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‘Ten fun things to do before you die’, blends humor, insight, and wisdom in a uniquely irrestible manner. Features whimsical illustration and pointers on how to rediscover a fulfilling life with enthusiasm and encouragement. Rediscover the power of wry humor, humanity, and faith.
This book is based on author’s own experience. Karol Jackowski has been a nun more than 30 years. She writes this book to tell that nuns have more fun in their lives. She is now a member of the sisters of Christian Community. She is currently chief operating officer for a small chain of specialty gift stores called Alphabets.
This book is a light-hearted read that gives us some insight about nuns, example they actually do have a sense of humor. It’s similar to Anna Quindlen’s short guide to happy life, except that it acts more as an instructional manual giving specific ideas about things you can do to find peace and happiness. This book can be read in less than a couple of hours. I don’t know how many of her tanets will follow, but the book did me provide some food for thought and gave me a few laughs along the way.
In the book each an every point has some deep meaning in everyday life. Book gave us lecture how we can enjoy our lives. This is not a kind of story telling book, but it inspires us to live life with fun. Some ways author show us in this book to have fun is seems like a dream, because it’s hard to do practically in day today life. However, this book is kind of fun and give us lot of ideas to make life meaningful and get away from stress.

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