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pitiless revenge. Like some smiling infant lying upon the maternal bosom, Queen Victoria leans upon England's love, and passes her life in domestic peace. Her young mind, early trained to the high post which awaited her, moulded itself in truth and justice; and that gradual knowledge of mankind, which the intellectual only can acquire, has taught our Queen most wisely, to do no more than the woman can accomplish, and to rely upon the truth and honour of her loving subjects as the true guardians of her kingdom. Her lofty bearing proclaims the Queen; her gentle observance of religion marks the soul—the soul of one who feels that, however great may be her position, the all-craving hand of Death will cast its unsparing touch as surely upon her fair form as on that of the lowliest in the land.

Truly, the philosophy of politics is felt by

our Queen ; other nations, less truthful than ours, give us daily examples of the necessity of vigilante and care: plotting Spain, changing France, rebellious Ireland, form subjects of thought for a young and trusting Sovereign ; and to the civilian does Queen Victoria bow her queenly head with the same regard as she would to the warrior. The praise of pens, like the praise of tongues, cannot be necessary to prove the truth of our assertion; Queen Victoria is as much above being unduly flattered, as we hope we are above bestowing our praise on an individual undeserving of it, though a Sovereign.

Who that hath heard her clear, firm, yet gentle voice in the council, can doubt the power of her high mind? Who that hath known her observance of the rituals, and her moral conduct with regard to holy precepts, can doubt the high and vital religion of her soul ? and how calm her domestic life, how dear to her the children of her love, and the husband of her choice! Fair and gentle Queen, accept the prayer of a loyal subject, a young, aspiring author, one who writes from the impulse of a heart, throbbing but for one feeling, “Fame !” Yes, in thy sumptuous palace, peruse the words which truth dictates and loyalty hallows, and cast a lingering look upon the pages which, though perhaps imperfectly, yet most diligently, have sought to fathom the true and earnest basis, the purest feeling, and the surest method by which both Sovereign and subject are united together by the high and holy bonds of

“ Political FAME.”

C. and J. Adlard, Printers, Bartholomew Close.

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