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[The following entries, pp. 1-14 (with the exception of 1376-9, 1390, Gower, and c. 1387 Usk), are references to Geoffrey Chaucer contained in documents in the Public Record Office, the City of London Town-Clerk's Office, Guildhall, etc., as compiled and edited by Mr. R. E. G. Kirk, in Life-Records of Chaucer, part iv, Chaucer soc. 1900; the numbers which follow, within round brackets, refer to pages. in idr. Kirk's book. Only direct references to Geoffrey Chaucer are noted. The full titles of the works of the three authorities who have previously printed some of these records (given below within round brackets as Rymer, Godwin, and Nicolas), are respectively, Foedera, euc., by Thomas Rymer, 20 vols., 1704-32; The Life of Geofrey Chaucer, by William Golvin, 2 vols., 1803 ; and The Life of Chaucer, by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, 1845, prefixed to Chaucer's poetical works, Aldine edn. of British poets, vol. 47.]

1357, April to Dec. Payments to and for Geoffrey Chaucer, then in the

household of the Duchess of Clarence, Addit. MS. 18,632 ; ff. 2, 101, fly leaves (Kirk, 152–3. See also Life-Records of Chaucer, III, ed E. A. Bond, pp. 105–13, and New Facts in the Life of Chaucer, ey E. A. Bond, in the Fortnightly Rerier, Aug. 15, 1866, No. xxxi).

1359, Nov. 3 to Nov. 7, 1360. Account of William de Farle, Keeper

of the Wardrobe of the King's Household, containing the entry of Eduard III.'s contribution towards the ransom of Chaucer after he was taken prisoner by the French. Exchequer Q. R. Wardrobe and Household Accounts, V ff. 69, 70 (Kirk, 153–5).

1360 (Oct. 9 to 30 ?]. A payment to Chaucer, by order of Lionel, earl

of Ulster, of nine shillings for bearing letters to England from Calais and returning. Exchequer Accounts *14.

[This entry, only discovered by M. Delachenal in 1909 (Histoire de Charles V., Paris, 1909, vol. ii, p. 241, n. 1), and therefore not in Kirk's Life- Records, occurs in an account of the Earl of Ulster's expenses at Calais at the time of the treaty of peace, and runs :)

Expense domini Comitis Vltonie apud Caleys existentis ibidem ad tractatum et redeundo in Angliam, facte per manus Andree de Budeston, anno xxxiiij to , .

Datum Galfrido Chaucer per preceptum domini eundo cum literis in Angliam iij roiales precio ixs.

[See A new Chaucer Ilem, hy O. F. Emerson in Modern Language Notes, Jan., 1911, vol. xxvi, pp. 19-21; and, for a more correct statement and a print of the document, The nero Chaucer Item, by S. Moore, in Modern Language Notes, March, 1912, vol. xxvii, pp. 79-81.)

1367, June 20. The King grants un annuity of 20_marks to Geoffrey

Chaucer, his beloved yeoman. Patent Roll, 41 Edw. III., p. i, m.
13 (Kirk, 160. Rymer, vol. vi, p. 567. Godwin, App. v).
Nov. 6. The first half-yearly payment of Geoffrey Chaucer's an.
nuity. Issue Roll, Mich., 2 4ž Edw. III., m. 9 (Kirk, 160, and
Nicolas, note B).


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