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XI For they amidfi their pride have faid, 45

By right now fhall we feife God's hollies, and -will now invade

f Their ftately palaces, f tfeoth Elohim bears both.

13 My God, oh make them as a wheel,

No quiet let them find, 5o

Giddy and reftlefs let them reel
Like Hubble from the wind.

14 As -when an aged wood takes fire
Which on afudden frays,

The greedy flames run higher and highe* 35

Till all the mountains blaze;

15 So with thy whirlwind them purfue, And with thy tempef t chafe;

16 f And till they f yield thee honour due,

Lord fill with fhame their face. 60

f Heb. They feck thy name.

17 Afham'd, and troubled let them be,
Troubled, and fham'd for ever, .

Ever confounded, and 10 die
With fhame, and '/cafe it never.

18 Then fhall they know that thou whofe name 6( Jehovah is alone,

Art the Mofr High, and thou the fume
O'er all the caith art cne.

Volume IV.

Pfilm Lxxxiv.

I How loTcty'sre thy dwellings fair!

O Lord of Hofts, how dear The pleafant tabernacles are,

Where thou daft dwell fo near! a My foul doth long and almoft die 5

Thy courts O Lord to fee,
My heart and fltfli aloud do cry,

O living God, for thee.

3 There ev'n the fparrow freed from wrong

Hath found a houfe of reft,

The fwallow there, to lay her young

Hath burlt her brooding neft, Ev'n by thy altars. Lord of Hofls,

Thef find their fafe ahode, And home they fy from round the eoafls t5

Tow'ard thee, my King, my God.

4 Happy, who in thy houfe refide, Where thee they ever praife,

e Happy, whofe ftrength in thee doth bide,

And in their hearts thy ways lO

6 They pafs through Baca's thirfty vale,
That dry and harren ground.

As through a fruitful watry dale
Where furings and fhowers abound;

7 They journey on from ftrength to ftrength is

With joy and gladfome ehear, Till all before our God at length

In Sion do appear; 9 Lord God of Hofts hear now my pray'r,

O Jacob's God give ear, yb

9 Thou God our fhield look on the face Of thy anointed Dear.

10 For one day in thy courts to be

Is better, and more bleft, ,

Than in the joys of vanity Jg

A thoufand days at beft.

I in the trmpie of my God

Had rather keep a door,
Than dwell in teats, and rich ahode,

With fin fir evermore. 40

11 For God the Lord both fun and fhield
Gives grace and glory bright.

No good from them fhall be withheld
Whofe ways are juft and right.

II Lord God of Hofts that reign'ft on high, 4$
That man is truly bleft,

Who only on thee doth rely,
And in thee onlv reft.


Vfalm Lxxxv.

I Thy land to favor gracioufly
Thou haff not Lord been flack,

Thou haft from hard captivity-
Returned Jacob back. .

1 Th' iniquity thou didft forgive . S

That -wrought thy people woe,

And all their fin, that did thee grieve,
Baft hid -where none (hall bnmv.

3 Thine anger all thou hadft remov'd,

And calmly didft return IO

From thy f fierce wrath which we had prov'd
Far worfe than fire to burn.

f Heb. The.burning heat of thj -wrath.

4 God of our faving health and peace, Turn us, and us reftore.

Thine indignation caufe to ceafe IJ

Tow'aid us. and chide no more.

5 Wilt thou be angry without end. For ever angry thus,

Wilt thou thy frowning ire extend

From age to age on us r 40

6 Wilt thou not ' turn, and hear our voice,

And us again ' revive, 'Heb. Turn to quicken us. That fo :h> peop'e may rejoice By thee preferv'd alive.

• 7 Canfe us to fee thy goodnefs, Lord, 45

To us thy mercy fhew,
Thy faving health to us afford,

And Bfe in us renew.
8 And now what God the Lord will fpeak,

I will goftrait and hear, 30

For to his people he fpeaks peace,

And to his faints full dear.
To his dear feints he will fpeak peace,

But let them never more
Return to folly, butfurceafe 35

To tre/pafs as before.
9 Surely to fuch as do him fear

Salvation is at hand,
And glory fhall ere long appear

To dwell within our land. 40

1O Mercy and Truth that long -were mifs'd

How joyfully are met,
Sweet Peace and Righteoufnefs have kifs'd,

And hand in hand arefet.
II Truth from the earth, like to a fiawtr, 45

Shall bud and bloflbm then,
And Juftice from her heav'nly bower

Look down on mortal men.
i2 The Lord will alfo then beftow

Whatever thing is good, 50

Our land fhall forth in plenty throw

Her fruits to be our food.

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