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XHI. Each State shall have a vote for the decision of questions in the General Assembly.

XIV. The General Assembly of the United States, shall alone and exclusively have the right and power to de. cide of peace and war, except in the case mentioned in Article XI.-to establish rules for judging in all cases the legitimacy of the prizes taken by fea or land, and to determine the manner. in which the prizes taken by the land or sea forces, in the service of the United States, shall be divided or employed ;-to grant letters of marque or reprisal in time of

peace; --to appoint tribunals to take cognizance of piracies, and all other capital crimes committed on the high seas ;---to establish tribunals to receive appeals, and judge finally in all cases of prizes'; -- to fend and receive ambassadors ;---to negociate and conclude treaties or alliances ;-to decide all differences actually subfisting, and that may arise here. after between two and several of the aforementioned States about limits, jurisdiction, or any other cavse whatsoever ;-to coin money, and fix iis value and standard ;-to fix the weights and measures through. out the whole extent of the United States;--to regulate commerce, and treat of all affairs with the Indians who are not members of any of the States; to establish and regulate the posts from oae State to another, in the whole extent of the United States ;to give commissions to the other officers of the said troops, who shall have been appointed by virtue of Article VIII.-..--to appoint all the officers of marine in the service of the United States ;-to frame all the ordinances necessary for the governornment



and discipline of the faid land and sea forces ; and to direct their operations.

The General Assembly of the United States shall be authorized to appoint a Council of State, and such committees and civil officers as they shall judge 'neceffary or guiding and dispatching the general affairs under their authority, whilst they remain fitting, and after their separation, under the authority of the Council of State. They shall choose for presideilt one of the members, and for secretary the person whom they shall judge fit for that place; and they may adjourn at what time of the year, and to what place in the United States they shall think proper. They shall have the right and power to determine and fix the sums necessary to be raised, and the difbursements neceffary to be made ;--to borrow mor ney, and create bills on the credit of the United States; to build and fit out fleets ;-to determine the number of troops to be raised or kept in pay; and to’require of each of the aforesaid States to compose the army, a contingent proportioned to the number of its white inhabitants. ---These requisitions of the General Assembly shall be binding, and in consequence the legiñative body of each state fall nominate the particular officers, levy the men, arm and equip them properly; and those officers and foldiers, thus armed and equipped, shall proceed to the place, and withir the time affixed by the General Assembly.

But if the General Assembly, froin some parti cular circumstances, should think proper to exempe éne or feveral of the States from raising troops, or to de. mand of them less than their contingent, and should on the contrary judge it convenient that one or feveral others Mhould raise more than their contingent ;


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provided with officers, armed and equipped in the saine manner as the contingent, unless the legislative body. of that, or of those of the States to whom the requilition shall have been inade, should deem it dangerous for themselves to be drained of that number extraor: dinary, and in that case they shall furnish no more than what they think compatible with their fafery, and the officers and soldiers so equipped shall go to the place, and within the time fixed by the General Afsembly

The General Affembly shall never engage in any war, nor grant letters of mark or reprisal in time of peace, nor contract any treaties of alliance or other conventions, except to make peace ; nor coin inoneý or regulate its value, nor determine or fix the sums necessary to be raised, or the disbursements necessary to be made for the defence or advanrage of the Unired States, or of some of them, nor create bills, nor bors row money on the credit of the Uvted States, nor dispose of any sums of money, nor resolve on the number of ships of war to be built or purchased, oi on the number of troops to be raised for lånd or sea service, nor appoint a command or chief of the land and sea forces, but by the united consent of nine of the States: and no queftion on any point whatsoever, exa cept for adjourning from 'one day to another, shall be decided, but by a majority of the United States. - No delegates fhall be chosen fór more than three years out of fix.

No perfon invested with any employment whatever in the extent of the United States, and receiving, by virtue of that employment, either by himself or through the hands of any other for him, any salaries, wages, or emoluments whatever, thall be chosen á delegate



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