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The last Report of the Vaudois Committee, dated June, 1845, states, “ There is reason to believe, that every act of publicity, by which attention has been drawn to the civil and religious condition of the Vaudois—whether by diplomatic intervention, parliamentary proceedings, or by means of the presshas proved beneficial.”

This statement first led the writer to hope, that two papers which he read during the present Spring, before a Literary Society, might be published with advantage to the Vaudois cause.

The number of Subscribers to his book has secured a more immediate benefit; and has likewise induced him, since the first

sheet was sent to the press, to enlarge the original lectures into the size of a little volume.

He still found it desirable to confine himself to his first purpose of treating the subject historically; and to avoid entering upon any questions of doctrine, or discussing the controversial point, relative to the original form of Church government, which obtained in the valleys : suffice it to say here, that the Vaudois Church is now Presbyterianclosely resembling the Church of Scotland in its discipline; whilst Infant Baptism prevails, which some, upon in. sufficient grounds, have denied that the ancient Waldenses practised.

The confessions of faith, which have been set forth from time to time by the Vaudois Church, may be seen in the volumes written by Morland and Leger in the seventeenth century, and in Dr.

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Gilly's works of recent date; and do not form a necessary part of the present publication. These authors, together with the valuable historical notices relative to the ancient Waldenses, contained in the second volume of Mr. Elliott's Horæ Apocalypticæ, weighed with the controversial writings of some of their opponents, have principally furnished the materials for the more ancient portions of this history; whilst Mr. Acland's translation of the Rentrée Glorieuse, and two pamphlets, entitled

Report for 1845” and “Waldensian Grievances," have furnished much important matter for modern times.

The Author has taken upon himself the expense of the frontispiece, representing the valley of Angrogna. He feels much pleasure in here acknowledging the kindness of Dr. Henderson, in allowing him the use of an engraved plate of the Vaudois country, by which

the accompanying map has scarcely added to the expense of the publication.

Trusting that these pages, however incomplete, may, in some instances, enlarge the interest now increasingly felt towards a physically weak and often threatened people, and produce assistance in aid of the valuable institutions, which British and foreign Protestant benevolence has recently established among them, the Author commits his little book to the favourable reception of his subscribers and of the public.

December, 1846.



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Daniell, Dr., M. D.

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