A Century of Archaeological Discoveries

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E.P. Dutton, 1908 - Antiquities - 366 pages

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Page 40 - I had beheld sufficient to keep me to nature for the rest of my life. But when I turned to the Theseus and saw that every form was altered by action or repose, — when I saw that the two sides of his back varied, one side stretched from the shoulder blade being pulled forward, and the other side compressed from the shoulder blade being pushed close to the spine as he rested on his elbow, with the belly flat because the bowels fell into the pelvis as he sat...
Page 40 - I shall never forget the horses' heads — the feet in the metopes ! I felt as if a divine truth had blazed inwardly upon my mind, and I knew that they would at last rouse the art of Europe from its slumber in the darkness.
Page 22 - Le pape livrera à la république française (cent tableaux , bustes , vases ou statues , au choix des commissaires qui seront envoyés à Rome...
Page 40 - I saw the muscle shown under the one arm-pit in that instantaneous action of darting out, and left out in the other arm-pits because not wanted — when I saw, in fact, the most heroic style of art combined with all the essential detail of actual life, the thing was done at once and for ever.
Page 96 - Fellowes' first tour. Elevated on platforms of rock, immediately above the plain, stood a group of temples, of which the friezes and statues, now in the British Museum, were the principal ornaments. Whilst we were there, these sculptures were daily dug out of the earth, and brought once more to view. The search for them was intensely exciting ; and, in the enthusiasm of the moment, our admiration of their art was, perhaps, a little beyond their merits. As each block of marble was uncovered, and the...
Page 39 - The first thing I fixed my eyes on, was the wrist of a figure in one of the female groups, in which were visible, though in a feminine form, the radius and ulna. I was astonished, for I had never seen them hinted at in any female wrist in the antique. I darted my eye to the elbow, and saw the outer condyle visibly affecting the shape as in nature. I saw that the arm was in repose and the soft parts in relaxation. That combination of nature and idea which I had felt was so much wanting for high art...
Page 96 - ... The search for them was intensely exciting; and, in the enthusiasm of the moment, our admiration of their art was, perhaps, a little beyond their merits. As each block of marble was uncovered, and the earth carefully brushed away from its surface, the form of some fair amazon or stricken warrior, of an eastern king or a besieged castle became revealed, and gave rise to many a pleasant discussion as to the sculptor's art therein displayed, or the story in the history of the ancient Xanthians therein...
Page 158 - To ascertain the original form both of the general plan and of its separate parts, to follow the successive alterations that have come in the course of time, to assign to each detail its place in the development, and thus to make the excavation a reconstruction of the lost whole, is the distinguishing mark of the new method.
Page 66 - That exudative and degenerative diseases of the nervous system, due to syphilis, are most liable to show themselves at the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth decade of life.

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