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faith which was once delivered unto the saints." Great revolutions are going on in the religious and moral world; and while mind meets mind in the conflict of opinions, it should not be forgotten, that there are thousands, who need not so much to be strengthened in theoretical as in practical faith; who have, by diligent inquiry, become acquainted with the arguments in favor of gospel truth, - but who need the practical application of that greatest argument of all, — "a well ordered life and conversation," to complete them in Christian discipleship. To such this book is presented; and while it is not expected, that the seeker after controversial logic, or the mere professor of religion, will be much entertained in its company, it is devoutly hoped, that to many an humble spirit, seeking to know and to do the will of God, it may prove a cheerful visitant,

a profitable companion.

J. G. A. APRIL 1, 1840.



Apostle's Description. — Evils of the Tongue. -1. Gossip, Un-

profitable Talk. — Remarks on others. — How to be made. —
Gossipping a great social Evil.— 2. SLANDER. Causes of it.
Example cited. — Silence, under certain Circumstances, crim-
inal. — Slander among contending Sects : in the Religious and
Political World. — Evil Conduct of others sometimes to be no-
ticed. How to speak of their Failings. — A good Remark. –
Anecdote of Peter the Great. — Story of Pambus. — Example
of Jesus. — 3. Lying. Christians in Danger of this Sin. — An
Example. – Mrs. Opie's Classification of Lies. — Aristotle's
Remark. – Addison's Statement. – Dr. Johnson's Opinion and
Practice. — Paley's Definition. — Duty of the Christian drawn
from the Scriptures. — 4. Cursing and SWEARING. Cursing
contrary to the Spirit of Christianity. - The Christian's Im.
precation. — Prevalence of Swearing.– Strange Facts in rela-
tion to it. - Directions of Scripture. – Sinfulness of Swear.

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Flight of Time. — Shortness of Life. — Importance of wisely im-

proving Time. — Scripture Commands. — Christian's Duty.-

Old and New Testament Teachings. Example of Jesus.

Apostolic Example. — Christian Religion implies Diligence. —

How shall Time be most advantageously employed ? — Habit-

ual waste of Time in the various Departinents of Life. — Two

Things to be observed. — 1. Early Rising. – A Doctrine of the

Scriptures. — Practised by Men of Eminence and Usefulness.-

Buffon's Testimony.-Frederick of Prussia.—Peter the Great.-

Dr. Doddridge.—Morning a fit Season for Business or Devotion.

Mr. Robinson's impressive Language. — Morning a Season

of peculiar Interest to the Christian. — 2. Proper Arrangement

An Error. THE CHRISTIAN SABBATH. - Public Worship. –

The CHRISTIAN Ministry : Support of it. — A Fault. – Mur-
ray's Opinion. — Punctual Payment necessary. - Hearing No.
ted Preachers.— ATTENDANCE on Public WORSHIP. Certain
Characters noticed. - Extract. - Causes of neglect of Public
Worship. – Lack of Inclination. – Dislike of Preacher.- Ex-

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