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Lord Aimworth, Sir Harry, Lady Sycamore, Patty, Theodosia, Mervin, Fairfield, Ralph, Giles.

Giles. Ods bobs, where am I running—I beg pardon for my audacity. 710

Ral. Hip, farmer; come back, mon, come backSure my lord's going to marry sister himself; feyther's to have a fine house, and I'm to be a captain.

L. Aim. Ho, Master Giles, pray walk in; here is a lady who, I dare swear, will be glad to see you, and give orders that you shall always be made welcome.

Ral. Yes, farmer, you'll always be welcome in the kitchen. , 719

L. Aim. What, have you nothing to say to your old

acquaintance Come, pray let the famer salute

you Nay, a kiss—I insist upon it.

S. Har. Ha, ha, ha—hem I

L. Syc. Sir Harry, I am ready to sink at the monstrousness of your behaviour.

L. Aim. Fye, Master Giles, don't look so sheepish j you and I were rivals, but not less friends at present. You have afred in this affair like an honest Englishman, who scorned even the shadow of dishonour, and thou shall sit rent-free for a twelvemonth.

S. Har. Come, shan't we all salute With your

leave, my lord, I'll

L.Syc. Sir Harry!


L. Aim. field who toill to forms a martyr,

While unatu'd by idle shame,
Pridefor happiness I barter,

Heedless of the millions blame.
Thus loith love my arms I quarter;

Women grac'd in nature'sframe,
Ev'ry privilege, by charter,

Have a right from man to claim.

The. Eas'd of doubts andfea rs presaging,

What new joys within me rise I
While mama, her frowns assuaging,

Dares no longer tyrannize,
So long storms and tempests raging,

When the blust'ringfury dies,
Ah! how lovely, how engaging,

Prospeils fair, and cloudless shies I

S. Har. Dad but this is wond'rous pretty,
Singing each a roun-de-lay;
And I'U mingle in the ditty,

Tho' / scarce hnow what to say.'
There's a daughter, brish and witty;

Here's a wife, can wisely sway:
Trust me, masters, 'twere a pity,
Not to let them have their way.

Patty. My example is a rare one;

But the cause may be divin'd:
Women want not merit dare one

Hope discerning men to find.
0! may each accomplish'd fair one,

Bright in person, sage in mind,
Viewing my good fortune, share one

Full as splendid, and as hind.

Giles. Laugh'd at, slighted, circumvented,

And expos''dfor folhs to see'I,
'Tis as thofa man repented

For hisfollies in a sheet.
But my wrongs go unresented,

Since thefates have thought them meet:
This good company contented,

All my wishes are complete.

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