The young scholar's Latin-English dictionary, being an abridgment of the 'Complete Latin-English dictionary'.

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Page 134 - The door of a city, castle, palace, or large building; a frame of timber upon hinges to give a passage Into enclosed grounds.
Page 8 - ... men ; the time in which any particular man, or race of men, lived, as, the age of heroes ; the space of a hundred years; the latter part of life, old age.
Page 311 - EXERCISES in LATIN PROSE COMPOSITION. For the use of Eton, Winchester, Westminster, Harrow, and King's College, London. 12mo. 5s. 6d. 4. EXERCISES for LATIN VERSE OUT of "OWN SENSE.
Page 39 - The side of a ship ; the volley of shot fired at once from the side of a ship.
Page 24 - What is laid cross a passage to hinder entrance ; a bolt ; obstruction ; a gate ; a rock, or bank of sand, at the entrance of a harbour...
Page 1 - Nor does he think it just to conclude without some tribute of acknowledgment to the Printer, Mr. Watts, for the accuracy and clearness with which the typography has been executed. EAST-INDIA COLLEGE, HAILEYBUKY, November 5th, 1851. ENGLISH AND SANSKRIT DICTIONARY A. As an indefinite article before nouns singular, for the most part not expressed in Sanskrit ; as, ' a lion,
Page 311 - Edition. 8vo. price 14s. ZUMPT's SCHOOL GRAMMAR of the LATIN LANGUAGE. Translated and adapted by Dr.
Page 301 - DORT or DORDRECHT, a city of Holland, at the mouth of the Maese in the Low Countries, famous for a synod in 1618.

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