Giordano Bruno

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Macmillan, 1903 - 365 pages
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Page 83 - O genus attonitum gelidae formidine mortis, quid Styga, quid tenebras et nomina vana timetis, materiem vatum, falsique pericula mundi? corpora, sive rogus flamma, seu tabe vetustas abstulerit, mala posse pati non ulla putetis! morte carent animae semperque priore relicta sede novis domibus vivunt habitantque receptae.
Page 22 - Europe, a philosopher approved and honorably received, a stranger with none but the uncivilised and ignoble, a wakener of sleeping minds, tamer of presumptuous and obstinate ignorance, who in all respects professes a general love of man, and cares not for the Italian more than for the Briton, male more than female, the mitre more than the crown, the toga more than the coat of mail, the cowled more than the uncowled; but loves him who in intercourse is the more peaceable, polite, friendly and useful—...
Page 56 - Her have I loved and sought from my youth, and desired for my spouse, and have become a lover of her form... and I prayed that... she might be sent to abide with me, and work with me, that I might know what I lacked..
Page 31 - diva", not as a religious attribute, but as that kind of epithet which the ancients used to give to princes, and in England where I then was and where I composed this book, this title of "diva" used to be given to the Queen. And I was the more induced to name her thus because she knew me, for I was continually going with the ambassador to court. And I know that I erred in praising this lady, she being a heretic, and above all in attributing to her the name of "diva...
Page 208 - ... 70. Thus we see that each living body has a dominant entelechy. which in the animal is the soul: but the limbs of this living body are full of other living beings.
Page 83 - Nothing matters except the good will, the willing fulfilment of the purpose of God. Success or failure does not depend on the individual but on other factors as well. Giordano Bruno says: "I have fought, that is much, victory is in the hands of fate.
Page 342 - Grevil, servant to Queen Elizabeth, councillor to King James, and friend to Sir Philip Sidney.
Page 21 - Bachelors and Masters of Arts who did not faithfully follow Aristotle, were liable to a fine of five shillings for every point of divergence, or for every fault committed against the Organon. Bruno wittily called Oxford the widow of sound learning —
Page 76 - February, when he was placed in the hands of the Governor of Rome, with the usual recommendation that he be punished "with as great clemency as possible, and without effusion of blood," which was the euphemistic and hypocritical formula for burning at the stake.
Page 312 - The most conspicuous example of the first class was Aristotle, who corrupted natural philosophy by his logic: fashioning the world out of categories; assigning to the human soul, the noblest of substances, a genus from words of the second intention; doing the business of density and rarity (which is to make bodies of greater or less dimensions...

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