St. Nicholas, Volume 11, Part 2

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Mary Mapes Dodge
Scribner, 1884 - Children's literature

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Page 558 - Now as the armed troops stood thick of men upon the bridge, and there were likewise many heaps of stones and other weapons upon it, and the piles under it being loosened and broken, the bridge gave way ; and a great part of the men upon it fell into the river, and all the others fled, some into the castle, some into Southwark.
Page 558 - King Olaf ordered great platforms of floating wood to be tied together with hazel bands, and for this he took down old houses; and with these as a roof he covered over his ships so widely that it reached over the ships' sides. Under this screen he set pillars so high and stout that there both was room for swinging their swords and the roofs were strong enough to withstand the stones cast down upon them. Now, when the fleet and men were ready they rowed up...
Page 954 - Were half the power that fills the world with terror, Were half the wealth bestowed on camps and courts, Given to redeem the human mind from error, There were no need of arsenals or forts: The warrior's name would be a name abhorred!
Page 699 - Washington avowed, when the great struggle was over, that, " if all the States had done their duty as well as the little State of Connecticut, the war would have been ended long ago.
Page 558 - Southwark there was a bridge, so broad that two waggons could pass each other upon it. On the bridge were raised barricades, both towers and wooden parapets, in the direction of the river, which were nearly breast high ; and under the bridge were piles driven into the bottom of the river. Now when the attack was made the troops stood on the bridge everywhere, and defended themselves. King Ethelred was very anxious to get possession of the bridge, and he called together all the chiefs to consult how...
Page 870 - REMEMBER the glories of Brien the brave, Though the days of the hero are o'er ; Though lost to Mononia,* and cold in the grave, He returns to Kinkora8 no more.
Page 842 - You are right," said the Captain, after a moment's reflection ; " such an action would be highly dishonorable on your part. If you will give me your word of honor that you will remain by this stone until our return, the expedition will proceed without you." The Stranger gave his word, and having been left sitting upon the stone, soon dropped asleep, and so remained until he was awakened by the return of the band a little before daylight. They came slowly toiling along, each man carrying an enormous...
Page 558 - There the Danes had raised a great work, dug large ditches, and within had built a bulwark of stone, timber and turf, where they had stationed a strong army. King Ethelred ordered a great assault ; but the Danes defended themselves bravely, and king Ethelred could make nothing of it. Between the castle and Southwark there was a bridge, so broad that two waggons could pass each other upon it.
Page 870 - Its beam on the battle, is set ; But enough of its glory remains on each sword To light us to victory yet...

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