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which I will readily contribute mine, to feited, and her subjects absolved show my charity, if they can serve to from their allegiance ; thus endraw you into the true fold of Chris. tianity, and tend to make you a shepherd couraging her neighboursto attack instead of a hireling.

her, and her lieges to rebel against "If you have no better reasons for her-and this for the glory of God combating my undertaking, do not and the behoof of the church; so again urge me to follow your worldly that on the Bishop of Rome rests prudence; I consider it mere folly before God; it cannot impede my endea

no small portion of the guilt of the Your doubts make me trem blood that flowed in torrents durble ; my assurance makes me firm. ing the dreadful civil wars which When you desire again to persuade me that the words of your mouth are the

so long desolated France, and of voice of your conscience and your faith- the atrocities of his too faithful fulness, be more careful, and let the followers in the massacre fruitless letter you have sent me be the August 1572, and the still more have seen the letter that you wrote to frightful dragonades which folmy cousin of Lescar, and which he will lowed the revocation of the edict answer: it is equally malignant and of Nantes in 1685. prejudiced. It is sufficient for me to

The Queen and her Protestant observe that you would hurl upon the country of Bearn the misery into which subjects were now exposed to the you have plunged France. But though most cruel and blood-thirsty war: you may, envy her prosperity, the Ar- fare. The Romanists stirred up biter of her destinies will preserve it, a revolt in a portion of her domit notwithstanding your malicious in

nions, which she suppressed; but trigues; and, by his grace, will confirm it. May that grace abound towards you instead of returning evil for evil, in the pardon of your sins! Yet I almost when the vanquished Count de dread to beseech Him for it, lest He may Luxe and his associates knelt beaddress to me the reproach which Sa- fore her, she told them that she muel met with on account of Saul.

“ Receive this from one who knows was led by the mercy of God, who not how to style her self; not being able in his overruling providence had to call herself'a friend, and doubtful of protected her, to feel mercy for any affinity till the time of repentance others, and that she therefore parand conversion, when she will be, “ Your cousin and friend,

doned, and would endeavour to

“ JEANNE." forget, their misdeeds. But such After perusing this letter, it will was not the spirit of popery; for the not excite surprise that the fiercest French king, Charles IX., under thunders of the Vatican were its fanatical influence, determined hurled against this faithful servant with his spiritual advisers to expel of her Divine Lord; or that (ac- orslaughterallthe Protestantsin his cording to the accustomed perse- dominions; and the queen of Nacuting and blood-thirsty spirit varre was marked out for the first which has ever characterised the victim. He accordingly instigated papacy, and which the modern the pardoned traitor De Luxe to supplementary volume to Dens, raise another Romanist army, and set forth by the Romanist hier the war recommenced with inarchy in Ireland, adopts and rati- creased fury. Jane's subjects fies as the existing and never supported her with great zeal and dying law of Rome in regard to liberality; and our good Queen Protestant kings and queens and Elizabeth sent her a subsidy of their dominions,) the Pope excom- £50,000, and six pieces of cannon. municated the royal writer, and The Prince of Condé also, and with that insolent assumption of the heads of the Protestant cause, temporal power which has always united with her ; but the overaccompanied his usurped spiritual whelming power of France preauthority, declared her crown for- vailed ; town after town, village after village, fell into the hands of proclamation forbidding public the Romanists ; and those which popish worship; but allowing all had made any resistance were priests, monks, and other Romish subjected to fire and sword, and ecclesiastics, to remain in the the most revolting barbarities, in country by licence, provided they order to intimidate others. The conducted themselves as men who whole country was reduced to a feared God, and obeyed the queen. dreadful state of devastation and Our readers may not be displeassuffering ; Pau, the capital of ed to glance over the heads of this Bèarn, was taken ; and the people royal ordinance. Some of its restill point out an elm-tree near gulations, with regard to private the market-house, which marks conduct and external acts of relithe spot where the Protestant gious observance, go beyond the preachers and the officers were legitimate province of civil governhanged, and their bodies left to ment; but three centuries ago be gazed at, till they were cast there was no question throughout into the adjoining river. Only the Christendom that a Christian gotown of Navarreux was able to vernment, regarding the nation as hold out; which it did during a a branch of the Church of Christ, most fearful siege ; till it was re- and considering itself bound to lieved by the Queen's faithful uphold spiritual discipline, was general, Montgomery, whose skill called upon to specify the public and valour, by the blessing religious duties which its subjects of God, turned the tide of war, were required to perform as memand in less than ten weeks re- bers of a commonweal professing conquered the whole kingdom to be regulated by the word of of lower Navarre, and re-esta- God. It should however be blished the authority of the legi- remembered, that though the timate sovereign.

