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Ereter, Hannaford. Leicester, god Norwich, Muskett; Smith. Stamford, Mortlock; Roue. Alnwick, Smith. Carlisle, Thurnam. Faversham, Thiselton. Crossley

Nottingham, Wright. Stockport, Claye. Ashford, Jennings; Elliott. Carmarthen, White. Glasgow, Murray.

Lewes, Baxter.
Oxford, Slatter.

Stratford-on-soon, Bolton Ashton-under. Line & Staley Carnarvon, Potter & Co. Gloucester, Jew.

Lincoln, Brooke & Sons. Penrith, Allison, Brown. Lapworth Bridge, Cunningham. Chatham, Burrill.

Guernsey, Moss.

Liverpool, P. Burns. Peterborough, Bell, Swaffham, Gowing. Banbury, J. G. Rusher. Chelmsford, Guy, Guildford, Russells. Llandovery, Rees. Plymouth, Nettleton. Tavistock, Helms, Bangor, Shone. Cheltenham, Lovesy. Hertford, Simson.

London, Berger.

Portsmouth, Comerford. Totness, Hannaford. Barnet, Cowing. Chertsey, Wetton. Hinckley, Short. Long Sutton, Swain. Preston, Clarke.

Ulverstone, Tyson. Barnstaple, Brightwell. Chester, Seacome; Pritch- Horncastle, Babington. Lyme Regis, Dunster. Retfurd, Turvey.

Wakefield, Stanfield. Bath, Binns & Goodwin. ard; Boult & Catherall. Huddersfield, Lancashire. Lynn, Smith.

Richinond, Bowman & Co. Warwick, Merridew ; So. Birmingham, Langbridge. Chichester, Glover. Hull, Cussons; Goddard Manchester, Bancks and Royston, Warren.

den. Bolton, Heaton & Sons, Clitheroe, Whalley.

& Brown.

Co.; Simms.

Rugby, Combu & Co. IV eymouth, Commins. Boston, Noble. Cockermouth, Raily. Huntingdon, Edis. March, Sarjeant.

Salisbury, Brodie & Co. Whitby, Rodgers. Bourr, Daniells. Colchester, Knibb. Ipswich, Deck.

Maryport, Adair. Sandbach, Lindop. Whitehaven, Gibson. Bradford, Taylor. Colne, Earnshaw. Jersey, P. Falle.

Merthyr Tydvil, White. Scarborough, Theakston. Wigton, Ismay. Braintree, Joscelyne. Derby, Wilkins & Son. Kendal, Hudson & Co. Middlewich, Lindop. Sherborne, Penny.

Winchester, Jacob & Co. Bridport, Tucker. Devonport, Byers.

Kettering, Dash.

Monmouth, Heath. Shrewsbury, Eddowes. Wisbeach, Leach. Bristol, Vickery. Doncaster, Brooke & Co. Kidderminster, Pennell, Neath. Hayward.

Sidmouth, Harvey. Worcester. Deighton. Burnley, Sutcliffe. Dover, Batchellor. Kimbolton, Ibbs. Newark, Ridge.

Sittingbourn, Coulter. Workington, Kirkcouel. Bury. Lankester; Thomp-Dublin, Curry & Co, Kirby Lonsdale, Foster. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Finlay Skipton, Tasker. Worthing, Carter. son. Dundee, Shaw. Lancaster, Milner.

and Co.; Currie and Southampton, Skelton., Yarmouth, Alexander. Bury, (Lanc.) Crompton. Durham, Andrews. Launceston, Cater.


Staffordshire Putteries, Yeovil. Porter. Cambridge, Stevenson. Edinburgh, Blackwood & Leamington, Merridew, Northampton, Birdsall. Watts, Lane End, York, Bellerhr. Canterbury, Barnes.


Leeds, Baines & Newsome.

Berlin, A. Asher. - Hamburg, Perthes & Besser: - Leipsic, Black & Armstrong, (of London.) - St. Petersburgh, A. Asher.

United States of America, Allard & Co., New York. - lipper Canada, Rowsell, Toronto,


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ABUse of faculties, 224

Acre, description of, 192

hi-tory of, 195

Adonis, worship of, 231

Address to a Godson, 2470

Advantages of the study of botany,


Alexandria, in Egypt, 161
Alum and Alum Works, I., 147_",


Ambitious desires, 104

America, earthquake in, 14

Ansarians, the, 239
Antaradus, description of, 240
Antelopes, South African, I., 95—II,


