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own beart's lusts. Let me pay nature the 2. Competent knowledge in this holy debt I owe her, sooner than perhaps she mystery. might call for it, rather than offend thy divine majesty. It is better I should die, 3. Faith in Christ's Incarnation, Cross and be lost to the world, than forget thee: and Passion. Thou broughtest me out of nothing, not to sin, but to serve thee in holiness of life; | 4. A conscience cleansed by true renot to follow my own will, but thine; not | pentance. to pursue with too much eagerness and anxiety the things of this world, but seek 5. An heart free from envy, malice, and first and above all things the kingdom of all uncharitableness. heaven and its righteousness. Make me therefore to hunger and thirst after righte He that would communicate worthily, ousness, to covet earnestly thy gifts of grace, | must, so shall I be filled with peace and joy in this life, and after death be crowned with 1. Examine,

4. Believe, glory and immortality. It is none of the 2. Desire,

5. Repent, least sins of our youth, that we are careless 3. Know,

6. Obey. and forgetful of Thee our Creator; and no wonder that many are so insensible of spiri Let a man examine himself, and so let tual pleasures, who live in such a constant him eat of that bread, and drink of that and continued neglect of the Lord's Supper: cup. 1. Cor. xi. 28. Make me therefore, O my God, to consider, that had I the fruition of all that I Blessed are they which do hunger and can wish, or long for here, I should not thirst after righteousness, for they shall be only not be satisfied, but in the end find filled. St. Matt. v. 6. how miserable a thing it is to set one's heart on any thing but thyself: Teach me, | Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to therefore, so to use the world, that I lose the waters. Isa. lv. l. not thee, nor that blessed reward which thou hast promised to them that honour Lord, evermore give us this bread. St. thee. Let everyone, meditating on the Jobn vi. 31. love of Christ, ask the question, and make the answer with the Psalmist : Psal. cxvi. For he that eateth and drinketh unwor11. "What reward shall I give unto the

I thily, eateth and drinketh damnation to Lord for all the benefits he hath done unto

himself, not discerning the Lord's body. me? I will receive the cup of salvation, 1 Cor. xi. 29. and call upon the name of the Lord.”

I am the bread of life; he that cometh to me shall never hunger, and he that he.

lieveth in me shall never thirst. St. John Preparation for receiving of the Sacra.

vi. 35. ment.

Christ dwelleth in our hearts by faith. THE due preparation for the Sacrament

Eph. ii. 17. 1 consists in examination and prayer, whether thou hast,

I will wash my bands in innocency, and 1.-A fervent desire to partake of the so will I go to thine altar, o God.' Psal. Lord's Supper ?

Xavi. 6.

ness, modesty, shamefacedness, poverty of spirit. Galat. v. 22, 23,

The Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy.

1. To instruct the ignorant.

2. To correct offenders.

3. To counsel the doubtful.

4. To comfort the afflicted.

5. To suffer injuries with patience.

6. To forgive offences and wrongs.

7. To pray for others.

The Six Corporal Works of Mercy.

1. To feed the hungry, and give drink to the thirsty

2. To clothe the naked.

3. To harbour the stranger and needy.

4. To visit the sick.

5. To minister unto prisoners and cap. tives.

6. To bury the dead.

The Eight Beatitudes. St. Matt. v.

1. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

2. Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

3. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

If thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee, leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. St. Matt. v. 23, 24.

To love God above all, for his own sake. To love all men as ourselves, for God's sake. And to do unto all men as we would they should do unto us. St. Matt. xii.

Holy and useful Rules to be observed.

The Sacraments of the Church.

The two, truly so called, as generally necessary to salvation, are Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

The Three Theological Virtues.

Faith, hope, and charity. 1 Cor. xiii.

Three kinds of good Works.

Pasting, prayer, and alms-deeds. St. Matt. vi.

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

1. The spirit of wisdom. 2. And understanding 3. The spirit of counsel. 4. And ghostly strength. 5. The spirit of knowledge. 6. And true godliness. 7. The spirit of a holy and filial fear.

The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost.

Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, faith, temperance, goodness, meek

No. 25.

4. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

5 H

obtain mercy.

5. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall God for supply of thy wants, and of immode

rate care for outward things ? 6. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they 8. Art thou accustomed to neglect the shall see God.

duties of thy worldly calling, and expect

that God should support thee in idleness? 7. Blessed are the peace-makers, for they shall be called the children of God.

9. Dost thou behave thyself irreverently

in the house of God, or neglect to keep holy 8. Blessed are they which are persecuted the Lord's Day ? for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

10. Dost thou not neglect to read the holy

scriptures, and art thou careful to conform Meditate frequently on these four last

thy thoughts, words and actions to the word things, viz.

of God ?

Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.

11. Dost thou strive to get a right and true knowledge of thy duty, or dost thou ra. ther chuse to continue ignorant, than put thyself to the pain or shame of learning ?

12. Dost thou not place religion in hear

ing of sermons, without practising them ? A Form of self-examination.

13. Dost thou not sometimes wilfully omit

prayers, public or private, being glad of 1. My soul! didst thou ever endeavour any pretence to do 80 ?

to persuade thyself, or others, that there is no God ?

14. Dost thou not neglect the duty of re

pentance, not calling thyself to a daily ac2. Dost thou prefer, or love any thing count for thy sins ? whatsoever, before the service and will of God ?

15. Art thou not often guilty of rash an

ger and peevishness? 3. Art thou tempted to disbelieve his word ?