proclamation was issued by authoDuring these afflicting proceed- rity of the Queen, its spiritual reings the Queen gained the affec- gulations were sanctioned, and tionate confidence of her subjects were probably set forth, by the by her wisdom and piety, her Church, and that the exercise of intrepidity and perseverance. She discipline was committed to the harangued her troops with devout consistory. We know that on a eloquence; and would deserve the subsequent occasion the Queen name of a heroine, were not so applied to the Synod of Rochelle, heathenish a title eclipsed by her respecting drawing up an exposihigher character as a nursing tion of the reformed faith ; which mother” in the Church of Christ. was embodied in a decree, entiHer first effort, after her own re- tled : “ Ecclesiastical ordinances storation, was to restore the pure of Jane, by the grace of God worship of God. She was far Queen of Navarre, upon the refrom being a woman of intole- establishment of the Kingdom of rant temper ; but, like her royal Jesus Christ in her sovereign contemporary, Queen Elizabeth, realm of Bèarn." The details, we she had been taught by experience admit, were carried too far ; but that popery never failed to make we will not shrink, in these days use of religious toleration to gain of rebuke and blasphemy, from temporal and political ascendancy, asserting the principle ; for every and, if possible, to dethrone Pro- ruler is bound to establish, or, testant monarchs, as required by where necessary, re-establish, “the the injunctions of the Bishop of kingdom of Jesus Christ " in his Rome, She therefore issued a dominions.

We will now insert the procla, baptized by the reformed pastors, under mation; only premising that the penalty of punishment as rebels.

“7. (Prohibits the re-baptizing by lingering relics of popish notions Romish priests.) respecting the Lord's Day, are " 8. It is forbidden to announce or seen in the twelfth article, which, publish the days of the papal festivals, while providing for its better ob- and thus to keep people in superstition servance, confines its restrictions which prohibits both ; for which reason

and idleness, against the law of God in part to only a portion of the it is enjoined on all to work six

days of sacred hours.

the week, and to inform against those

who do contrary. “]. The queen, desiring that the “9. Marriage, not being such, unless word shall be announced only by those, sanctioned by the benediction of the who, being called by God, have a legi. church, all persons are required to timate vocation, her majesty, for that give public notice of their intended purpose, annuls, repeals, banishes, and union, that it may be ratified and proscribes all exercise of the Roman blessed in the face of the reformed religion, without any exception; such church, on pain of subjection to the as masses, vespers, processions, lita- laws against concubinage. nies, vigils, feasts, painted or carved “ 10. The priests, monks, and other images, luminaries, offerings, and, es- ecclesiastics of the Romish church, are pecially those usually made at funerals, forbidden to remain in the country exas customary in the Romish church. cept by licence of the queen; but all

“ 2. [Orders the removal of all altars who fear God, and respect the orders and altar-pieces from churches.] of government, will be so licensed.

