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tage of you ; who have all your life long professed and inculcated atheism and impiety; while I have continually laboured to honour the Deity, and to promote virtue and religion ?"

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And thus the professor of Christianity may reply to the Deist or Infidel. peradventure the doctrines which I believe shall be found to be true ; if indeed the religion of Christ is what it assumes to itself, a revelation from the Most High God; in how sad a case will you be found, who reject and despise it, who knowingly refuse to embrace it, and resist all the evidences which it offers? In how sad a case will you, particularly, be found, who, born and bred in a country professing Christianity, nay, who being baptized into that faith, utterly cast off and disclaim its obligations :

able errors of the head, where the heart was right. If he be the God-all-mercy-of the infidel; I have no need to be afraid ; my whole endeavour has been to supplicate and to obtain his wercy; and if I requested it through a mediator, it shews that I had the higher opinion of his adorable perfections. Should the system of Mahomet be found true, I shall certainly obtain the reward of. fered to good Musselmans. For Mahomet himself allows the divine mission of Jesus Christ : and, inculcating the belief of a just and good God, supposeth him only not so pure and holy as the Christian supposeth him: and of consequence the Christian, upon this plan, will find nothing to his loss. It will appear indeed to him that he has been more virtuous than there was need; and more exact in the performance of duty, than was requisite for a reception of the blessings of the Mahometan paradise. Suppose lastly, that the Jewish religion should, in the end, be proved the religion of truth; yet even, agreeably to its tenets, the Christian is safe ; the Jew waited for, and believed in, a coming Messiah: the Christian believed that he was come, and as such did honour to God the Father by him. · As to the rest, no man can deny that the mortality of the Christian is equal to, and must necessarily be as acceptable with God as the Jewish mortality. -Thus, in the end, let what. ever faith be found right, it is undeniable, that the Christian who lives up to the holy pręcepts of his religion cannot be wrong.

“Oh think, in such a case, if the doc. trines of redemption be found true, what a miserable situation yours will be ?-But, on the other hand, supposing, when we appear together in the future world, that these doctrines shall prove false, and the facts of Christianity appear fictitious; yet there can be no doubt, but that the Christian will ob. tain favour from the Deity. If he be the God of the Deist, he cannot but approve me, who have made it the business of my life to purify my heart and actions from all defilement: for he is a God delighting in virtue ; and a Being so good and gracious, that be will never punish for the unavoid.


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8 9d3 i bloda noigils seinst allt det gebild 1989 doua ai dad de On Monday Morning, and the rest of the 1 I commend into thy Hands, this day, my & Week, when you first awake, devoutly | soul and my body, with all the faculties, sau S TAVE

powers and actions of them both, beseechbe egiteko 90 siegli posso s ing thee to be ever with me, to direct, IT IGHTEN mine eyes, O Lord, that I sanctify, and govern me in the ways of thy

LA sleep not in death. 13 Lado De 1 laws, and in the works of thy commandshoulosti oba

ments; that through thy most mighty proAwake thou that sleepest, and arise tection, both here and ever, I may be prefrom the dead, and Christ shall give thee served in body and soul, to serve thee, the light. 191 94323

i sto only true God through Jeans Christ and Sarisbraai dit bogel sd diist 919 Lord. Amen. Das S orging of

Open thou mine eyes, O Lord, that I lagnitdzilah bes ar de tota may see the wondrous things of thy law. ALMIGHTY God, who hath promised

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to hear the

to hear the petitions of them that ask At your first rising,

in thy Son's name, I beseech thee merci

fully to incline thine ears to me, and supTN the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

port my weakness by thy mercy, in my who was crucified for me, I arise from

preparation towards a worthy receiving the mine own rest to do him service. May he

| Holy Sacrament: And grant, O Lord, that by his cross and passion save me, bless me,

I may effectually obtain thy grace to the govern me, and keep me this day, and for

relief of my spiritual necessities, and to the ever! Amen.

setting forth of thy glory, through Jesus

Christ our Lord. Amen. I laid me down and slept, and arose up again, for the Lord sustained me. O Lord, ! Our Father which art in Heaven, fc.

