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which is rich in poetick Graceszichosvandrion 1 verwhelm'd with Depravacion: and SirGurgelis seems as much to have mistaken ahe Purr port, as the Words of the Infcriptional Api Chalcedon, fays 'he, I foundiansInfinipsion) in the Walls a private Housentano the LubabFbzi whichi fignifiezh, ykat Evanto, thel Some ofs AntiT pater, i having made aprofperoks Lioyage, dit defiring to return by the Ægean sengl ferid Cakes cst, a Statue, which ke, had erected to Juas a Token of his gead Loyaltar a suid adi to' pitern ubick had fent him. Juch good. I caller, bmpION FUSTPIMNASA as

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D'er the blue Billows be the Sail expands,

I have marked as before my Corrections at the side mdy venture to fáym

T'have faloring: Verles both Numbers and Sense.

But who Evanke, sastche Name of a Mano in Grace? svisov Noither is this Infeription a Piege of Ethnia, -* old: T Devotipai2 As Sir George har i supposto (6104 Scaude etected to i Jupiter : On the contrary) itidespisos;qhole Fruitless Pbile (aiCbrißian las sit fogmi to moa), feelit jups in Thanks for a safe Voyage to the true Gotha Tharali may. Reaềers may equally fhare in this Becke Paem, I have attempted to put it into ad English Dress, A ad 54 of minib

Inriskie who will the prop'rous Galè behind, Jove at the Prow, while to the guiding Wind Where Neptyne with each Wave beaps Hills of Sands :

-3544586 Then let him, when the Surge be backward vur'uste

blows. pour bis Stâtúe God anlaiding Vores: But to the God of Gods, 'for Deaths o*erpast,

bing For Sayerlent him on the watry Wafte, -To Active Shores return?d; thus Philo pays

His Monument of Thanks, of grateful Praise, of that have no occalion, fbelieve;' to ask the Pardon of fome Readers for these Nine last webcam Pages and Others' mayber To' kind 40 país 20.7 them over at their Pleasure. Those Discoverięsusidhich give yLights and Sagisfaction to.ukio on I


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Prasad facminəđôme Measure Critical; especiallyni a b iticould not be amifs

to thew, that I have read whichili profefs to have readShakespeares Beni sidasa Ibdefign'd this Inference from the Deb fence of Literal Criticism. If then

Liqtisa, and

greated to Advancegtsy linagihable from the Labours at the Editorgfand Criticks of the two laft Ageşón bysmhofe Aid and Alliance the Grammarired ant i Wa reo beert enabled to writeri vinnifelyto begitut iho thue Alt than even the presedint82 flodow'doas living Languages : I lhouldiasto count lidar peculiar" Happines, thas by the a fajat Adayl have midslih tliis Workoa Pathi whicdəd the bhun own BongDe : HTênghie, which the mail fab Language, yet as 2oble and Itammetsas inics Chaale; and has producedia

than comisia plaints fijos Barbarlly,

all' Points97 which, Lingerddi mobilen

nyare Pny Parnos chisa Direita ribal je only repains that I liguld, actw counciblett probleem,

but more paracularly 1919

The Delay of this Edic tion excufed.

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mydlosbarbershoh the hanno falou ale long to the work is that I hould makes my Atipledgments to those Friendşıowbohapes beet genetous Affiftants tes mag innithe nCONDE! mespeiders wat pains I have my fell takeho

Take away than Iaculdacquaintii to15kezi" Was as complece as faitheater der 4.5d; murity belt Abilities, gouldi renbit Tilf che middle of the Year! 1728, fiift spurd

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min) 161911 10 sonst

remarks on pur Poet. and i hadis
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many Months before'L

found it to be the unanimous :Withis of those who did me the Honour of their

vions that I would give them (the Poels text corrected, and that I would fubolt join thore Explanatory Remarks

, which I had purposd 26bublith upon the Foposofi mjest first proporais. Earnest Sollicitations were mide to the, that I would thinki of fuch Editioff which I had as Arong: Defines too liftelf to?' and 'fome noble Pesfans theo, whom I Privilege to oo

) preffion ofysbakespeare with my Correctionsda

slomlas his undercakingiamInwil The throwing my whole Work, into mnidiftrest Form 48 comply wish this Proposal,riwa vibaya not the nighter Labout i and

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Loidably lont. Whileiche Publicativo orebkliny Remarks was thus respited, my ym


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Enemies took an unfair Occasion to fuggeft, to 785 43 chat I was éxtorting Money from my, Fubistiina

Without ever designing to give them any.I Thing for it: an Infinuation levéllel, at Ance to wound me in Reputation and stered

. with a Purpose to bear, I thought sheloanojo nymous Standeters worthy of no Nprice. A Juftification of myself would have been givits ons, entertain'd to my Prejudices,

wque mais? turally drop and lose their

Forces when the Puðlick,

thould once be convinced that I was a in Earnest, and ready to do them, Justiger. Id to abbiamant to put it in my Pipes to do this! and I hope, without Breach of Modesty, I

to appeal to all gan mp Power to be just to them in the EXOCHEN

Whether haya not employd alle tion of my Task. I mult needs have been ins the mort Pain, who 11W.myfel daily iho barers vantage of the favourable Impressions anterior

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into life World. But I have sufferid, foe, my
Authot's Take thole Impressions, 19. cool andis
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