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Page 19 - YEAR'S ART: A concise Epitome of all Matters relating to the Arts of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, which have occurred during the Year 1880.
Page 267 - Right of copying, engraving, reproducing, and multiplying such Painting or Drawing, and the Design thereof, or such Photograph, and the Negative thereof, by any Means and of any Size, for the Term of the natural Life of such Author, and Seven Years after his Death...
Page 39 - ... of art and in the knowledge of its scientific principles, with a view to qualifying them as teachers of schools of art...
Page 77 - Artist, with the Title or Description of the Picture, and the Number (if there be more than one) to which it refers in his List. This information must also be repeated, with great distinctness and accuracy, on a label attached by a string to the top of each frame, and made to hang over in front, as also to each piece of Sculpture. It is necessary that these Regulations, more especially the last, should bo strictly complied with, in order to avoid delay and inconvenience as well as inaccuracy in the...
Page 266 - Where an Order in Council is made under the International Copyright Acts with respect to any foreign country, the author and publisher of any literary or artistic work first produced before the date at which such order comes into operation shall be entitled to the same rights and remedies as if the said Acts and this Act and the said order had applied to the said foreign country at the date of the said production...
Page 267 - ... together with a short description of the nature and subject of such work, and in addition thereto, if the person registering shall so desire, a sketch, outline, or photograph of the said work ; and no proprietor of any such copyright shall be entitled to the benefit of this Act until such registration, and no action shall be sustainable nor any penalty be recoverable in respect of anything done before registration.
Page 267 - This Act shall be considered as including the Provisions of the Act passed in the Session of Parliament held in the Seventh and Eighth Tears of Her present Majesty, intituled An Act to amend the Law relating to International Copyright, in the same Manner as if such Provisions were Part of this Act (s).
Page 115 - COURSES OF STUDY. Drawing from the Antique and Life.— All Students (except those specially exempted by the Professor) will, on entering the Schools, be required to draw from the Antique until judged sufficiently advanced to draw from the Life.
Page 38 - The National Art Training School at South Kensington is established for the purpose of training art masters and mistresses for the United Kingdom, and for the instruction of students in drawing, designing, and modeling, to be applied to the requirements of trade and manufactures.
Page 266 - Act, 1844, or under any other enactment as if the work had been first produced in the United Kingdom, and shall have such right during the same period. Provided that the author of a literary or artistic work shall not have any greater right or longer term of copyright therein than that which he enjoys in the country in which the work is first produced. The author of any literary or artistic work first produced before the commencement of this Order shall have the rights and remedies to which he is...

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