Monday's Meditations in the Morn- | this sacrament, which I am going to receive, ing

to be filled with good things : 0 let me not be

sent empty away ; I trust in thee as the rock Upon the most Holy Sacrament.

of my salvation : Thou, My God, hast pro

mised that whosoever trusteth in thee, shall O

THE depths of the riches both of the not be confounded, be it then unto me

wisdom and goodness of God ? He according to thy word. And seeing thou, hath made man capable of knowing, loving, O God, art the same goodness, without admiring, and enjoying his maker. Amidst any variableness or shadow of turning, all satisfactions, this is the only comfort- make my trust as firm as thy promise is able rest of man's soul, to enjoy commu

sure, so shall I not be confounded, because nion with God through Christ. Ő my God, I have put my trust in thee. O Lord, in I trust in thee: My prayer, O Lord, is

thee bave I trusted, let me never be confounded upon faith in thee; my faith upon

founded : But, O my Jesus, behold I am thy promises, so that because thou art my coming to thee, another poor Bartimæus, God, therefore I trust in thee. What an like him mentioned in the gospel, so blind, excellent gist, O Lord, was the son of thy that to find out thy ways thou must not love? It is thy duty, O my sonl, to render only point them out, but also open my most humble and hearty thanks to Almighty eyes that I may see them. I am to present Gud, our heavenly Father, for that he hath myself at thy table, as another impotent given bis son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, not cripple in the temple; so that to lead me only to die for us, but also to be our spiri- into thy truth, thou must not only go betual food and sustenance in this holy sacra fore me, but give me feet also to run after ment. In this sacrament, O blessed Jesus, thee : And that thou, my Jesus, (who art thou art set forth crucified, and wiih an eye

the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever) of faith I behold thy wounds ; from whence wilt now, by the mighty power of thy I take hold of these comfortable words of grace and truth, even cure my spiritual life, my Lord and my God: My God;

lameness and blindness; this is the ground mine, for thou hast partaken of our human of my hopes, thy promises ; this my ennature, and thou hast made us to partake couragement, thy sacrament: lui which of thy divine nature; thou hast taken upon

sacrament and promises thou art exhibited thee our flesh, and thou bast communicated unto my soul as the God of my salvation : In unto us of thy spirit : In this holy sacrament, thy word thou hast given the promise, and O adorable Saviour, we spiritually eat thy in thy sacrament that promise is sealed, that flesh, and drink thy blood, we dwell in

thou wilt save them that love thee from the Christ, and Christ in us; we are one with paths of death, and lead them in the way Christ, and Christ with us. Therefore of everlasting life: and so faithful art thou trust in thee to make my interest in the

who hast promised, that safer it is for my covenant of grace sure, and to bring me at soul to be cast down even to the grave last to thy heavenly kingdom.

with a promise, than to be exalted as high

as heaven without it; for then, though I Lord! I do not trust in mine own faith, vere brought low even to the dust, yet hope but in thy faithfulness; not in my own re

in thee would bear me up; whereas presumppentance, but in thy pardon; not in mine

tion would throw me down, even though own preparation, but in thy acceptance: In I had set my nest among the stars. thee, in thy merits, and in thy mercies do I trust, let me not then be ashamed; let Now, for our comfortable access to this me not be disappointed of my hope, nor most holy sacrament, let us call to mind the deprived of thy blessing; I trust in thee by institution of the same.

institution of the same. Our blessed Savi. No. 25.

5 G

our, in the same night that he was betrayed, hearts his sacrifice to God for our expia. took bread, and when he had given thanks, tion, and fix our eyes upon that glory where he brake it, and gave it to his disciples, he is enthroned, hoping we shall one day saying, “ Take, eat; this is my body which sit down with him in the kingdom of the is given for you, do this in remembrance of | Father, and keep a perpetual feast with me.” Likewise after supper he took the him in heaven... cup, and when he had given thanks, be gave it to them, saying, “ Drink ye all of

What should hinder thee, O my soul, this, for this is my blood of the New Testa

from using thy best diligence and endeament, which is shed for you, and for many, l yours to be so fappy? Search and try es for the remission of sins: Do this, as oft as

amine and prove thyself: Hast thou not a ye shall drink it, in remenibrance of me."

mind to know and to do the whole will of St. Matt. xxvi. 26. St. Luke xxii. 19.-3.

God, with all thy heart, and with all thy

soul, and with all thy strength ? In consecrating the elements of bread and wine, our Saviour's prayers went up to

Is it the desire of thy soul to become poor heaven; the benefits whereof remain with his church here on earth. The visible ele

| in spirit, meek, 'merciful, pure in heart, a

peace. maker, and if God should call thee ments of bread and wine, which he took and blessed, and distributed among his

to it, a patient sufferer for righteousness'

sake? disciples, declare two things; the one,

And art thou desirous to grow in That he would make himself a full, perfect,

grace, and improve thy talents, by going to

this holy table ? Be not discouraged then, and sufficient-sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world :

but know that the Lord will accept of such

pious dispositions. The Lord will hear the The other, That he would become unto the

prayer of the humble: Go then, and offer faithful by this means a spiritual repast; in

the sacrifice of righteousness, and put thy both, God hath the glory and man the

trust in the Lord. benefit. The faithful communicant doth obtain, (as our church piously prays) preservation unto life everlasting, both for his