“ 3. All the inhabitants of the coun. « 11. The effects of proper educatry, of whatsoever rank, are enjoined tion being of the greatest importance, to attend the preachings, instructions, none will be permitted to act as a and prayers offered by the ministers of schoolmaster, unless of the reformed the gospel according to the word of religion ; and every one who would God, her majesty desiring that the in- act in such capacity, must be examined habitants of all places, wherein such by a minister, who will judge of his worship is established, shall duly attend ability and other qualifications for the at each service, and those who are dis- due performance of his functions. tant, at least every Sunday ; and the “ 12. All matters and business of jurats of every district are required to justice shall cease on the Sabbath-day, enforce the execution of this order, unless in cases of necessity: the shops each one observing the conduct of those and public-houses shall be closed durunder them, and making a faithful re- ing the time of divine service, at which port of those who refuse obedience. all persons ought to attend. All sports,

“4. [Subjects the inhabitants of usually lawful, are interdicted during eacb district to the controul of its con- the same period. sistory, which is empowered to sum- 13. [ The first part regulates the mon individuals to account for their period of preaching at other times than conduct, and to reprimand and cor- on the Sabbath.] There shall be a rect.]

cessation from labour during the preach“5. Seeing that the reformed church ing, and not at other times, in order recognizes baptism as being one of the that superstition may not be revived sacraments established for receiving by the observance of days. the signs of the remission of sins, 14. [Regulation of interments of wbence it imposes on parents the duty the dead.] of presenting their children to the “ 15. And as, by the instigation of church to be baptized, yet, as a great the evil spirit, many have withdrawn many persons refuse to perform this from the church after having embraced duty, pretending to fulfil it by adminis- its doctrines, and others have been cut tering that sacrament themselves, the off from it on account of their improqueen interdicts all parents, god. per conduct, without either of these fathers, &c. from baptizing, under parties having manifested a desire to such penalties as she shall further return; it is hereby ordered that both decree.

those who have been excommunicated “ 6. [Recognizes the validity of by the church, as well as those who Romish baptism, performed while that have voluntarily separated from it, worship was permitted, but ordains shall be chastized and punished by the that those who have been baptized by magistracy, as scandalous livers, rebels, Romish priests, subsequent to the pro- and disturbers of the church, if, during hibition of that worship, shall be re- the space of a year, they shall not


return to their duty, and give signs of quotes a manuscript by the Bishop repentance.

of Oleron, which attributes it to “ 16. [Regulates payment of tythes and church dues.]

pleurisy, occasioned by her jourLastly. In order that no one may

ney: whereas other Romanist hishave opportunities of wasting time in torians say, that it was occasioned evil ways, all illegal games, dances, by anger at being forced to hang masquerades, impure songs, and such like disorderly proceedings, are hereby

out tapestry from the windows of prohibited."

her hotel on the day of the Shortly after peace had been superstitious procession of the

Fête Dieu ; the very rite which restored, the Queen of Navarre

a few years since (after the restowent to Paris, to be present at the

ration of the Bourbons) being marriage of her son to Margaret forced upon the Protestants, gave of Valois, the king's sister, to

rise to much disturbance. We which union she felt great repug

are very far, however, from being nance, Margaret being a Ro

convinced that she

not manist; but she was induced to


The Queen-mother, withdraw her opposition, by the

who feared and hated her, well hopes held out that family and knew that the Romanist party

, national animosity would thus

could not work upon the flexibicease, and Protestantism be less exposed to jeopardy. She little lity of the young prince Henry, suspected the intrigues and plots influence of his pious parent ;

so long as he was under the which were already rife, and and as to any feeling of remorse which speedily exploded in that blackest deed even of French Coligni, and the wholesale slaugh

or conscience, the assassination of history, the Bartholomew mas

ter in cold blood of the Protessacre ; and least of all, that her own son would become a Papist, few weeks after Jane's death,

tants, which took place only a and a persecutor ; but the event shew that such scruples would proved the short-sightedness of

create no impediment. But the policy which induced so ex

whether she died by the effects cellent a woman to allow of evil of poison, or by distress of mind that good might come. But she

occasioned by being forced to did not live to see the issue ; she

comply with an observance which was rescued before the storm burst

was, in the public eye, an act of her friends and counupon and was spared witnessing she was worn out by the long

homage to popery; or whether the bloody subversion of Protes- continued fatigues, privations, tantism, and the restoration of the and distresses to which she had Papal dominion. She arrived in

been so long subjected in the Paris on the 4th of June, 1572,

cause of her God and Saviour and expired on the 9th, at the against the Antichrist of Rome; early age of forty-four. Protestant historians have generally to pronounce her to have been a

in any case, we do not hesitate attributed her death to poison, faithful martyr of Jesus Christ. administered at the instigation of

