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(His arrows purpofely made he

For them that perfecutc.) Behold 50

He travels big with vanity,

Trouble he hath conceived of old As in a womb, and from that mold Hath at length brought forth a lie. He digg'd a pit, and delv'd it deep, J5

And fell into the pit he made;
His mifchief that due courfe doth keep,
Turns on his head, and his ill trade
Of violence will undelay'd
Fall on his crown with ruin fteep. 60

Then will I Jehovah's praife
According to his juftice raife,
And ling the Name and Deity >

Of Jehovah the Mofl High.

Pfalm vm. Aug. 14. 1653.

O Jehovah our Lord, how wondrous great

And glorious is thy name through all the earth! So as above the Heav'ns thy praife to fit

Out of the tender mouths of lateft birth. Out of the mouths of babes and fucklings thou 5

Haft founded ftrength becaufe of all thy foes, To ftint th' enemy, and flack th' avenger's brow,

That bends his rage thy providence to' oppofe, When T behold thy Heav'ns, thy fingers' art,

The moon and ftars which thou fo bright haft fet Iq In the pure firmament, then faith my heart,

O what is man that thou remembreft yet, And think'ft upon him; or of man begot,

That him thou vifit'ft, and of him art found? Scarce to be lcfs than gods, thou mad'ft his lot, 1,J

With honor and with ftate thou haft him crown'd. O'er the works of thy hand thou mad'ft him lord,

Thou haft put all under his lordly feet,
All flocks, and herds, by thy commanding word,

All beafts that in the field or foreft meet, M

Fowl of the Heav'ns, and fifh that through the wet

Sea paths in fhoals do Hide, and know no dearth. D Jehovah our Lord, how wondrous great

And glorious is thy name through all the earth!

Nine of the Pfalms done into meter, wherein all, but what is in a different charaBer, are the very words of the text, tranftated from the original. April 1648. ;. M.

Pfalm Lxxx.

I Tuou Shepherd that doft Ifrael keep

Give ear in time of need,
Who leadeft like a flock of fheep

Thy loved Jofeph's feed,
That fitft between the cherubs hright, 5

Between their wings otttfpread,
Shine forth, and from thy eloud give light,

And on our foes thy dread.

a In Ephraim's view and Benjamin's,

And in Manafle's fight, Awake * thy ftrength, come, and befcen * Gnorcra.

To fave us by thy wight,

3 Turn us again, thy grace divine To us O God vouchfafe;

Caufe thou thy face on us to Chine, 15

And then we lhall be faf'e.

4 Lord God of I lofts, how long wilt thou, How long wilt thou declare

Thy * finoking wrath, and angry brovi * Gnaft,anta. Againft thy people's pray'r! 20

5 Thou feed'ft them with the bread of tears, Their bread with tears they eat,

And mak'ft them * largely drink the tears * Shaliftr. Wherewith their cheeks are -wet.

6 A ftrife thou mak'ft us and a prey iS To every neighbour foe,

Among themfelvcs they * laugh, they * play,

And • flouts at us they throw. * JilgnaS''

7 Return us, and thy grace divine

O God of Hofts vouchfafe, 30

Caufe thou thy face on us to mine,
And then we fhall be fafe.

8 A vine from Egypt thou haft brought,
Thy free love made it thine,

And drov'ft out nations, proudandhaut, 35

To plant this lovely vine.

9 Thou didft prepare for it a place-, And root it deep and faft,

That it began to gro-u apace,

And fill'd the land at laft. 40

10 With ha green fhade that cover'd all, The hills were over-fpread,

Her boughs as high as cedars tall

Advanc'd their lofty head, ir Her branches on the-wefiern fide - 4j

Down to the fea the fent, And upward to that river wide

Her other branches went.

11 Why haft thou laid her hedges low.

And broken down her fence, 50

That all may pluck her, as they go,
With rude ft violence?

13 The tufned boar out of the wood.
Up turns it by the roots,

Wild btafts there brouze, and make their food 35 Her grapes and tender jhoots.

14 Return now, God of Hofts, look down, From Heav'n, thy feat divine,

Behold us, but without a frown,

And vifit this thy vine. 60

15 Vilit this vine, which thy right hand
Hath fet, and planted long.

And the young branch, that for thyfelf
Thou haft made firm and ftrong.


16 But now it is confum'd with 6re, 65 And cut with axes down,

They perifh at thy dreadful ire,
At thy rebuke and frown.

17 Upon the Man of thy right hand

Let thy good hand be laid, 79

Upon the Son of man, whom thou
Strong for thyfelf haft made.

18 So fhall we not go back from thee
To ways of fin and frame,

Quicken us thou, then gladly we 7.J

Shall call upon thy name.

19 Return us, and thy grace divine Lord God of Hofts vouchfafe,

Caufe thou thy face ort us to fhinc,

And then we fhall be fafe. 80

Pfalm ixxxi.

I To God our flrength fing loud, and clear,

Sing loud to God our King,
To Jacob's God, that all may hear,

Loud acclamations ring, 2 Prepare a hymn, prepare afong, J

The timbrel hither bring,
The cheerful pfaltry bring along,

And harp with plcafant fifing.

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