16. Art thou careful in examining what

thy estate towards God is ? 4. Dost thou fear God, so as to keep from offending him ?

17. Art thou content with thy portion,

not envying the condition of other men ? 5. Dost thou fear man above him, by committing sin to shun an occasion of suf

18. Art thou guilty of uncleanness, adulfering?

tery, fornication, unnatural lusts, fi lthy 6. Dost thou distrust God in dangers and

and obscene talking, impure fancies and

desires ? distresses, or use unlawful means to bring thyself out of them ?

19. Hast thou been guilty of murder, 1. Art thou guilty of not depending on

open or secret ?

20. Art thou guilty of unfaithfulness in trusts and promises, whether to the living or dead ?

Envy.--Envy, grieving at another's prosperity or gettings, or to hear them well spoken of; rejoicing at their burt.

Interpreting their doings or sayings in the worser part.

21. Hast thou blasted the credit of thy neighbour, by railing, by whispering, or backbiting?

22. Art thou guilty of lying, cursing, bitter and reproachful language ?

23. Art thou wanting in charity to thy neighbour, in not loving and forgiving thy enemies, not relieving them in their poverty?

24. Art thou a lover of peace, not going to law upon slight occasions ?

SLOTH.-Sloth, indevotion, idleness, or laziness, neglecting things given us in charge, ingratitude to God for his benefits, unthankfulness to our friends and benefactors, chusing rather to beg than to work or labour for our living.

Note.--In all these a man may not only sin himself, but also be accessary to another man's sin ; either by. commanding, by coanselling, by consenting, by receiving, by partaking, by not speaking to hinder it, by not admonishing; and, lastly, by evil

Of the seven deadly Sins.


PRIDE.—Pride, vain-glory, ambition, presumption, vaunting hypocrisy, flattery, dissimulation, obstinacy, tiouting, or scoffing, contempt of others.

CoveTOUSNESS.-Covelousness, niggard Holy ejaculations to be said after examinliness, greediness, unpitifulness : Not giv

ing ourselves. ing alms: Not being contented with our own estate.

Kneeling, say, Luxury.-Committing of adultery, un W ,

HO shall give to my head waters, elean thoughts, words or deeds, unchaste looks, lascivious dressing, colouring or that I may bewail both day and night my painting, looking upon a woman to lust sins and ingratitude towards my Creator after her, lewd company, filthy books, un and my God? chaste songs

Consider (0 my soul) the multitude of ANGER.--Anger, impatience, hastiness, the benefits which God hath bestowed upon rage or fury, disdainfulness, fretfulness, thee, and be thou confounded and ashamed discontentedness, picking of quarrels, inmo for thy iniquity and wickedness. derate grieving, severe correcting. .

Thou didst make me, O Lord, when I GLUTTONY.-Gluttony, drunkenness, in was not, and that after thy own image. temperate feeding.

Thou, from the very instant of my being, Giving to dogs that wbich the poor would hast been my gracious protector, my father have been glad of.

and mighty deliverer.


Thy blessed Son came down from heaven, Thou, O God, who art able to do all to seek me, when I had erred and strayed things, convert me unto thee. from thy ways like a lost sheep.

Enlighten my understanding ; sanctify What shall thy sinful creature say, O my will; and renew a right spirit within Lord? I confess. I am not worthy to appear in thy sight, nor to be called thy son.

O may I depend only on thee, fear and Whither shall I go for pardon and peace ? love thee above all things, and serve thee

faithfully. And in all my actions, hereArt thou not my father, and in very after conform myself to thy blessed will and truth a father of mercies, which have no pleasure. Finally, I beseech thee to impart end or measure ?

unto me thine abundant, effectual grace,

by which I may be able to lead a holy life, For though I have (as much as in me lay) and to serve thee even to the end of my for a long time acted like the prodigal son ; days, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. yet thou, even to this present, dost not cease to be


I will arise, and go to my father, and
cast myself down at his feet, and humbly

A Prayer on Monday Evening, for prepacrave mercy.

ration for receiving the HolySacrament. Art thou not my creator, my preserver, my redeemer, my deliverer, my king and Lord, I do here cast down myself

thee, O

thee. I cannot stand at the bar of thy jusWhither then shall I go? Whither then tice; I do therefore lie down at the footstool shall I fly but unto thee?

of thy mercy. I do condemn myself for my

sins, Lord, do not thou enter into judgIf thou reject me, to whom shall I seek ment with thy servant, but wash away my for succour?

sins in my Saviour's blood. I do most hun

bly bewail my wretched nature and wicked Behold I came full of wounds, but thou life, for my thoughts, deeds and works past canst heal me, O great physician of souls. have been abominable; my conscience cries

out against me, [Here think of your particuSprinkle me (O Lord) with thy precious lar sins,] so vain, so impure and evil have blood, and I shall be made clean.

they been before thee. Wash my soul, o

Lord, in the fountain that is opened for sin, Thy mercy is greater than my iniquity; and for uncleanness: Then, though my sins thy clemency exceedeth my transgressions ; be as red as crimson, they shall become and thou canst forgive my innumerable white as snow. O pardon thy poor penioffences.

tent, I beseech thee, and for the time to

come, let thy holy spirit assist me to keep Do not look, O Lord, upon the multi a conscience void of offence towards thee and tude of my sins, but spare me according to towards man. Lighten the darkness of my thine infinite mercies.

mind with the light of thy truth, and kindle in my heart a love towards thee. O

may I resign myself wholly into thy hands. never more be ensnared by the pomps and


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