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Coins Promise roup at the Expence both of his Pocket and

y The PRÉPACE. liv Home How to regisfubire hi ha I comme now to speak of those kind Affil- Acknow

Ledgment of tarices which I have met with from particu. Anfance. lax" Friends, towards forwarding and comes pleating this work. Soon after

on gon after my Design from the Learned and ingenious Dr. Thirlby of Telas College, there, who had caken great

.. my, Author, that I should have the Liberty of collating his Copy of ShakeSpedresmatk& throʻ in the Margin with his Own Paharcript References and accurate ob fervations. W He noe only made good this Proinite, Bue favour'd me with a Sot of mendations, imterfpers’d and distinguisha

his Name tho the Edition, and which
need and recommendation here to the judici-.

JUONJW 32011
rohet meid Amiftanice 1 receivid was from

27V VO I valov my nephigus Friend Hawley, Bifhop, Erqi wide great Powers and extensive Learning are as well known, as his uncommon Model

1946 SH Whib have the Happiness of his Acqua matite? This Gentleman was fo geneTime to TURPISOS


' Shakespeare with me cui werjóftaBainers and Entertainmens fogaja thers, and al' every of our Meetings, which wele conftenfly'once week, we read mihilinde bir Conjectures upon it to each,05 is The Pleasure of these Appointments,

I think,

ods Reada!

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Trent sro

of priopon my Author. and

amended, and

critice bussi vann 1109 the Bride er bent HH
Ixvi The RRELAC, &
L'abbir may layu richly compensated for the

in our own. Thoughts and 1
affirm, 'in che Bah wang di max

Behalf of my Al

our Author has, deriv, a no little fimprovement from the di D'V119b Turon 49 Id: Voty Kele, I'must add the indefatigable Zeal

di guhl.llok 111919 DEAR

of my molt ingenious and everrespected Friend, the Reverend ME, William Warburton of Newark upon

e il

eftimah, from the Motives of
atid tommunicative Disposition, voluntarily
Godk?confiderable Part of my Trouble of

, nor only read over the whole
Author for me, with the exadelt Care, but

a long and laborious Epistolary
Cortefpondence to which I owes

-"The Number of Pafráges amena
almirabey Explained, which I have saker
care id diningom with’ bis Náme, will meu
alfinentelor spirit and 'Extent of

beyond all the commendations" dan SA jbl Trem Netz undeed, would

L'any farther her -Itong z topaghd commend Friend," thàn, no

doing 13. give x Tefimory of my w Grey nožstituere. How great thate roevert Peite m ibiltlaðleb from my felf

, ihi confering their
Alat Mainees and however my owi poole
jeđures may be weakenta by the Comparison
with her hvert Walter

very well corttent: to 12
affilted and the pleaturedbe
Cooli ni algvoti silts b'199xos dels

ity Hands.

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to . Pains


with is among the Booksellers, as my obligi

izl. their Merits. I beg leave, to obferve cai my Reag ders, in onę Word, here, that from the contes lion of these fuccefliye Aids and the Manner in which r' deriva themi 1 appears, I have pretty well filld up the Interval beswixt my my Autho always in View, and at Hentalot mopeans and my Publication, with having

Some Hints I have the Honour to owe to the informations of Dr. Meade and

the larg Friend: Others to the Kindhels of the ingenious Martin Folkess Elgwho likewile furnith'd me with the first

folio Edition pfi Shakespears, al Time when I could not MASA Friend Thomas Cpxeter. Erg did

with of the old 26 fingle Plays, which then badı not in my own Collection. Some few Obfervations likewite owebster fra Plumatthias

Others to the Favour ofanonymous, Petro cons : for all which I most adly rendesamy. Aěknowledgments.cbgommozado lls beloved

De what regards my slf linglyn if she The EdiEdition do not speak for the

bathe Pains, 1 have for's Particakes about it, I will be very vain

89 pl

. fauhful Collation of all the

printed Copiesze which have Editions at the End of this, Work mehman exhibited in my catalogue of

let fuffice olay, Chatto clear.HP foresal Error in the Hiltorical Plays. I purposely, read gyero Halland Holingshead - Chronicles, inshes Reigns concern’d; all the Novels in Italian,




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the Plays of B. fponfort, Beaumont and Fyetebest

from which out Aùthor/had Bertone any of his Plots; such Parts of Plutarch, from which he had dériv'd any Pares of this Greek U lof man Story: Chaucer and Spenser's Works; all and above: 800 old English Plays, nebo malcertain the obsolete and uncommon Phrafes in him : Not to mention fome Labour land RavAsun pleasantly spend in the day Task of consulting Etymological Gleffarien borio pro Wl ruso si sodi

But as no Labour of Mine bandes aquitat lent,

to the dear and ardent Lote dealer for Shakespeare, fo, if the Publick Jaadhibe please to allow that He owes any Things to my Willi lingness and Endeavours of restoring Him; fhall reckon the Part of my Life, fe engager to have been very happily employd, and pua Myself

, with great Submissions to be cry'di kx my Country in the Affair,

.375 01 od kunciou YOL 2001 SAT HOTNIK

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Dramatick Poetbed WOU SHAKESPEARE. doidw*oiul 4 to 21159 don ;2101T aid W#47 sede em Shakespearet for his berburied

ex 10 Bonekilns 2 bas pued) : 71012 ani The Layoub af am Agen in piled Stones?o avs!I edi On sbaj vais challoze Retiques frould be bidrods bas Undert auftarnynpointing Pyramid 06 sigloldo gris Dease-Sinte of Memory, great Meire of Fame, 30 Hihatinado tbordefülb dull Wimereranitby Names Thou in our Wonder and Aftonifament sorgolomy I Hafti Spitabynfelfe ailased

Monuniest 26 jui Forl wbijt bo oboShame of

Zoro-endetouring Vital Thesede Nibeber's How, and that each Heartloand 2 Hátbl from the leaves of the unwalked Bookerolls of Tboser Delphtha

Lines, fucb dedp Impresfiors tooke, i Ther Bor, oar Fancy of hep Telife bereaving si Tisin DUB strake as Marble' with dog much conceivingisiyo

de vuugved og Hali Yofepulcherà, in such Pompe doli lica That Kings for such a Tombe would wish to die.

J. MILTON. # This Epitaph was written in 1630, when Milton was in his Two and Twentieth Year; for she was born in 1608.

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Eware ( delighted Poets!) when you fing
To welcome Nature in the early Spring,

Your núm'rous Feet not tread


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