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Page Sherlock, Bishop of London ...... 215 Shipley, Bishop of St. Asaph...... 504 Shipley, Dean of St. Asaph

514 Smalbroke, Bishop of Lichfield.... 493 Smalridge, Bishop of Bristol... 487 Snape, Andrew

492 South, Robert...

482 Stackhouse, Thomas

495 Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury 261 Sykes, Arthur Ashley

221 Talbot, Bishop of Durham

486 Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury 195 Thomas, Bishop of Salisbury...... 499 Tomline, Bishop of Winchester 519 Toplady, Augustus Montague 511 Townson, Archdeacon of Richmond 604

Page Travis, Archdeacon of Chester 511 Tucker, Dean of Gloucester

502 Van Mildert, Bishop of Durham 523 Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury.. 201 Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester . 229 Waterland, Daniel..

217 Watson, Bishop of Llandaff..

252 Welchman, Archdeacon of Cardigan 489 Wells, Edward

489 Wesley, Samuel, the elder

436 Wesley, Samuel, the younger 499 Whiston, William

206 Whitby, Daniel .......

484 Wilson, Bishop of Sodor and Man 488 Woolston, Thomas

.... 491




















Althorpe, Viscount Auckland, Lord...... Barnard, Sir John Barré, Colonel Barrington, Viscount Bath, Earl of Bathurst, Earl Beckford, William Bedford, Duke of Bexley, Lord Bolingbroke, Viscount.. Burdett, Sir Francis.. Burke, Edmund..... Bute, Marquess of.... Camden, Marquess of Çanning, George Carlisle, Earl of ...... Chandos, Duke of .... Charlemont, Earl of ..


Chatham, Earl of Chesterfield, Earl of .. Colchester, Lord Combe, Harvey Christian ....... Coningsby, Earl of Courtenay, John Craggs, James Creevey, Thomas Dartmouth, Earl of Donoughmore, Earl of ....... Duigenan, Patrick Elliott, Sir Gilbert, Baronet Fitzpatrick, Richard Fitzwilliam, Earl Fox, Charles James Francis, Sir Philip... Goderich, Viscount Gordon, Lord ...... Grafton, Augustus, Duke of


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THE ancestors of the illustrious House chamber, and the ornaments of the of Brunswick may be traced, by the ge- electoral chapel, were all embroidered nealogist, up to the year of our Lord with her own hands. She was the firm 390 : they were connected, at an early friend and protector of Leibnitz and period, with the royal family of England, other learned men of her day. She by the marriage of Henry, surnamed spoke five languages, including English, the Lion, to Matilda, daughter of Henry so well, that by her accent it was doubtthe Second, from whom George the First ful which of them was her native tongue. was lineally descended. His grand- Her wit was sprightly, her judgment father, George, was one of the seven solid and penetrating, and her piety sons of William, Duke of Brunswick | exemplary. The succession of her Luneburg; who, on the demise of their family to the throne of this country father, in order to support the dignity had long been her darling object; and of their family, resolved that only one her death has been attributed to the of them should form a matrimonial con- chagrin she felt at her son's intended nexion; the issue of which, it was de- visit to England being strongly depretermined, should eventually succeed to cated by Queen Anne. In the evening all the honours and possessions of their of the 8th of June, 1714, she was caught house. The brothers decided by lot in a violent shower of rain, while in which of them should marry; and the her orangery; and hastening to get chance fell upon the sixth brother, under cover, her attendant reminded George. He was accordingly united to her that she was walking too fast, Anna Eleanora, daughter of the Land- as she had been indisposed for a day or grave of Hesse Darmstadt; and his son, two: “I believe I am,” she replied, Ernestus Augustus, in 1680, became and immediately dropped down and sole heir to his father and uncles; the expired. This event took place when latter having kept the fraternal compact the electress was in the eighty-fourth so faithfully, that Achmet the First said, year of her age. it would be worth making a journey for Her son, George Lewis, was born at

purpose of beholding them. Hanover, on the 28th of May, 1660. Ernestus Augustus, the first Duke of Judging from the great accomplishments Hanover,was married, in 1658, to Sophia, of his mother, the reader might expect daughter of Frederick, King of Bohe- that his education would have been mia, by Matilda, the daughter of James careful and complete; but the contrary the First, King of England. This prin- was the fact. His father, Ernestus, cess (Sophia) was a woman of uncom- though a man of some talent, feeling mon beauty and masculine intellect. no admiration for scholastic acquireAt seventy-three, according to a co- ments, probably connived at his inattemporary writer, she possessed all the tention to study, which must have been comeliness and vigour of youth, had not gross indeed, as he never even acquired a wrinkle in her face, and read without the language of the people, over whom, spectacles. The chairs of the presence- by the provisions of the act for securing


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