English Law and Equity Reports

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Edmund Hatch Bennett, Chauncey Smith
C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1853 - Law reports, digests, etc

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Page 140 - of Huddersfield, in the West Riding of the county of York." This act was enlarged by another act, passed in the 8th and 9th years of the reign of her present Majesty, Queen Victoria, intituled " An act to alter, enlarge, and amend an act for supplying with water the town and
Page 255 - no action shall be brought whereby to charge any person upon any agreement that is not to be performed within the space of one year from the making thereof, unless the agreement upon which such action
Page 580 - he parted with the property in it, and the money obtained for it at the bank, whose property were the forty-two sovereigns left upon the counter ? And he directed them, that if they found the first question in the affirmative, and the second in the negative, that the prisoners were in law guilty of larceny of the
Page 420 - the Opposite party, on the ground that such pleading does not set forth sufficient ground of action, defence, or reply, as the case may be ; and where issue is joined on such demurrer, the court shall proceed and give judgment according as the very right of the cause and matter in law shall
Page 363 - 9 & 10 Viet. c. 95, s. 128, it is enacted," that all actions and proceedings which before the passing of this act might have been brought in any of her Majesty's superior courts of record, where the plaintiff dwells more than twenty miles from the defendant, may be brought and determined in any
Page 262 - that no misnomer or inaccurate description of any person, place, or thing named or described in any schedule to this act annexed, or in any list or register of voters, or in any notice required by this act, shall in anywise prevent or abridge the operation of this act with respect to such person, place or thing,
Page 26 - all rents, annuities, pensions, dividends, moduses, compositions, and all other payments of every description, made payable or coming due at fixed periods, under any instrument that shall be executed after the passing of this act, shall be apportioned, so that on the death of any person interested in any such rents,
Page 525 - The statute enacts, that a stamp is necessary upon an agreement, ' whether the same shall be only evidence of a contract, or obligatory upon the parties from its being a written instrument.' Taking the whole together, it must be implied that a stamp is unnecessary, where the instrument shows no contract in law, and cannot be enforced between the parties.
Page 623 - section of the Companies Clauses Consolidation Act, 8 & 9 Viet. c. 16, enacts, that "no person interested in any contract with the company shall be capable of being a director, and no director shall be capable of being interested in any contract with the company during the time he shall be a director.
Page 271 - person whose vote is intended to be objected to: — Held, that a notice in the following terms, " Take notice, that I object to your name being retained on the list of voters for the parish of St. Thomas, New Sarum, in the southern division of the county of Wilts,