Geography: Or, A Description of the World. In Three Parts. Part I.--Geographical Orthography, Divided and Accented. Part II. A Grammar of Geography, to be Committed to Memory. Part III.--A Description of the Earth ... Accompanied with an Atlas. To which is Added, an Esay Method of Constructing Maps

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Lincoln & Edmands, 1821 - Geography - 337 pages

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Page 214 - Their reindeer form their riches. These their tents, Their robes, their beds, and all their homely wealth Supply, their wholesome fare and cheerful cups. Obsequious at their call, the docile tribe Yield to the sled their necks, and whirl them swift O'er hill and dale, heap'd into one expanse Of marbled snow, as far as eye can sweep, With a blue crust of ice unbounded glazed.
Page 328 - Only double the time of the sun's rising that day, and it gives the length of the night ; double the time of its setting, and it gives the length of the day.
Page 120 - Holland in the winter, the tempests (in a certain degree) of the West Indies in every season, and the variable winds and weather of Great Britain in every month of the year.
Page 329 - The celestial globe is an artificial representation of the heavens, having the fixed stars drawn upon it in their natural order and situation. The eye is supposed to be placed in the centre. 271- As the terrestrial globe, by turning on...
Page 19 - The AXIS of the earth is an imaginary line passing through its centre from north to south. The...
Page 328 - ... turn the sun's place to the eastern edge of the horizon, and the index will point...
Page 327 - To find the difference of latitude of any two places. — Rule. If the places are in the same hemisphere, bring each to the meridian, and subtract the latitude of the one from that of the other...
Page 102 - The legislative power is vested in a Congress, consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of two members from each state, chosen by their Legislatures for 6 years.
Page 327 - Turn the globe, and bring the place to the graduated edge of the brazen meridian ; and the degree on the meridian is the latitude north or south, as it may be on the north or south side of the equator.
Page 328 - Bring one of the places to the brazen meridian ; mark its longitude ; then bring the other place to the meridian, and the number of degrees between its longitude and that of the first mark is the difference of longitude.

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