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If any fame to volumes be paid. have his Not more than THREE volumes sha! omplies taken out at the same time, and no Books The

be permitted to be taken or used, but b

owner of a share, or his family. id Sat For the first year after the admission of a Wint Book, a fine of ten cents is incurred for each If a library day it may be kept beyond the time all be

limited on the cover; and, after the first year,

of hve cents per library day, if detained beyor. ! That five weeks; - for abuse of Books, the valr at the a thereof when new. If any Book be lost, ir first tak same must be replaced by a similar volume, n. the Ma:

by paying the current price of a new volum

if it be part of a set, the remainder must Librarii taken, paying the current price of a new se:. any pe: THREE DOLLARS assessment must be paid assessme

previous to the delivery of any Book, after t.

All Books must be returned to the Library on or for inspection, on the Saturday previous to th br ins annual meeting, which is always on the secos ind thi Frida Cory the fine for non-compliance in

one dollar ne dol

Books must be called for by their numbe:... A numt and not by their titles. be examir The LIBRARY is opened every Tuesda

Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, from 3
6 in summer, and 3 to 5 in winter; - al.
every Saturday forenoon, from 10 to 1 o'clock

No person shall be allowed to go within the railing, or to take down any Book, without the special leave of the Librarian. O

That annual meeting.

The present price of a Share is 25 dollars

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