663CEE aseeseessgeodeease. body and soul: For the humble soul, believing the incarnation, death and passion of

A Prayer that may be used on Monday in Jesus, and receiving this bread and wine,

the morning, for grace to spend the enin token that God hath given Christ for our

suing week, and all our time well.

and relying on him if accompanied

sely faill; devotion, nenes liv

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nity, whose glories an

deemer: Such a lively faith, if accompanied Almighty God! who from all eterwith true repentance and devotion, will U nity, whose glories and perfections are convey to a penitent believer, all the bene- | infinite, and who hast created me and enfits of the birth and death of Jesus Christ : dued me with reason and understanding. And as the bread and wine being received, that I might serve thee in my generation, do communicate to us all the natural | according to my power and capacity: Give strength and comfort that they contain ; some thy grace, that I may be a curious and the devout communicant, by exercising a prudent spender of my time this week, so lively faith in his crucified Saviour, draws as I may best prevent, or resist all temptapersuasions of his pardon, and feels new life tions that may assault or hurt my soul. asid vigour added to his graces; and so spi- | Let thy grace so powerfully assist and exritu'lly eats the flesh of Christ, and drinks cite my weak endeavours, incline my will. bis blood.' Heuce we may rejoice in bis, and fortify my resolutions, that I may perse salvation, and represent with gladsome l'vere in that holy state which thou least put me

ns of his pardis graces ; and sorinks cite my

in, by the grace of thy covenant, and the i to think of the wonderful kindness of the mercies of the Holy Jesus: O never let me Lord? Can you look on him who was fall into those sins, and return to that vain pierced for our sins, and not lament and conversation, from which the most merciful mourn ? Can you think upon his bleeding Saviour of the world hath redeemed me; wounds, and not be troubled ? No pious but let me grow in grace, adding virtue to heart can be so unconcerned at what virtue, reducing my purposes to acts, and befel the Lord of Glory: And yet when we increasing my acts until they grow into ha-l consider, that by those stripes we are healed, bits, and my habits until they be confirmed : , that he hath washed us from our sins in his Let thy preventing grace dash all tempta- blood, that faithful souls may take sanctuary tions in their approach; may my hopes in his wounds, and be secure and safe ; we be never cut off, nor my faith weakened, cannot chuse but rejoice in the Lord, and nor my resolution shaken, nor my title and be glad in his salvation. portion in the covenant be lessened: Take from me all slothfulness, and give me a For this sacrament is a sacra ment of love, diligent and an active spirit, and wisdom to and innumerable benefits belong to it. chuse my employment, that I may do all Therefore it is meet, right, and our bounden such good works as thou hast prepared for duty, that we should receive it with love me to walk in, and may fill up all leisure chiefly, seeing we cannot so gratefully acspaces, of this week in meditations upon the knowledge the exceeding great kindness of most holy sacrament, performing acts of our dearest master, in instituting this sacrareligion and charity, that when the devil ment so full of love, as by love; and to the assaults me, he may not find me idle ; and end that we should always remember the my dearest Lord at his coming, may find exceeding great love of our Master, and me busy, in lawful, necessary, and pious only Saviour Jesus Christ, thus dying for actions, improving my talent intrusted to us, and the innumerable benefits, which by me, that so I may enter into the joy of my his precious blood shedding he hath obtainLord, to partake of his eternal felicities, ed to us, he hath instituted and ordained even for thy mercies' sake, and my dearest holy mysteries as pledges of his love, and Saviour's sake. Amen.

for a coutinual remembrance of his death, Conclude wilh the Lord's Prayer, Our to our great and endless comfort. Father, &c.

Consider how great love our Saviour bath

shewed towards us in instituting this sacrai Monday's Meditations in the Even ment, and preparing this heavenly banquet

for poor sinners; this was pure love indced, ing

seeing nothing could be given more excelUpon the most Holy Sacrament. lent, and more dear. And shall the love of

the world, O Lord, be greater in my soul CONSIDER with yourselves, some time than the love of thee: Shall the teniporary

before you communicate, that you are delights of sin drown the remembrance of invited to come, not only into the presence, thy mercy towards me in this holy sacrabut unto the altar of God, to be one of the ment? My life is but a span, and yot, I guests of the Lord of the whole world : beseech thee, shorten that, rather than it What manner of love is this, that God hath should be spent in a neglect of thee: Beiter manifested unto us? Who can refrain from this eartbly tabernacle should be dissolveil. tears of grief and indigoation to think of than that I should grieve thy holy spirit bý bis own ingratitude, and from tears of jay resisting his good motions, and follow my

I only shig great ad alwavele; and to

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