Mr. Jameson has comprised the that bigoted and cruel woman,

account of the Queen's dying the Queen-mother; but Mr. Jameson charitably relies upon

hours in the few following lines. the official proces-verbal which “ Jeanne d'Albret, when she found ascribed it to an abscess in her the end of her days was approaching, side, which was discovered upon ministers of her creed, deriving much

drew round her the most spiritual opening her body. He also consolation from the fervent prayers


" As

of these righteous men.

Her faith was her dying remarks, in reply to steadfast, and calmly expectant of the various observations and consopromises she believed. The disposition of her worldly affairs was also

lations made by a pious minister attended to with the same rectitude who attended her. and judgment which she had evinced She said, “I take all this as through life. She directed her remains sent from the hand of God, my to be interred, without pomp or vain

most merciful Father: nor have ceremony, in the same tomb with her late father, Henry II

. of Navarre. She J, during this extremity, been left her son Henry the crown of Na afraid to die; much less have I varre, requesting the king of France, murmured against God for inthe Queen-mother, the Dukes of Anjou and Alençon, to take him under flicting this chastisement upon their protection, and allow him the me, knowing that whatsoever he free exercise of his religion.”

does, he does so order it as that in We wish that Mr. Jameson lasting good.” Again she re

the end it shall turn to my everhad given his readers some acaccount of the Queen's dying marked that she depended wholly conversations, for they were sin

on the providence of God, knowgularly affecting and instructive. ing that all things are wisely disSending for her son, she fervently she besought him to vouchsafe

posed of by him, and therefore exhorted him, with her failing her all such graces as he saw nebreath, to the effect of the follow

for her salvation.

cessary ing counsels, which Mr. Jame for this life,” said she, “ I am in son quotes from her last will, namely;

a good measure weaned from it

through the afflictions which have To cultivate piety, and to regu- followed me from my youth to the late his conduct according to the doc- present hour; but especially betrines in which he had been brought

cause I cannot live without offend. up; not to allow himself to be drawn away by the illusions of the world, by ing my God, with whom I desire its pleasures or vices, falsely attrac- to be, with all my heart." As to tive; to watch with carefulness the what concerned herself, she said execution of the ordinances she had published in Béarn, not to suffer them

that her life was not dear to her, to be changed or relaxed; to drive from since, so long as she lived in this his dwelling evil counsellors, Hatter- frail flesh, she was still prone and ers, libertines, and irreligious men, and apt to sin against God; only she to draw around him people of character, had a concern for the children pious and Christian persons; to be a tender guardian of his sister Catherine, whom God had given her, as they taking care that she should be educated would, if she were now to die, be in the reformed faith, and that she deprived of her in their early should be married only to a prince of the same communion."

years. “ Yet," said she, “ I doubt

not, though he should see fit to Every one of these dying in- take me from them, but that he junctions of his excellent mother, himself will be a Father to them, Henry violated; though probably and a Protector over them, as I not without many severe struggles have ever experienced him to be to of conscience; for it was not till me in my greatest afflictions, and more than twenty years after, I therefore commit them wholly that he finally outraged her to his government and fatherly memory by giving in his adhesion care.

She declared that death to popery

was not terrible to her, because it As we have gone so far into was the way to pass to her eternal the history of this pious queen, rest. She confessed that the sins we will supply Mr. Jameson's she had committed against the defect by quoting a portion of Lord were

were innumerable, and

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