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Brookwood Park, Hampshire,



BROOKWOOD PARK is beautifully situated between Alresford and Petersfield, in the Parish of Hinton Amptner, and was purchased of the late Earl of Malmsbury by its present proprietor; since which it has undergone extensive improvements both in its exterior and interior. The House stands on an eminence, and commands fine prospects over a beautiful country, and is surrounded in the home-views by its woods. It has the advantage of being situated in a fine sporting country, and in the centre of the Hampshire and Hambledon Hunts.

The Mansion is a handsome modern building, and consists of a centre and two wings. On the ground-floor is a beautiful and well-arranged suite of apartments, chiefly communicating with each other; they comprise a Dining-room of large and lofty dimensions, with a Conservatory adjoining, two Drawing-rooms, a Library, and excellent Billiard-room.

These Apartments contain some valuable Pictures, among which are

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Child—Sir Joshua Reynolds.
A fine Painting of Poultry-D'Argel.
Dentist and Patient-Hogarth.
Portrait of Mrs. Greenwood-Sir William Beechey, R.A.
A Blacksmith's Shop-Van Bloemen.
Drove of Cattle and Figures— Ditto.
Figures and Horses—Beaujardin.
Dentist and Patient-Schalken.
A Portrait-Nanteuil.

picture-Cuyp. A full-length Portrait of a Boy and Dog-Cornelius Janssen. A full-length Female Figure-Angelica Kauffman. A large and splendid Picture of a Dutch Merry-making,

very fine-Molenäer. A Village Festival-De Bloot. An excellent picture of this

rare and esteemed master.
A View on the Rhine-Ou Griffier.
Musicians— Teniers.
Girl caressing a Dove; an exquisite picture-Greuse.
Two beautiful Cabinet Pictures-Ferg.
Scene in Venice-Canaletti.


Broadlands, Hampshire ;




The extensive Park belonging to this seat, immediately adjoining the town of Romsey, has rather a flat surface, but much relieved by the clumps of well-grown trees, which have been judiciously planted at irregular distances. "The Park also derives peculiar interest from the river Test, which, rising in the neighbourhood of Whitchurch, flows through the pleasure-grounds, and at length, below Red Bridge, forms the head of the Æstuary called the Southampton Water. It is here both wide and clear, and abounds with trout. In the town it is crossed by a bridge of stone, which forms a pleasing object from the Park. The dairy, built in the rustic manner, having statues and busts happily introduced, stands at the end of a shady walk, by the water side, and surrounded by willows drooping their boughs to the stream.

The Mansion itself is on the eastern side of the rivet Test; it presents an elegant façade, adorned with a portico in the purest style of the Ionic order : it is built with fine white bricks, from a design by Brown, who also originally laid out the grounds, which have undergone considerable improvement.

In the interior, very great taste is shown in the arrangements, resulting chiefly from the classical acquirements of the Noble Personage under whom it was erected. The late Lord Palmerston was distinguished by his literary attainments, and was also ranked among the connoisseurs of his time. He collected at Broadlands some fine original paintings by the most eminent masters. Among the many beautiful specimens of the high perfection of the art, we enumerate the following.


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A strolling musician, and some Flemings at cards—Legnano.
A large landscape with figures - Salvator Rosa.
Briseis forced from Achilles-G. Hamilton.
Two landscapes--N. Poussin.
A landscape-Suanaret.
The Children in the Wood—Sir J. Reynolds.
An iron foundry-Wright of Derby.
The Prodigal's Return—Guercino
An old man's head-Vandyck.
The Descent from the Cross (a copy from Dan da Volterro)
- Dominichino.
Last Communion of St. Francis-Rubens.

A sea-piece-Loutherbourg.
A landscape, with men and horses— Wouvermans.
An old man's head, with a long flowing white beard, ex-

tremely high-finished-Gerard Douw.
The Last Supper, a sketch for the great picture given by

the Republic of Venice to Louis XIV.-P. Veronese.
A young man's head-Curacci.
A landscape-Ruysdale.
An old man's head-Rembrandt.
A sea-piece, with ruins—Claude.
A landscape, with figures of the Holy Family-Claude..

His Lordship also displayed his exalted taste in a collection of antique Statues, of which we give a list, with the remarks of an elegant critic in sculpture.

ANCIENT STATUARY AT BROADLANDS. 1. A statue of a Muse, the attitude is the same as that of the 1 7. A head of Juno, nearly perfect, but much corroded by Melpomene, once in the Farnesian Palace, afterwards

age. in the Mus-Pio-Clem., stooping forward, and the left

8. A head of a female Faun. leg raised on a stone.

9. A head in the character of Mercury, with a petasus, 2. A statue of Ceres, restored, the head and arms are

probably a portrait. wanting.

10. A head unknown, with a corded wreath. 3. A statue of Hygeia.

11. A double-headed terminus of Fauns. 4 A statue of Cupid sleeping on the lion's skin, with the 12. A bas-relief of a Muse. club, and two lizards, of good sculpture, and a repeti

13. Another, having three female Bacchanals, in orgic tion of a frequent subject.

attitudes. 5. A head of Africa, small life, with the skin of the ele 14. A tripod, with Bacchanals. phant's head.

15. A vase, with Bacchanals, fragmented, but the figures of 6. A head of Diana, with the double knot on either side of

good sculpture. the head.

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