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that they might not bave cause for any gale, wherein hearty laughter, good unnecessary delay, he gave them the strong singing, loud argument, and getwo reverend gentlemen's horses, order- neral good humour, blended into one ing them to spare neither whip nor spur uproarious peal of hilarity. Pbaddy, till they returned. This was a grateful in particular, melted into a spirit of command to the messengers, who, the most unbounded benevolence, that moreover, took the great coats of the would embrace the whole human race, priests, as the day bad changed and Come, jinteels,' said he, spare nothing ihreatened rain. Accordingly, they set here, there's lashings of every kind ; off, jostling one another, and cutting trate yourselves dacent, and don't be each other's horses as if they had been saving that ever my father's son was intoxicated; which, owing to the liberal nagerly. Death alive, Father Con, distribution of the bottle that morning, what are you doing? Why bad manthey were not very far from. “Bless us!' ners to me! if that'll sarve any how. exclaimed the country people, as they Here's all y«r healths, and from the very passed, “what on earth can be the matter veins of my heart yer welcome here.' with Father Philemy and Father Con ?' But their astonishment was not a whit lessened, when in about an hour after.

I'll not go, Con,' raid Father Philemy,

I tell you I'll not go, till I sing anowards they perceived them both return;

ther song. Phaddy, you're a prince -thie person who represented Father Con

but where's the rise of lighting more having an overgrown leg of mutton

candles now, man, than you had in the slung behind his back, like an Irish

beginning of the night? Is Captain harp, reckless of its friction against his Reverence's coat, which it bad coin

Wilson gone? then peace be with him :

it's a pity he wasn't on the right side, pletely saturated with grease; and the

for he's not the worst of them. Phaduy, duplicate of Father Philemy, with a

where are you? Good night, and may sack over his shoulders, in the bottom

our blessing sanctity you all.' Good of which was half a dozen of Mr.

niglit, Father Con, a hagin,' replied MacLoughlin's best port.

katty, ' and for goodness' sake see " . Me an enemy to the Bible !' said

that they take care of Father Philemy, Father Philemy, "No such thing, sir.

for it's himself that's the blessed and But, captain, begging your pardon, boly crathur, and the pleasant jintlewe'll have nothing more abont the

man out and out.' •Good night, Katty,' Bible; you see we are met here as friends and good fellows, to enjoy our

again repeated Father Con, as the cavalselves after the severity of our spiritual

cade proceeded, 'good night!'” duties, and we must relax a little.

The evils, moral, social, and Come, Parrah More, give us a song political, of Irish drunkenness are After a few songs, Parrah,' said Phaddy, (the landlord,) you must so proverbial, that we need not try my wine. I hope it's as good as you waste time in proving them ; but gave his Reverence yesterday. Here- we must do Ireland the justice to upon, Father Philemy burst into a tit

say that the revenue returns do of laughing, clapping and rubbing his bands. “O Phaldy, Phalldy,' shouted

not indicate so high an average his Reverence, laughing heartily, I figure for spirit-drinking in Ire. done you for once; I done you, my lavd as in Scotland; and as we man, cute as you thought yourselt; do not suppose that the Irish • What does your Reverence mane?' said Phaddy. I gave his Reverence spirit-drinkers have greater facino wine,' said Parrah More, no, nor lities for smuggling or secretly mutton.' Phaddy now looked over to distilling than their Caledonian the smile of a man on his face who feit rivals, or are more canny in using himself foiled. Well,' says he, 'I'm what they have, we presume that only sorry I have not now as much the difference arises from the difmore, to treat you all like gentlemen; ferent habits and circumstances but there's some yet, and as much

of the two nations. The labourpunch as will make all our heads come round.' Our readers must assist us

ing classes in Ireland are too poor with their own imagination, and suppose to procure whiskey as a regular the conversation to have passed very beverage ; but when occasion prepleasantly, and the night, as well as the

