors alone eligible

to office.
251. Electors shall not be registered

within four months next be-

fore election.
252. Term of office of elective officers

under this Constitution.
253. The right of suffrage may be re-


General Provisions.
257. The political year of the State

shall commence on the first
Monday of January of each

258. The credit of the State shall not

be pledged or loaned.
259. No county seat shall be re-

moved, unless, etc.
260. In regard to forming new coun-

261. The expenses of criminal prose-

cutions (except) shall be borne

by the county.
262. The Board of Supervisors shall

provide homes, asylums, etc.
263. The marriage of a white person

with a negro or mulatto is un-

264. Requirements to be a grand or

petit juror.
265. No person denying the existence

of God shall hold office in this

266. Those who may not hold office

under the State.
267. All officers to devote their time

to the performance of their

268. All officers to take the follow-

ing oath,
269. In regard to bequests of land,

etc., in favor of religious and

other associations.
270. Further regulations in regard to

the same.
271. The Legislature may provide for

the consolidation of existing

272. In regard to pensions.

[blocks in formation]

276. All laws of this state which are

repugnant to the following
portions of this Constitution

shall be repealed.
276. All laws repugnant to the pro-

visions of sections 240 to 253,
inclusive, shall remain in
force until the first day of

January, 1891.
277. All laws repugnant to sections

254 to 256, inclusive, shall re-
main in force until the first of

October, 1891.
278. The Governor shall appoint

three commissioners to pre-
pare and draft such laws as

are contemplated.
279. All writs, actions, causes for

action, etc., shall continue.
280. For the trial of suits, both civil

and criminal, begun before the
adoption of this Constitution,


the courts of this state shall
continue to exercise in sald
suits the power and jurisdio
tion heretofore exercised by

281. All fines, penalties, etc., shall

remain the same.
282. Bonds, obligations, etc., exe

cuted before the Constitution
was adopted shall remain

283. Crimes and misdemeanors shall

be punished as though no

change had taken place.
284. All officers of the State and sube

divisions thereof shall be en-
titled to hold their office as

now held by them.
285. The adoption of this Constitu.

tion shall not have the effect
to revive or put in force any
law heretofore repealed.



1. Boundaries.
2. Bill of rights.
3. Distribution of powers.
4. Legislative department.
5. Executive.
6. Judicial.
7. Impeachments.
8. Suffrage and elections.
9. Counties, cities and towns.
10. Revenue and taxation.
11. Education,
12. Corporations.
13. Militia.
14. Miscellaneous provisions.
15. Mode of amending the Constitu-


Bill of Rights.
1. Origin of political power.
2. Right to regulate internal at-

fairs, and to abolish existing

form of government.
3. Missouri a free and independ-

ent State - right of local self-

4. The object of constitutional

5. Religious liberty and freedom

of conscience guaranteed.
6. Religious worship.
7. No aid or preference given to

8. Religious corporations estab-

lished under a general law,

may hold certain real estate.
9. Elections to be free and open.
10. Courts shall be open to every

11. Security from searches and


Constitution established.


1. Boundaries of the State-juris-


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