A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes ... to which are Added ... General Information Connected with the Business of the Counting-house

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Page 19 - Where a drawee to whom a bill is delivered for acceptance destroys the same, or refuses within twenty-four hours after such delivery, or within such other period as the holder may allow, to return the bill accepted or nonaccepted to the holder, he will be deemed to have accepted the same.
Page 15 - ... that it be for the payment of money only, and not for the payment of money and the performance of some other act...
Page 23 - In other words, the party receiving an over-due bill cannot acquire a claim which the party holding the bill did not possess. For instance, one party may draw an accommodation bill upon another.
Page 12 - Sixty days after sight of this first of exchange (second and third unpaid), pay to the order of ourselves 1,600 sterling value received, and charge the same to account of as advised. "Dana Land and Lumber Company. "To Messrs. Geo. Shadbolt & Son, London.
Page 124 - Multiply each payment by the time before it becomes due, and divide the sum of the products by the sum of the payments : the quotient will be the mean time.
Page 26 - The consequence of not duly presenting a bill or note is that all the antecedent parties are discharged from their liability, whether on the instrument or on the consideration for which it was given. The acceptor or maker, however, still continues liable.
Page 117 - On articles on which the rate is fixed by .weight, it is understood to be on the gross weight, and on Liquors, Oil, &c. on which the rate refers to gallons, it is understood to be on the whole capacity of the casks, whether full or not. — The proprietor of Goods to be at the expense of putting them in store, stowing away, and turning out of store. — All goods taken on storage, to be subject to one month's storage; if taken out within 15 days...
Page 15 - It is assignable to a third person not named in the bill, or party to the contract, so as to vest in the assignee a right of action in his own name; contrary to the general rule of law, that choses in action are not so assignable.
Page 21 - ... without such knowledge at the time, no subsequently acquired knowledge of the misconduct of the partner in giving such security can disaffirm the act.
Page 127 - Multiply the amount of the smaller side by the number of days between the two average dates, and divide the product by the balance of the account. The quotient will be the time...

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