sents itself, they indulge in it guests, to be somewhat far gone. The influence of the bottle was now felt, inordinately, and make known and the conversation absolutely blew a their potations to the world by their quarrels and battles. The who do not consider the TemperScotch go to work more orderly ; ance question as a religious one, they do not fast and feast; drink to make it such by faith and water for a month, and then mad- prayer. Let them but consider den themselves with “ mountain the dishonour done to God; the dew;" but they take their quiet violation of His Sabbaths, and the dram in a respectable methodical breach of all His other commandsort of way; so that though they ments, by drunkenness; the dedo not achieve so many deeds of nunciations in His word against drunken prowess as their mercu- it ; the condemnation of hell prorial neighbours, and are not so nounced against drunkards; the well known at police stations and enormous evils brought upon injustices' offices, they in the end dividuals, families, and bodies find their way to the bottom of a politic, by this vice; its large puncheon sooner than other men, bulk and exaggerated features and cut a more distinguished in the list of our national sins; figure in the sober books of and the bar which it opposes to customs and excise. We fear the progress of the Gospel, and that no part of her Majesty's whatever could ameliorate human subjects are more opposed to condition either for body or soul; Temperance Societies, than the re- and nothing further will be wantspectable moderate spirit-drinkers ing to lead a Christian to regard of Scotland.

the inculcation of Temperance as We would recommend those a religious question.

REVIEW OF THE REV. DR. WOLFF'S JOURNAL. Journal of the Rev. Joseph WOLFF, LL.D. of the University of Dub

lin ; and Doctor of Theology of the Protestunt Episcopal College of St. John's, Anapolis, Maryland, in the United States of North America ; Chaplain to the Lord Viscount Lorton ; Incumbent of Linthwaite, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire ; and late Missionary to the Jews : in a series of Letters to Sir Thomas Baring, Bart., containing an account of his Missionary labours from the years 1827 to 1831; and from the

years 1835 to 1838. This title-page gives the list of the Axum in Abyssinia, thence back to writer's honours ; the following is Bombay, St. Helena, America, and

England. Embracing his conversation a summary of the contents of his

with the Jews and Muhammedans, his book :

researches among the Jews and tbe sect “ The Journal contains an account of of the Shabatay Zebee, his adventures Dr. Wolff's missionary labours from the

with pirates, &c. &c. Also his mis. years 1827 to 1831, which he, in com

sionary operations and researches after pany with Lady Georgiana Wolff, pro

the lost ten tribes, among the Wabasecuted in Holland, Germany, Malta,

bites, Rechabites, and Children of the Greek Islands, Egypt, Jerusalem, Hobab, and arrival in America." and Cyprus; also of his subsequent There is a gap between 1831 labours while travelling alone from Egypt to Rhodes, Scio, Tenedos, Mity

and 1835; so that we lose a por. lene, Lemnos, Salonica, Smyrna, and

tion of the writer's journeyings, Malta. And also an account of his including his view of men and late Missionary tour from the years manners in India. 1835 to 1838, from England to Gibraltar, episode is deferred to another

Perhaps this Masowah in Africa, and in the provinces occasion; as are the author's reof Hamazien and Tigree, as far as marks upon America, which will probably be more pungent than less profitable, to extract some of flattering

the striking and useful passages While perusing this extraordi. in his book, than to tang argumary book, we have been frequently ments about certain of the matreminded of the eloquent descrip- ters contained in it. Some pertion given, some years ago, of its sons have wondered that the Jo. author by his attached friend, pa- seph Wolff who has been preachtron,and fellow-traveller, the Rev. ing throughout the world for nearly Lewis Way. We must prefix that twenty years as a missionary, striking portraiture to our present under the auspices of a few laysketches :

men-as to wit, Mr. Drummond “Wolff appears to me to be a comet and Mr. Bayford—without any without any perhelion, and capable of shadow of ordination, episcopal setting a whole system on fire. When or otherwise, or the licence of any I should have addressed him in Syria, I church or bishop ; who could not beard of him at Malta ; and when I supposed he was gone to England, be retained at Cambridge, and he was riding like a ruling angel in the spurned ecclesiastical shackles, whirlwinds of Antioch, or standing un- should now, as the Rev. Dr. Wolff, appalled among the crumbling towers of Aleppo. A man wbo, at Rome,

be the model of a high churchcalls the Pope the dust of the earth,' man ; edifying Dr. Hook's flock and tells the Jews at Jerusalem, that from their pastor's pulpit; and * the Gemara is a lie,' who passes his saying no very obliging things of days in disputation, and his nights in excellent individuals and sociedigging the Talmud, to whom a floor of brick is a feather bed, and a box a bol. ties concerned in the work of ster; who makes or finds a friend alike Christian missions. Now, though in the persecutor of his former or pre- we do not consider Dr. Wolff insent faith ; who can conciliate a Pacha, fallible, we believe that his opinions or confute a Patriarch ; wbo travels without a guide, speaks without an

in the present volume are in the interpreter, can live without food, main pretty much what they aland pay without money-forgiving all ways were; though in the matter the insults he meets with, and forgetting of his own personal submission to all the flattery he receives ; who knows little of worldly conduct, and yet ac

rule and regularity, he has grown commodates himself to all men, with- more solid as he has grown older. out giving offence to any; such a man His idea respecting the rapidly(and such and more is Wolff,) must excite no ordinary degree of attention approaching personal advent and in a country, and among a people, whose reign of Jesus Christ at Jerusamonotony of manners and habits has re- lem, he declared as follows many mained undisturbed for centuries.

