An Itinerary Containing His Ten Yeeres Travell: Through the Twelve Dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland & Ireland, Volume 4

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J. MacLehose, 1908 - Europe

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Page 195 - ... and therewith swallow whole lumps of filthy butter. Yea (which is more contrary to nature), they will feed on horses dying of themselves, not only upon small want of flesh, but even for pleasure.
Page 165 - England is the Hell of Horses, the Purgatory of Servants, and the Paradise of Women; because they ride Horses without measure, and use their Servants imperiously, and their Women obsequiously.
Page 179 - I myself/' says the traveller, Fynes Morrison, in the end of Queen Elizabeth's reign, the scene being the Lowlands of Scotland, " was at a knight's house, who had many servants to attend him, that brought in his meat with their heads covered with blue caps, the table being more than half furnished with great platters of porridge, each having a little piece of sodden meat. And when the table was served, the servants did sit...
Page 180 - They drink pure wines, not with sugar as the English, yet at feasts they put comfits in the wine, after the French manner, but they had not our vintner's fraud to mix their wines.
Page 171 - ... is open to him, to command the meat to be dressed as he best likes ; and when he sits at Table, the Host or...
Page 232 - The inferior sort of citizens' wives, and the women of the country, did wear cloaks made of a coarse stuff, of two or three colours, in chequer work, vulgarly called pladden. To conclude, in general they would not, at this time, be attired after the English fashion in any sort; but the men, especially at court, follow the French fashion; a<nd the women, both in court and city, as well in cloaks as naked heads, and also sleeves on the arms, and all other garments, follow the fashion of the women in...
Page 233 - O'Kane, a great lord amongst them, was met at the door by sixteen women all naked, excepting their loose mantles, whereof eight or ten were very fair ; with which strange sight his eyes being dazzled, they led him into the house, and then sitting down by the fire with crossed legs, like tailors, and so low as could not but offend chaste eyes, desired him to sit down with them. Soon after...
Page 231 - English cloth, or silk, or light stuffs, little or nothing adorned with silk lace, much less with lace of silver or gold, and all followed at this time the French fashion, especially in court. Gentlewomen married did wear close upper...
Page 170 - I must say that they are not much to be trusted in this last point, without the eye of the master or his servant to oversee them. Another servant gives the passenger his private chamber, and kindles his fire, the third pulls off his boots, and makes them clean.
Page 178 - Aquavitae, with like commodities, and bring out of Ireland Yarne and Cowes hides or Silver. The Easterne Scots, carry into France course cloathes, both linnen and woollen, which be narrow and shrinke in the wetting.

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