The Temple church, an account of its restoration and repairs

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W. Pickering, 1843 - Church architecture - 78 pages

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Page 9 - Having narrowly escaped the flames in 1666, it was in 1682 beautified, and the curious wainscot screen set up. The south-west part was, in the year 1695, new built with stone. In the year 1706 the church was wholly new whitewashed, gilt, and painted within, and the pillars of the round tower wainscoted with a new battlement and buttresses on the south side, and other parts of the outside were well repaired. Also the figures of the Knights Templars were cleaned and painted, and the iron-work enclosing...
Page 11 - by our gifts profit the Almighty." But we may honour him, and profit ourselves; for while man is man, religion, like man, must have a body and a soul ; it must be external as well as internal; and the two parts, in both cases, will ever have a mutual influence upon each other. The senses and the imagination must have a considerable share in public worship; and devotion will accordingly be depressed or heightened by the mean, sordid, and dispiriting, or the fair, splendid, and cheerful appearance...
Page 61 - But the Gothic art is sublime. On entering a cathedral, I am filled with devotion and with awe ; I am lost to the actualities that surround me, and my whole being expands into the infinite ; earth and air, nature and art, all swell up into eternity, and the only sensible impression left, is
Page 74 - Men whose life, learning, faith, and pure intent Would have been held in high esteem with Paul, Must now be named and printed heretics By shallow Edwards and Scotch What d'ye call.
Page 10 - It is true, the inward worship of the heart is the great service of God, and no service acceptable without it; but the external worship of God in His Church is the great witness to the world, that our heart stands right in that service of God.
Page 23 - ... was adorned with ten pilasters of the Corinthian order, also three portals and pediments, and the organ gallery over the central entrance was supported by two fluted columns of the Corinthian order, and adorned with entablature and
Page 45 - Self-poised, and scooped into ten thousand cells, Where light and shade repose, where music dwells Lingering — and wandering on as loth to die ; Like thoughts whose very sweetness yieldeth proof That they were...
Page 77 - Basil noteth ; manifest notwithstanding it is, that the very majesty and holiness of the place, where God is worshipped, hath in regard of us great virtue, force, and efficacy, for that it serveth as a sensible help to stir up devotion, and in that respect no doubt better eth even our holiest and best actions in this kind.
Page 7 - I say, such as these, both for the natural imbecility of the sharp angle itself, and likewise for their very uncomeliness, ought to be exiled from judicious eyes and left to their first inventors, the Goths or Lombards, amongst other relics of that barbarous age.
Page 75 - ... serveth as a most approved remedy against all doleful and heavy accidents which befall men in this present life ; to conclude, so fitly accordeth with the Apostle's own exhortation, " Speak to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, making melody and singing to the Lord in your hearts...

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