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Of the Authors and Books quoted or referred to

in this work.

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ACCOUNT of the Church Government and Governors, " (incerto

auctore) by fome attributed to Bithop Fleetwood.
Acberley, “ Britannic Constitution.”
Asta regia, an Abridgment of Rymer's Fædera."
Antiquitates Parliamentaria."
Aquinas, St. Thomas, “ De Regimine Principum."
« Arcbainomia, five de priscis Anglorum Legibus," a Gul. Lambert,
Atkyns, Sir Robert, “ Inquiry into the Power of dispensing with

Penal Statutes."
Bacon, Nathaniel, « Discourses upon the Laws and Government of

Bagshaw,“ Readings."
Baldwyn, Francis, " Refponfio altera ad Joannem Calvinum."
Barrington, Hon. Daynes, “ Observations on the ancient Statutes."
Bancroft, Archbishop, “ Dangerous Positions.".
Beda, “ Ecclefiafticæ Hiftoriæ Gentis Anglorum," Lib. V.
Bellarmine, Cardinal, “ De Laicis."
Beza, Theodore, “ Vindiciæ contra Tyrannos."

66 Reveille Matin."

" De Jure Magistratûs."
Blackfione, “ Commentaries of the Laws of England."
Bodisus, De Republica."
Bobun, Will. “ Collection of Debates, Reports, &c. in Parliament."
of Book of Common Prayer."
Bracion, “ De Legibus & Consuetudinibus Angliæ,"
Brady, Dr.“ Tracts."

“ History of the Succession of the Crown of England."
Brès,, “ Erreurs des Anabaptistes."
Britton, “ Concerning the Ancient Pleas of the Crown."
Bucbannan, “ Of the due Privilege of the Scots Government.".
Burke, “ Reflections on the Revolution in France."

“ Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs."
Burnet, Bishop “ History of the Reformation."
Busenbaum, Father, “ De Homicidio."
Calvin, Jobn, " Inftitutions."
Camden, “ Britannia."
Case of the Regale and Pontificale stated," (incerto auctore) by fome

attributed to Dr. Lelly.
Cafar, “ Commentaria de Bello Gallico."
Cicero, “ Fragmenta de Republicâ."

" Oratio pro Sexto Roscio.".
Clarendon, Lord,'« History of the late Rebellion."


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Coke, Sir Edward, “ Reports from 14 Eliz. to 13 Jaines I."

( Inititutes." Cooper, Rev. Mr.“ First Principles of Civil and Ecclefiaftical Govern

ment. Collier, Rev. Mr." Church History." Cotton, Sir Robert, Pothuma."

Abridgment of the Records of the Tower," published by Prynne. Crompton, " Of Courts." " Disertation upon Parties," incerto auctore: Dotman, i. e. Parson, « Conference about the next Succession of the

Crown of England.” Dugdale, “ Short View of the late Troubles." Dyer, Sir James, “ Reports temp. Henry VIII. Edward VI. Mar.

& Eliz."

Eden, William, (now Lord Auckland) “ Principles of Penal Laws."
Erskine, Hon. Mr. “ Argument upon the Rights of Juries."
Æcolampadius, “ Epiftolæ.'
Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray.
Finch, “ Nomotecnia."
Fi/zherbert, Father, “ Treatise concerning Policy and Religion."

Anthony, “ De Naturâ Brevium."
Fleta, “ Commentary on the English Law,” published by Selden.
Fleury, Discours fur l'Histoire Ecclesiastique,”
Fortescue, “ De Laudibus Legum Angliæ.
Foster, Sir Michael, “ Report of Crown Cases."
Fox, “ Acts and Monuments."

“ Calendar,"

Glanvil, Law of England."
Godolphin, Repertorium Canonicum.”
Gurdon, “ History of the High Court of Parliament."
Goodman, “ Liber de Obedientiâ in Exod."

Hales, Sir Mat. “ Of Parliament

66 Pleas of the Crown." Harrington, James, “ Oceana," (published by Toland.) Hation, Sir Chrifiopher, " Treatise concerning Statutes.' Henry VIII, Rex, « Defensio Sacramenti contra Martinum. Lu

therunn." Herbert, Lord Chief Justice, “ Reasons for the Judgment in the Case

of Sir Edward Hales." Heylin, Dr. “ Reformation of England justified.”

“ Acrius Redivivus. History and “ Proceedings of the House of Lords." Hoadley, Defence of Hooker's Judgment," Hooker, Rev. Mr. “ Ecclesiastical Policy." Holinjhed, “ Chronicle.” Hudibras," Grey's Edition.

6. Fanus Anglorum Facies altera," by Selden.

“ Journals

* Journals of the House of Lords and Commons."
Junius, Letters."
Kelway's “ Reports temp. Henry VII. and Henry VIII."
Kippis, Rev. Dr. “ Sermon on the 4th of November 1788."
Knox, John, “ Liber ad Nobilitatem & Populum Scot.”

“ Historia Scotiæ.”

History of the Church of Scotland,"

Lex Parliamentaria," by Petit.
Locke “ Upon the Human Understanding."

“ Upon Civil Government." Lolme, De'" On the Constitution of England.”. Lutherus, “ De abrogandâ Miffa, & de Captivitate Babilonica." Macintosh, Vindiciæ Gallicæ." Mare Clausum," by Selden. Matthew Paris. Melanchton, Epiftolæ ai Fredericum Miconem." Modern Reports, or Select Cases adjudged in the 4 Courts, from the

Restoration of Charles II. to End of George I.” Milton, s Defence of the People of England." Montesquieu, “ Spirit of Laws," “ Mirror of Justice.” Noodt, Professor, « Discourse upon Liberty of Conscience,” translated

by A. Macawlay. “ Notitia Parliamentaria,," by Browne Willis. Origines juridiciales," by Dugdale. Osiander, “ Epitome Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ in Centurias divisa. Paley, Rev. Mr. “Moral and Political Philofophy." Payne, “ Rights of Man," ift and 2d Part. Petrus Crinitus, “ De Bello Rusticano. “ Pbilonax Anglicus,' (incerto auctore). Plouden, Edm. “ Commentaries, or Reports, temp. Edward VI, P. & M. & EI."

Fran. “ Letter to Sir George Savile, on the Allegiance of a British Subject."

Investigation of the Native Rights of British Subjects. Priesley, Dr. “ Letters to Mr. Burke.

“Essay on the First Principles of Government." Prynne, “ Parliamentary Writs.”

“ Power of Parliament."

Regifer." Reliquia Spelmanniana." “ Rights of Bishops to judge in all Capital Cases,” (incerto au Elore) 1680. Rogers, Dr. " Vindication of the Civil Establishment of Religion.” " Rotuli Parliamenti." « Rotuli Patentes." Rushworth, “ Historical Collections."


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