The Institutes of Justinian

Front Cover
Thomas Cooper
Halsted & Voorhies, 1841 - Roman law - 628 pages

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Page 561 - That no contract for the sale of any goods, wares and merchandise, for the price of ten pounds sterling or upwards shall be allowed to be good, except the buyer shall accept part of the goods so sold, and actually receive the same, or give something in earnest to bind the bargain, or in part payment, or that some note or memorandum in writing of the said bargain be made and signed by the parties to be charged by such contract, or their agents thereunto lawfully authorized.
Page 396 - Provided also and it is further enacted that if after the death of a father any of his children shall die intestate without wife or children, in the lifetime of the mother, every brother and sister and the representatives of them shall have an equal share with her, anything in the last mentioned acts*7 to the contrary notwithstanding.
Page 466 - That if any Person shall attest the Execution of any Will to whom or to whose Wife or Husband any beneficial Devise, Legacy, Estate, Interest, Gift, or Appointment, of or affecting any Real or Personal Estate (other than and except Charges...
Page 419 - A Man may not marry his 1 Grandmother, 2 Grandfather's wife, 3 Wife's grandmother. 4 Father's sister, 5 Mother's sister, 6 Father's brother's wife. 7 Mother's brother's wife, 8 Wife's father's sister, 9 Wife's mother's sister. 10 Mother, 11 Stepmother, 12 Wife's mother. 13 Daughter, 14 Wife's daughter, 15 Son's wife. 16 Sister, 17 Wife's sister, 18 Brother's wife.
Page 7 - Ius autem civile vel gentium ita dividitur: omnes populi, qui legibus et moribus reguntur, partim suo proprio. partim communi omnium hominum iure utuntur...
Page 434 - A female also at seven years of age may be betrothed or given in marriage; at nine is entitled to dower ; at twelve is at years of maturity, and therefore may consent or disagree to marriage, and, if proved to have sufficient discretion, may bequeath her personal estate ; at fourteen is at years of legal discretion, and may choose a guardian ; at seventeen may be executrix ; and at twenty-one may dispose of herself and her lands.
Page 419 - Grandfather's Wife, 3 Wife's Grandmother. 4 Father's Sister, 5 Mother's Sister, 6 Father's Brother's Wife. 7 Mother's Brother's Wife, 8 Wife's Father's Sister, 9 Wife's Mother's Sister. 10 Mother. 11 Step-Mother, 12 Wife's Mother. 13 Daughter, 14 Wife's Daughter, 15 Son's Wife. 16 Sister, 17 Wife's Sister, 18 Brother's Wife. 19 Son's Daughter, . 20 Daughter's Daughter, 21 Son's Son's Wife. 22 Daughter's Son's Wife, 23 Wife's Son's Daughter, 24 Wife's Daughter's Daughter. 25 Brother's Daughter, 26...
Page 340 - In bonae fidei autem judiciis libera potestas permitti videtur judici ex bono et aequo aestimandi, quantum actori restitui debeat. In quo et illud continetur, ut, si quid invicem actorem praestare oporteat, eo compensato, in reliquum is, cum quo actum est, condemnari debeat *. Sed et in strictis judiciis ex rescripto divi Marci, opposita doli mali exceptione, compensatio inducebatur.
Page 408 - ... they had no heirs, and therefore could make no will ; exclusive of what was called their peculium, whatever they acquired was their master's. They could not plead, nor be pleaded...
Page 148 - Sed et si e contrario pupilli nomine, cui nihil relictum fuerit, de inofficioso egerit et superatus est, ipse quod sibi in eodem 6 testamento legatum relictum est, non amittit.

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