Supplement to the Glossary of Indian Terms

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Printed at the Secundra Orphan Press by N.H. Longden, 1845 - Hindi language - 447 pages

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Page 132 - They told me this fire, round was an effectual means to preserve both the mother and the infant from the power of evil spirits, who are ready at such times to do mischief, and sometimes carry away the infants, and return them poor meagre skeletons, and these infants are said to have voracious appetites, constantly craving for meat.
Page 21 - gainst that season comes Wherein our Saviour's birth is celebrated, The bird of dawning singeth all night long. And then, they say, no spirit dare stir abroad ; The nights are wholesome; then no planets strike, No fairy takes, nor witch hath power to charm, So hallowed and so gracious is the time.
Page 131 - Highlander goes to bathe, or to drink waters out of a consecrated fountain, he must always approach by going round the place, from east to west on the south side, in imitation of the apparent diurnal motion of the sun.
Page 58 - There is amongst the Irish a certain kind of people called bards, which are to them instead of poets, whose profession is to set forth the praises or dispraises of men in their poems or...
Page 242 - Rheede has exhibited in a coarse delineation of its leaves only — its flowers, in their perfect state, are among the loveliest objects in the vegetable world ; and appear, through a lens, like minute rubies and emeralds in constant motion from the least breath of air. It is the sweetest and most nutritious pasture for cattle ; and its usefulness added to its beauty induced the Hindus, in their earliest ages, to believe that it was the mansion of a benevolent nymph.
Page 20 - Connoisseur," there is mention of divinations on Midsummer eve. " I and my two sisters tried the dumbcake together : you must know, two must make it, two bake it, two break it, and the third put it under each of their pillows, (but you must not speak a word all the time), and then you will dream of the man you are to have. This we did : and to be sure I did nothing all night but dream of Mr. Blossom. The same night, exactly at twelve o'clock, I sowed hempseed in our back-yard, and said to myself,...
Page 304 - The dried hemp plant which has flowered, and from which the resin has not been removed, is called gunjah.
Page 22 - Cymhortha, or the neighbourly aid practised among farmers? which is of various kinds. In some districts of .South Wales, all the neighbours of a small farmer without means appoint a day when they all attend to plough his land, and the like ; and at such a time it is a custom for each individual to bring his portion of leeks, to be used in making pottage for the whole company : and they bring nothing else but the leeks in particular for the occasion.
Page 92 - the first money received at market, which many superstitious people will spit on, either to render it tenacious that it may remain with them, and not vanish away like a fairy gift, or else to render it propitious and lucky, that it may draw more money toit.
Page 195 - This Coss resembles the Chinese lih, ie the distance which can be attained by a man's voice exerted in a plain surface, and in calm weather. Another in Bengal is estimated by plucking a green leaf, and walking with it till it is dry. Another is measured by a hundred steps made by a woman carrying a jar of water on her head, and a child in her arms.

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