Hymns in prose for children, by the author of Lessons for children. Barbauld. With several additional hymns, by the wife of a clergyman

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Page 10 - II. , let us go forth into the fields, let us see how the flowers spring, let us listen to the warbling of the birds, and sport ourselves upon the new grass. The winter is over and gone, the buds come out upon the trees, the crimson blossoms of the peach and the nectarine are seen, and the green leaves sprout.
Page 44 - God pitieth thee ; raise thy voice, forlorn and abandoned one ; call upon him from amidst thy bonds, for assuredly he will hear thee. Monarch that rulest over a hundred states ; whose frown is as terrible as death, and whose armies cover the land, boast not thyself as though there were none above thee : — God is above thee ; his powerful arm is always over thee ; and if thou doest ill, assuredly he will punish thee.
Page 4 - Uncle Tom's Cabin. Tom Dunstone's Troubles. By Mrs. Eiloart The Young Marooners. Influence. By the Author of "A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam.
Page 43 - Negro woman, who sittest pining in captivity, and weepest over thy sick child: though no one seeth thee, God seeth thee; though no one pitieth thee, God pitieth thee; raise thy voice, forlorn and abandoned one; call upon Him from amidst thy bonds, for assuredly He will hear thee.
Page 23 - 1PHE glorious sun is set in the west ; the night dews fall ; and the air, which was sultry, becomes cool. The flowers fold up their coloured leaves ; they fold themselves up, and hang their heads on the slender stalk. The chickens are gathered under the wing of the hen, and are at rest ; the hen herself is at rest also. The little birds have ceased their warbling, they are asleep on the boughs, each one with his head behind his wing.
Page 14 - T3EHOLD the shepherd of the flock, he taketh care for his sheep, he leadeth them among clear brooks, he guideth them to fresh pasture ; if the young lambs are weary, he carrieth them in his arms ; if they wander, he bringeth them back. But who is the shepherd's Shepherd ? who taketh care for him ? who guideth him in the path he should go? and if he wander, who shall bring him back ? God is the shepherd's Shepherd. He is the Shepherd over all ; he taketh care for...
Page 70 - CHILD of mortality, whence comest thou ? why is thy countenance sad, and why are thine eyes red with weeping : I have seen the rose in its beauty ; it spread its leaves to the morning sun. I returned : it was dying upon its stalk ; tltf grace of the form of it was gone ; its loveliness was vanished away ; its leaves were scattered on the ground, and no one gathered them again.
Page 45 - OME, let us walk abroad ; let us talk of the works of God. Take up a handful of the sand ; number the grains of it ; tell them one by one into your lap. Try if you can count the blades of grass in the field, or the leaves on the trees. You cannot count them, they are innumerable; much more the things which God has made. The fir groweth >on the high mountain, and the grey willow bends above the stream.
Page 80 - The angels with their golden harps sing praises continually, and the cherubim fly on wings of fire ! — This country is heaven; it is the country of those that are good ; and nothing that is wicked must inhabit there, The toad must not spit its venom amongst turtle-doves ; nor the poisonous henbane grow amongst sweet flowers.
Page 75 - I looked again, and it sprung forth afresh; the stem was crowned with new buds, and the sweetness thereof filled the air. I have seen the sun set in the west, and the shades of night shut in the wide horizon; there was no colour, nor shape, nor beauty, nor music; gloom and darkness brooded around— I looked, the sun broke forth again...

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