Journal of the transaction in Scotland, during the contest between the adherents of queen Mary, and those of her son, 1570, 1571, 1572, 1573 [ed. by J.G. Dalyell].

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Page 544 - An Account of the Preservation of King Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester, drawn up by himself.
Page 282 - God and his kirk can no prince doe, than to sett up by his authoritie men in spiritual offices, as to creat bishops and pastors of the kirk; for so to doe is to conclude no kirk of God to be; for the kirk can not be, without it have the owne proper jurisdictioun and libertie, with the ministratioun of suche offices as God hath appointed.
Page 449 - And yit, when ewer he sawe tyme, he culd wag as the buss wagged, and tak the way that myght mak him advancement, howbeit that the same were to the destructione of all honest and godlie men, and of his native cuntrie also.
Page 54 - ... while as yet there were not only no newspapers, OCT. but no ready means of conveying letters, true intelligence made its way slowly, and the most ridiculous rumours obtained circulation. For example, on John Knox being at this time struck with apoplexy, ' a bruit [report] went through Scotland and England, that he was become the most deformed creature that ever was seen; that his face was turned awry to his neck; and that he would never preach or speak again.
Page 58 - ... began the grace in this maner : benedicite Jesus Maria , you are the most obstinat man that ever I saw, gif I had knowin that ye had bene so stubburne I wold not for a thousand crownis handled you so . I never did so to man befoir you.
Page 62 - October pat me to the same maner of tormenting, and I said, notwithstanding, he suld first get my lyfe or ever I agreit to his desyre, and being in so grit paine as I truste never man was in with his lyfe, whair I cryed, Fye vpon you, will ye ding whingaris in me and put me of this world, or elis put a barrell of poulder vnder me, rather nor to be demaned in this vnmercifull maner.
Page 543 - The Complaynt of Scotland. Written in 1548. With a Preliminary Dissertation and Glossary." By John Leyden. Edinburgh, 1801. "Chronicle of Scottish Poetry; from the Thirteenth Century to the Union of the Crowns.
Page 428 - Kirk sin his entering on pulpit - preaching but he foresaw the end thereof, so that he had ever ready a new counsel and a faithful to teach men that would be taught to take the best and leave the worst ; so that he that followed his counsel in the end had ever occasion never to repent him ; and contrarie, such as have rejected the same have casten themselves in most shameful wickedness and have come in a part, and daily more and more are like to come and fall to a most miserable ruin, both of soul...
Page 238 - Athole, lying (lodging) thair lykwayis, baith within the Castell of Edinburgh, that he come thair for sum business, and called for the Ladie Reirres, whom he fand in...
Page 494 - The summ wherof is this. First, after my returning out of England, when I was banished for Davie's slaughter, I came out of Wedderburn to Whittinghame...

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