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which has likewise escaped the Notice of the Learned. The Author is saying, that, in the old Comedy, the Masks were made so nearly to relemble the Persons to be satirized, that before the Actor spoke a Word, it was known whom he was to personate. But, in the New Comedy, when Athens was conquered by the Macedonians, and the Poets were fearfuí lest their Masks should be construed to resemble any of their New Governors, they formed them fo preposterously as only to move Laughter ; verwieses gã (says He) tas opgūs év tois προσώπους τ Μενάνδρα κωμωδίας οποιας έχα, και όπως οξεςραμμέον το ΣΩΜΑ, και δε εξ ανθρώπων φύσιν. . We see therefore what strange

Eyebrows there are to the Masks used in Me“ nander's Comedies; and how the Body is distorted, and unlike any human Creature alive. " But the Author, 'tis evident, is speaking ba stractedly of Masks; and what Reference i as the Distortion of the Body to the Look of a Vifor? I am satisfied, Platonius wrote; xj ő: WS des resempfvor to "OMMA, i. e. " and how " the Eyes were goggled and distorted.” This is to the Purpose of his Subject: and Jul. Pollux, in describing the Comic Masques, speaks of some that had ETPEBAON TO 'OMMA: Others, that were AIA’ET POΦΟΙ * "ΌΨΙΝ. PERVEK 918 oculis, as Cicero calls them, speaking of Rojcius.

III, Suidas, in the short Account that he camera, has given us of Sophocles, tells us, that, be- rius and








as if 38779merarius,

"Olymp93 Paling,

sides Dramatic Pieces, he wrote Hymns and
Elegies; Ε λόγον καταλογατω απο το
trebalo da in z Xosexpay was out This the
Eearned Camerarius has thus tranflated: Scrip

fit Oratione folut& de Chora contra, Thespin, yonna Cheerilum quempiam And Keufter likewila *238 : * understood, and render'd, the Passage to the

fáme Effee, He owns, the Place is obscure, and furpected by him. 4. For how could soa

phocles content with Thespiš and Cherilus .

& who I'd long before his Time In the sche In Ra- liaft upon * Aristophanes, howevery papely nis, v. 73. says, as Keusfer might have remember a thak

Sophocles actually did contend with Cherjhus,
Bút that is 1 Point nothing to the Passage in
Queftion; which means, as I have thewn in
another Place, That Sophocles declaime in

, contending to obtain a Chorus for reviving some Pieces of Thelpis and cheerilus. Is? This contending against Them, as


.2910 ore and Ca been mistaker"in Pårecufats with regard to

IV. Some other Learned Men have likewise mifaken. Sophocles. Th the Synobis of his Life, we find these Wordsexdate the


surviv'd' ribides 'fix Years! But the best Accounts an gree of k they died both

in the fame Year, 4 little before the Frogs of "Aristophanes in


, 3 therefore, of the Pariage 19 as ziz IV


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Commentators have tightly obferu'd
Sophocles died after Euripides, et 90 Years

age. The Miftake arose from

hence sbasa in Numerals, I fignifies

as well 6 as getro, il 1. The Learned Father Brumy dags1Who Brunoy bus lately, given us three Yolumes yuban, shes miraken.

into he tells us, it was in such Request as, jo be perform d. Two and Thirty times; Elle fûts reprefentée trente deux fois. The Account, on bf n1 •

Achthis is grounded, we have from the EF v jedis Argument prefix

d to Antigone by. Ariftaphanes the Grammarian, and the

Latin Tranflavor, of chi. Argument, probably led Father Bramay into "Hi. Mistake, and he hould have refere

10 die Original. The Greek Wores are planten
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to focus Play is Jaja to have been tbe Tbirs
ly Second, in Order of Time, produced by

5. Sed non hoopi sono smo? VI

The Mistakes, that I have mention's (thos -80 hrs they necelarily lead

into Erras, from che Auz thưrity with

which they come incophe Worldi)
yet are fuch, is obvious, as have been the
Effect of inadvertence and therefore it do
not quote them 19. the Pilhonpprx

of sheer
Lerney Authors. Ithall point ygus Iwoso
Three, which Leem to have {prung
of an ablolute Neglect

of Lateral Griticii iad
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wollgur true' Sense

k t t & c 219519 9010 1999 ylituointeğ, 3764 yeds Sir George 16V1, Sir George.

s. Sir George Mbelen' who ibin his love corretied. NEY, into GREECE, has traded much with -iqi sh Greek antiquities and Inscriptions, and who

cercainly, was no mean Scholar, has hewe birinlex

himself very careless in this Relpect. When he was at Sardis, he met with a Medal of the Emperor Commodus feared in the Midt of the Zodiack with Celestial Signs engiayen on it and, don the other Side, A Figute, with ja Crown-Mure, with these, Letters

about it, dis 'Agiasy AYAJAS, Emad., A MATESTAT

aus: Sardis, the first Metropolis of Asia, Greece, xidia ? and Audia. To But where and Awhat Audia

was, (Says He ) I find not. Now is it not e poput very strange, that this Gentleman should not - lovasoo remember, that Sardis was the Capital City

of Lydia and, confequently, that for À Tdövą ATAS we thould read ATÁTAE, Tho'my sotsp + Correction is too obvious to wântrany Jástie tour

fication, yet, I find, it has, , One from the + In his Learned Father Harduin who


, ahoNummi Ther Coin of Sardis in the French King's CH''very Yathe Infcriptioti

a ' George. I'll initáfice. in Two prérty Intèripet ons, the One "anEpitap3,0 the other a Vottive

Tho' I have never been in Greece, nor seen the Inscriptions any

where but in 23 Book; pliitik, 1 Can Feftote them





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they are particularly elegant, some Readers Will not be displeas'd to Pee them in a statement? OF Purity bbhan101193 oni ya

of Re Antiquities of Philadelphia (says An Epihey l ball but eflender® Account ; 'onlyT bave saph from the Copy of one Infcriprion, being the Monument explain'd. of virgin in these threel Couplets of Verfes

. Bue me was to' far from being a Virgin that the Epitaphthews her to have been a Wife; that it was put up in Memory of Her by her Husband and that he dya in the flower of Her Yuch at the

Age of Ewenty three sida az 999913 SA to zlo po 90 abis :a

started A Lyxiz Paphletku Bite warpedibola bum Berria Βωμότειμήσας

dejar els teu tive a mobiles Πρgθέντα πέλυσε μίτριών ΗΣΑΡΙΟΝ άρδο: τιμάτας -r Egnam convinster Tayari kuonanaman and lo Ferodo É A BÍROD as your time, Bios origurong AIA Bišo', -if Kby wus TIF Soóvens dinero dutedapa@a110 4 što nyo 90s, moit 2000ad, ji, hot I 197, spisoft neral Gospections, which have made

at the Sidsgi The third, Vejle, is neither true in Quantity, nor Language: HEAPLAN 18, a Monfter of a Word, which never could be the

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