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Lemttres, P. night-fpirits, hobgoblins

Lenient, S. A. 659. afTuafive, foftening, mitigating

Lefs, P. L. ix. 320. for too little

Levant, P. L. x. 704. rifing, caftern

Leviathan, P. L. 1. 2ol. a water-animal defcribed in
the book of Job, by fome imagined to be the cro-
codile, but in poetry generally taken for the whale

Libhard, P. L. vii. 467. a leopard, a fpotted beaft of

Liiecchio, P. L. x. 706. the fouth-weft wind

Limbeck, P. L. iii. 605. a ftill

Limitary, P.L. iv. 971. placed at the boundaries as a
guard or fuperintendant; fet to guard the bounds

Lithe, P. L. iv. 347. limber, pliant, flexible, eafily

Longitude, P. L. iv. 539. length or diftance; the fun's
courfe from caft to weft in a ftrait and direft line,
P.L. vii. 373

Lore, Ieflon, inftruflion

Lubhar, P. a fturdy drone; an idle, fat, bulky lofel;
a booby


Madrigal, P. a paftoral fong

Magnetic, P. L. iii. 583. attraftive, having the power
to draw things diftant

To manure, P. L. iv. 6j8. to cultivate by manual la-

Volume IV. R

Mar of mm, P. L. xi. 48 7. a kind of confumption,
accompanied with a fever wafting the body by

MariJh, P. L. xii. 630. an old word for marfh; a bog,
a fen

Marie, P. L. i. 296. a kind of clay, uTed for fattening

To may, P. to gather flowers on a May morning

Heath, P. L. v. 345. fwect drink like mead

Meed, P. reward, recompense

Meliiftuous, P.L. v. 429. flowing with honey, with

Memory, reminifcence, recolleftion, P. L. iv. 24;
time of knowledge, P.L. vii. 66, 637

Miekle, P. much, great. An obfolete word

Midriff, P. L. xi. 445. the diaphragm, a nervous
mufcle Teparating the breaf t from the belly

Mimic, S. A. 1325. a ludicrous imitator. This is
mimirs in all the editions, though the table of er-
rata to the firft edition direOs to read mimics

Mimic, P.L. v. no. imitative, befitting a mimic

Minim, P. L. vii. 482. a Tmall being, a dwarf

Mintage, P. that which is coined or Stamped

Mjcreated, P. L.ii. 683. formed unnaturally or ille-
gitimately ; made as by a blunder of Nature

Mi/cry, P. L. ix. 12. xi.476. Sickncfs, difeafe, and all
fort of mortal pains

To mix, P. L. ii. 69. to fill with

Mold, P. L. ii. 355. vi. 576. fubftance .

Moment, P.X.. vi. 139. x. 45. force, impulfive weight,

acluating power. It is the weight that turns the

To moor, P. L. i. 207. to be fixed, to be Rationed. It

is the laying out of anchors in a proper place for

the fecure riding of a fhip
To mope, P. L. xi. 485. to be ftupid; to drowfe; to be

fpiritlefs, inaftive, and inattentive; to be ftupid

and delirious
Morrice, P. a dance in which bells are jingled, or

flaves or fwords clafhed
Mofaic, P. L. iv. 700. a kind of painting in fmall

pebbles, cockles, and fhells of fundry colours
Mound, P.L. iv. 134. any thing raifed to fortify or

defend, a bank of earth and ftone
Mummer, S. A. 133.5. a maflcer, one who performs

antics in a perfonated drefs
Murky, P.L. x. a8o. dark, cloudy, tainted, wanting

Murren, P. L. xii. 179. the plague in cattle
Muft, P. h. v. 345. new wine .
MyJIerious, including a hidden meaning in it, inaccef-
. fible to the understanding, awfully obfeure

N .•:.-.

Kapkha, P. L. i. 729. a very pure, clear, and thin

mineral fluid, of a very pale yellow, with a cad of
brown in it. It is of fo unltuous and fiery a nature,
that it kindles at approaching the fire or the fun-

Kard, P. L. v. 293. fpikenard

Nathlefs, P. L. i. 299. neverthelefs

Navel, P. the middle, the interior part

To need, P. L. x. 80. S. A. 1554. to be wanting

Nepenthes, P. a drug that drives away all pains

Night, P. L. T. 93. for the vilions and dreams fre-
quent in it

Nocent, P. L. ix. 186. hurtful, mifchievous

JVotus, P. L. x. 702. the fouth wind

Number, P.L. iii. 580. meafure, harmony

Number'd, P. L. viii. 19. numerous

To oblige, P.L. ix. 980. to render obnoxious to guilt
or punifhment. It is ufed in the large fenfe of the
Latin oblige

Of, P. L. iv. 411. for among

Offal, P. L. x. 633. carrion, coarfe meat

Omnific, P. L. vii. 2iy. all-creating

Ooze, P. L. vii. 303. foft mud, mire at the bottom of
water, flime

Opal, P. L. ii. 1049. a precious ftone of diverfe co-
lours, partaking of the carbuncle's faint fire, the
amethyft's bright purple, and the emaald's cheering green.

Opiate, P. L. xi. 133. foporiferous,-fomniferOus, narcotic, cauflng deep

Ore, P. L. xi. 835. a large kind of fta-beaft

Oread, P. L. ix. 387. a mountain nymph

Orgies, P.L. i. 415. mad rites of Bacchus, frantic revels

Orient, P. bright, mining, glittering, gaudy, fparkling

Orifons, prayers, fupplications

Ounce, a lynx, a panther


PaB, P. R. iv. 191. the technical term for the contrafts of forcerers with the devil, a bargain, a covenant

Palmer, P. a pilgrim; they who returned from the Holy Land carrying branches of palm, whither they had made a'vow to go, and are therefore called -votarifts.

To pamper, P.L..V. 214. to be overgrown with fuperfluous leaves and fruitlefs branches; from the French pampre, of the Latin pampimts, a vine-branch full of leaves

Pan„Y. L. iy. 260. nature

Pandemonium, the capital or chief reftdence of the devils

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