A Volunteer's Scramble Through Scinde, the Punjab, Hindostan, and the Himalayah Mountains, Volume 1

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W. Thacker and Company, 1854 - India

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Page 109 - promised that, when two or three are gathered together in His name, there will He be in the midst of them. And
Page 235 - at the rate of about two miles and a half an hour, more or less, according to the nature of the
Page 146 - containing several tons of combustible ammunition. The sublime spectacle that ensued will never be effaced from my memory, nor, I imagine from that of any who witnessed the sight. For several minutes the atmosphere continued very close, not even a breath of wind stirring, but a death-like stillness prevailed, precisely similar to that which precedes a Scinde
Page 85 - Are you quite well ?" commenced the Nawab. " Thank you, Nawab Sahib, through the merciful kindness of Allah, and your extreme care, I'm in a state of salubrity; may I hope your highness enjoys good health ?" " Thank you, Sahib, I'm perfectly well, and your brother is the same I trust.
Page 146 - which eventually spread far and wide, concealing both fort and town from our wonder-struck gaze; a few minutes elapsed and it entirely enveloped the high position we were occupying, although 900 yards from the explosion. This terrific catastrophe originated in one of our shells fortunately bursting in a
Page 146 - hill. Whilst we anxiously observed the amount of damage committed by the shells, there arose suddenly from the centre of the fort, what at first appeared to us a huge mound of earth, which gradually increased in size until it resembled a hill some
Page 119 - General Cortlandt's regular regiments formed three sides of a square opposite the gallows. The irregular soldiers and camp followers remained outside, apparently as anxious and bloodthirsty as any London mob gathered to witness a Newgate execution. The wretched
Page 81 - fashion; these half-disciplined soldiers answered their prince's purpose to perfection, no doubt; but had Sir Charles Napier inspected the regiment, some difficulty might have arisen as to their passing muster.
Page 146 - All the guns ceased firing—all eyes were directed upwards, gazing with awe at the scene thus suddenly presented them. Men even addressed each other in a
Page 145 - Round shot and shells were perpetually whizzing through the air day and night, falling in all directions amongst and through the devoted houses of the city.

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