years ago, in the following ad“As a pioneer, I deem him matchless :

dress to his countrymen at that • Aut inveniet viam, aut faciet;' but, if order is to be established, or arrange

city. ments made, trouble not Wolff. He “ The Son of man will come again in knows of no church but his heart, no the clouds of heaven in the year 1847, calling but that of zeal, no dispensation and govern in person, as man and God but that of preaching. He is devoid of in the literal city of Jerusalem, with enmity towards man, and full of the his Saints, and be adored in the temple ; love of God. By such an instrument, which will be re-built; and thus shall whom no school hath taught, whom no he govern one thousand years: and I, college could bold, is the way of the Joseph Wolff, shall see with mine own Judean wilderness preparing.”

eyes, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in To weigh nicely the opinions Elijah, and then Isaiab, and then Jere

their glorified bodies ; and I shall see of a writer thus erratic, would be miah, and then David. I shall see you labour in vain ; Dr. Wolff has his all bere at Jerusalem, where I am now opinions, and other men have writing these lines.” theirs ; and it will be far more In perfect consistency with this entertaining, and we believe not address, Dr. Wolff has gone on preaching both to Jews and Gen- retto, accompanied by a great crowd of tiles the approaching personal reign Jews, who were introduced to me by of Christ, and the restoration of preach to them. (The following is

General Napier, who begged me to the Jews to their own land. The part of the first paragraph of the serfollowing passages shew the ob- mon.)-Do not believe those Christians ject of his mission; and also the

who tell you that you have no longer

to expect to be restored to your own way in which he is pleased to

land, or the future personal reign of speak of those of his fellow-Chris- the Messiah, the Son of David, at Jerutians who expound unfulfilled salem and upon Mount Zion.” prophecy differently to himself. “I had one day a conference with One most extraordinary assump

Boghos Youssuf Bey, minister to Mu

hamed Ali (of Egypt); be told me a tion runs throughout his speeches great deal of the activity of his master, and his book, that the great body the Vice- Roy, and his son, Ibrahim of Christians do not believe the Pasha; that both devote very few second advent of Christ, or the

hours to sleep, and that Ibrahim

Pasha had lately taken thirty thousand bringing in of the Jews to the fire arms from the Druses in the mildest Christian fold, just because they manner; so that the Christians of Dado not adopt his interpretation of mascus, and throughout Syria, and even those events. This fallacy is so

Jews, enjoy the most perfect liberty,

and were no longer molested by the gross

that we shall not spend a Turks. Boghos also informed me that line upon it. The second coming people are sent to Muhamed Ali from of Christ, and the gathering to

Dagbestaum. I preached to him (Bog. gether Jew and Gentile in him, and she wed to him Isaiah xix.

hos) the second coming of our Lord, are blessed promises to which “ On the 31st January I preached to the whole Christian church clings the British inhabitants of Alexandria, with faith and joy, whatever may

on the restoration of the earth to its be the manner or the chronology government of Jesus Christ and His

original beauty and glory, under the of these events.


Almost all the sensible Monks The greater part of the Christian upon Mount Sinai, less obstinate than church have swerved from the plain the Phantomizing divines in England, sense of Scripture, respecting the con- believe the Personal reign of Christ, version of the Jews at the glorious and the restoration and conversion of appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ the Jews; and I thank the Lord that upon Mount Zion, and have turned to he made me instrumental in confirming the phantomising system of the Bud- them in this glorious truth.” hists, who believe that the future liap- “ I dived with Koodse Manoole, his piness of mankind will consist in mov- wife, and his brother's wife, in order ing about in the air, and suppose that that I might preach to them the gospel. when they are reading Jews, they must I was the first European to whom he understand Gentiles, and when they did this honour; for the Christian laread Jerusalem, they must understand dies of Suez are entirely secluded from the Church ; and if it is said earth, it all intercourse with men. They were means sky, and for the coming of the rather shy, but looked very intelligent, Lord, they must understand the pro- and are not so disgustingly bold as gress of the Missionary Societies, and many spinsters in England, thirty-six going up to the Mountain of the years of age, who are panting after a Lord's bouse, signifies a grand class- husband, and dirt about with one genmeeting of Methodists.

