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Har. I don't know that, Madam; 1 ani'Mire ytiur refusing to seize such an opportunity to make me happy, gives evident proofs that you have very little love.

Dian. If there is no way to convince you of my love but by my indiscretion, you are welcome to consider it in what light you please.

Har. Was ever so unfortunate a dog?

Dian. Very pretty this upon my word; but is it possible you can be in earnest? 370

Har. It is a matter of too much consequence to jest about.

Dian. And you seriously think I ought

Har. You are sensible there are no hopes of your father's cooly and wittingly consenting to our marriage; chance has thrown in our way a whimsical method of surprizing him into a compliance, and why should not we avail ourselves of it?

Dian. And so you would have me—

Har. I shall say no more, Ma'am. 380

Dian. Nay, but, for Heaven's sake

Har. No, Madam, no; I have done.

Dian. And are you positively in this violent fuss about the matter, or only giving yourself airs?

Har. You may suppose what you think proper, Madam.

Dian. Well, come ;—let us go into the drawingroom and drink tea, and 'afterwards we'll talk of Blatters.

Har. I won't drink any tea. 390 Dian. Why

Har. Because I don't like it.': ... ,-.., -«j .... -,,
Dian. Not like it! Ridiculous.
Har. I wish you would let me alone.

Dian. Nay, pr'ythee ;..

Har. I won't.

Dian. Well, will you, if I consent to act as you please? ..

Har. I don't know whether I will or not.

Dian. Ha, ha, ha, poor Harman. 400


Come then, pining,..peevish lover,

Tell me what to do and say;
From your doleful dumps recover,

Smile, and it shall have its way.

With their humours, thus to teaze us,
Men are sure the strangest elves I

Silly creatures, would you please us,
You should still seem pleas'dyourselves.

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