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Many there be that fay -.$

Who yet will fhow us good?

Talking like this world's brood; But, Lord, thus let me pray,

On us lift up the light,

Lift up the favor of thy count'nance bright. 30 Into my heart more joy

And gladnefs thou haft put,

Than when a year of glut Their ftores doth over-cloy,

And from their plenteous grounds 35

With vaft increafe their corn and wine abounds. In peace at once will I

Both lay me down and deep,

For thou alone doft keep Me fafe where'er I lie; 40

As in a rocky cell

Thou Lord alone in fafety mak'ft me dwell.

Pfalm v. Aug. 12. 1653.

Jehovah to my words give ear,

My meditation weigh.
The voice of my complaining hear,

My King and God; for unto thee I pray.
Jehovah thou my early voice 5

Shalt in the morning hear,
I' th' morning I to thee with choice

Will rank my pray'rs, and watch till thou appear.

For thou art not a God that takes

In wickednefs delight, 10

Evil with thee no biding makes,

Fools or mad men (land not within thy fight. All workers of iniquity

Thou hat'ft; and them unbleft Thou wilt deftroy that fpeak a lie; 15

The bloody' and guilelul man God doth deleft. But I will in thy mercies dear

Thy numerous mercies go Into thy houfe: I in thy feat

Will tow'ards thy holy temple worfhip low. 4O Lord lead me in thy righteouihefs,

Lead me becaufe of thole That do obferve if I tranfgrefs,

Set thy ways right before, where my ftep goes. For in his faltring mouth unliable 45

No word is firm or footh; Their infide, troubles miferable;

An open grave their throat, their tongue they God, find them guilty, let them fall [fmooth.

By their own counfirls quell'd; 30

Pufh them in their rebellions all

Still on; for againft thee they have rebell'd. Then all who truft in thee fhall bring

Their joy, while thou from blame Defend'fl then, they fhall ever fing 35

And fhall triumph in thee, who love thy name.

For thou Jehovah wilt be found

To blefs the jufl man ftill,
As with a fhield thou wilt furround

Him with thy lafting favor and good will. 40

Pfalmvi. Aug. 13. I655.

Lord in thine anger do not reprehend me,
Nor in thy hot difpleaime me correft;
Pity me, Lord, for 1 am much dtjcft,

And very weak and faint; heat and amend me:

For all my bones, that ev'n with anguifh ake, 5

Are troubled, yea my foul is troubled fore,
And thou, O Lord, how long? turn Lord, reflore

My foul, 0 fave me for thy goodnefs' fake:

For in death no remembrance is of thee;

Who in the grave can celebrate thy praife? it)

Wearied I am with fighing out my days,

Nightly my couch 1 make a kind of fea;

My bed I water with my tears ; mine eye
Through grief confumes, is waxen old and dark
I' th' midft of all mine enemies that mark. 15

Depart all ye that work iniquity,

Depart from me, for the voice of my weeping

The Lord hath heard, the Lord hath heard my My fupplication with acceptance fair [pray'r,

The Lord will own, and have me in his keeping, ja

Mine enemies mall all be blank and dafh'd

With muchconfufion; then grown red with fhame,
They fliall return in hafte the way they came,

And in a moment fhall be quite abafh'd.

Pfalm vn. Aug. 14. 165,3.
Upon lhe words of Cufi the Bcujaimte egainjt him.

Lord my God to thee I fly,

Save me and fecure me under Thy proteftion while I cry,

Left as a lion (and no wonder)

He hafte to tear my foul afundert *

Tearing and no refcue nigh.
Lord my God if I have thought

Or done this, if wickednefs
Be In my hands, if I have wrought

111 to him that meant me peace, It>

Or to him have render'd let's, And not freed my foe for nought; Let th' enemy purfue my foul

And overtake it, let him tread My life down to the earth, and roll tt

In the duft my glory dead,

In the duft and there out-fpread
Lodge it with difhonor foul.
Rife Jehovah in thine ire,

Roufe thyfclf amidft the rage 40

Of my foes that urge like fire;

Vilume 1V. f

And wake for me, their fury' aflwage;

Judgment here thou didft engage And command which I defirc. So th' aflemblies of each nation tj

Will fiirround thee, feeking right, Thence to thy glorious habitation

Return on high and in their fight.

Jehovah judgeth moft upright All people from the world's foundation. 30

Judge me Lord, be judge in this

According to my righteoufnefs, And the innocence which is

Upon me i ca\rfe at length to ceafe

Of ev\l men the wickedncfs 35

And their pow'r that do amifs.
But thejufteitablifh faft,

Since thou art the juft God that tries
Hearts and reins. On God is caft

My defenfe, and in him lies, 40

In him who both juft and wife Saves th' upright of heart at lair, God is a juft judge and fevere,

And God is every day offended; If the unjuft will not forbear, 45

His fword be whets, his bow hath bended

Already, and for him intended
The tools of death, that waits him near.

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