tleman after another, and are mad with " On the 24th of January, 1836, I rage and jealousy as often as they hear preached to the officers and men (in his that a girl seventeen years of age bas voyage from Malta to Alexandria) on been married; and I am sure that such the new heaven and new earth, when kinds of spinsters would frequently act the whole creation shall be consecrated the part of Roxana towards Statira, if to the Lord, and be under the visible they were not afraid at the rigor of the Government of the Son of David. law. I preached to these amiable ladies

At Cephalonia, the governor (Ge- the second coming of our Lord. I lec. neral Napier) and his Aid-de-Camp, tured at St. Helena on the second Captain Kennedy, Dr. Muir, and seves coming; and arrived at New York in ral other officers, came to the Laza. the month of August, 1837."

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After having been ordained deacon the year 1847 their people are to by the Bishop of New Jersey," the be elevated above all the world, Right Rev. G. W. Doane, 1, according and to be lords of Jerusalem; and to the order of that worthy prelate, spent a month at Salem, as curate to

who would be more willing to the Rev. Mr. Prescott; and preached listen to those who came to them afterwards at Philadelphia, Baltimore,

with such tidings, than to those and Washington, the whole counsel of

who would inculcate upon them God. On a motion brought forward by the ex-president, John Quincy Adams, that Christianity is “a spiritual in one of the Houses of Congress, the religion ;''-a notion abundantly House unanimously granted to me the ridiculed by the school of Mr. use of the Congress ball for a lecture, which I delivered on a Saturday, ho.

Drummond and Mr. Irving; the noured with the presence of all the latter of whoin used to speak to Members of Congress, and also of the the following effect : “Your evanBishop of Virginia, and of the clergy gelicals cant about heaven and spiand citizens of Washington. The same honour was granted to me by the mem

ritual religion; but we who believe bers of the government of New Jersey in the personal reign expect to sit and Pennsylvania, in whose presence I down with Jesus Christ at a madelivered lectures on my researches in terial table in the material JeruAsia, and also on the personal reign salem, to a material banquet: and of Jesus Christ."

to wear material crowns, and carry We have no doubt that there

material palms, and to triumph are Jews in all countries, who,

over all our enemies." Those who without any love to Christ or his

address the Jews as poor guilty gospel, have nationality enough sinners like their neighbours ought to be pleased at hearing that in

to beware of flattering their pride ;

for they are ready enough to * Dr. Wolff is “ rather funny" about think that all the world is to bow a portion of his examination for Holy down before them; as if even in Orders. How he answered the other questions, or what they were, be does

the Millennium itself there is to be not mention ; but one being put to him a partition wall and a court of the in “natural philosophy,” he says, “my Gentiles; so that to be a Jew will answers were rather funny." Examiner-How do you get up water?

be a higher thing than to be a Myself-By a pump!

Christian. It was this national Eraminer--- But how ?

pride, “ The temple of the Lord Myself-You must pull hard.

are we,” and the consequent reEraminer - What must be removed ?

luctance to admit that the Gentiles Myself-Dificulties."

The examiner, we suppose, thought were to be partakers in the blessit desirable to know whether Dr. Wolf ings of the covenant, which conhad ever heard of the spring or weight stituted a great stumbling-block of air ; of its removal by pistons and in the way of the Jews in emvalves; or whether he believed that “ nature abhorred a vacuum;" and bracing the Gospel at its first would have said gravely, what Galileo, promulgation. If a Jew is not affecting to be a good catholic, said sa- made willing to sit “ spiritually" tirically, wben the experiments of such at the feet of Jesus ; and to feel innovators as himself, and Torricelli, and Pascal, were sapping the doctrines of that in Christ there is neither Jew scientific “ tradition,” that “

nor Gentile; but that all are one, did not abhor a vacuum above so many and that the promises are alike to feet.” But Dr. Wolff's way of re

all, he may embrace a sort of po. moving " difficulties” was much more simple and "funny” than the Reverend litical Christianity ; but not that chaplain's. He had perhaps heard of which through the grace of the the Oxford student, who rhymed with Holy Spirit humbles him in penihis examiner's questions. Quid est tence as a sinner before the cross fides? Quod non vides. Quid est spes? Quod non est res. Quid est of Christ, purifies the heart, overcharitas ? Magna raritas," &c. comes the world, and makes


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