Antidotes to poisons, 94

Antioch, history of, 246

Aradus, isle of, 240

Arish, ki, description of, 191

Arrow-headed characters, 6

Arthur, king, 163

calon, ruins of, 191

Ash, the mountain, 16

August, 47

Aurora, 24

Autumn, 159

Baldwin, king of Jerusalem, gallant

exploit of, 231

Balm, 20

Banian tree, 25

Beauties of nature, 141

Bee-hunt in the far West, 182

Bells, the coral and, 247

Beteddin, description of, 224

Beyrout, description of, 224

Bodily suffering, triumphs over, 78
Bohemoud of Antioch, 246

II , 246

III., 246 2

Borneo, Dyaks of. 229

Botany, advantages of the study of, 27

Bride of Syria, the, 191

Brighton, farewell to, 30

British manufactures, spread of, 24

Brompton stock, 54

Buonaparte, his cruelty at Jaffa, 191

repulsed before Acre, 197

Byblos, description of, 231

Camel cricket, description of, 156

Carmel, Mount, 191

Carter, Joba, extraordinary case of,


Castles in the air, 15

Cephalonia, description of, 65

Cerigo, description of, 67

Characters, arrow-headed, 6

cuneiform, 6

Chatiilon, Raymond of, 246

Childhood and childishness, 116

Children, Christian, 141

Chimney sweepers, 6

China, white wax-insect of, 55

Christian children, 141

Christianity, influences of, 111

not gloomy, 99

Christchurch, Hants, 145

Christ's Hospital, description of, 193,

201, 235, 241

Chrysostom, St, sayiog of, 24

Church establishment, uses of, 67

Churchyard, reflections in a, 143

Cloth of Gold, Field of, 42

Cochrane, extract from, 198

Colchester, 199

Competence, 109

Complaint of the Forget-me-Not, 54

Confidence and distrust, 71

Conrad of Montserrat, 196, 208

Conscience, 64

Considerations on Rome, 31

Constantia of Antioch, 246

Coutemplation of nature, 31

Coutradictions, 69

Conversation, uses of, 24

Coral and bells, the, 247

Corfu, description of, 28

Cork, Glanworth castle in, 137
Costume of the Druses, 224

Maronites, 239

Count Raymond of Tripoli, 232

Courtesy, 3

Courtly philosophy, 67
Crow, the, 68

Palestine, Prince Edward in, 169

Palin, selection from, 18

Paris, some account of, Part IV., 33-

formation of the Catholic league,

33-day of the Barricades, 34

siege of Paris by llenry of Na.

varre, 34-reigu of Henry Quatre,

edict of Nantes, Louis The Thir.

teeuth, 35-civil ware of the Fron.

disis, 35-siege of Paris by Condé,

36-splendour and pomp of Louis's

court, 37-revocation of the edict

of Nantes, 37-maugers of the

Parisiaus in the seventeenth cen.

tory, 39-contests during the mino.

rity of Louis the Fifteenth, 39–

reigus of Louis the Fifteenth and

Sixteenth, and gradual approach

of the revolution, 39

Part V. Causes of the French revo-

lution, 121-National Assembly;
destruction of the Bastile, 121-
the royal prerogative suspended,
122-trial, condemnation, and ex.
ecution of the king, 123-com-
mencement of the reign of terror,
124-execution of the queeu, 125
-all of Robespierre, 126-esta.
blishment of the Executive Direc.
tory, 1974-forcible appointment of
the consulate under Buona parte,
127-Buona parte's assumption of

imperial dignity, 128
Part VI. Topographical description,

209—north west Paris, 210-north-
ern faubourgs, 211-central Paris,
211-north-eastera Paris, 212

Happiness, 24, 76, 179
Hai bour of St. Simeon, 246
Headingham Castle, 61
Health, effects of fear on, 94

islands in the Seine, 213-south. | Religion, 159
western Paris, 213-south-eastern Remarkable zoophytes, notice of some,
Paris, 214

Paris, Dr., extract froin, 48

Remorse, 104
Parsley, 23

Resignation, 14, 104
Passion and self-love, 72

Rising, early, 56
Paxo, description of, 46

Rocks of Meteora, 129
Persian idol, account of a, 5

Ronie, considerations on, 31
Philosophy, true, 219

Rural education, improvement of, 39
Plague encampment, 198
Pleasing conversation, 3

Sabbath, observance of the, 31
Plymouth and Devonport, I., 21–11.,

St. Chrysostom, remark by, 24
51-III., 99--IV., 151

St. George, the, 139
Poisons and their antidotes, 94

St. Simeon, harbour of, 246
and Secret Poisoning, 1., 71– Saladin before Acre, 196
II., 77

Salvator Rosa, and his Works, I., 178
Polish Jews, 13

-II., 218-U11., 234
Precious Stones and Gems, I., 4-II., Sandford, Mrs., extract from, 3

11-I11., 187-IV., 203-V., 221 Santa Maura, description of, 114
VI., 229—VII., 243

Scanderoun, description of, 247
Preseuts, the Scythian, 80

Scepticism, 136
Pride and vanity, 159

Scyihian presents, the, 80
Propor object of travel, 5

Seal-engraving, 243
Providence, goodness of, ererywhere Seleucis, description of, 247
discoverable, 135

Self-confidence, 147

Self-love and passion, 72
Queen Anne's farthings, 76

September, 91
of the East, 246

Sève, Colupel (Soliman Pacha) 181
Quagga, the, 143

Sheep, different names of, 32

notes on, 32
Richard I. of Eugland, 196

- utility of, 32
Raren, the, 1., 163-11., 237

shearing, 32
Raymond of Antioch, 246

dogs, Spanish, 5
Chatillon, 346

Shepherd the Spanish, 109
Poitou, 246

Shortness of life, 30
Provence, 240

Sidon, description of, 20%
- Tripoli, 232

Skirlaw chapel, 167
Reflections in a churchyard, 143 Soliman Pacha, (Colonel Sève) 181

Sonnet by Wordsworth, 156

Thoughts on eternity. 30
to Wordsworth, 8

Tiberias, battle ot, 195
Sorrow, to a friend in, 20

Time wasted, 182
Sour, (Tyre,) description of, 207. Toglakabad, ruins of, 17
South African antelopes, I., 95-11., Tokens, tradesmen's, 63

Tranquillity, 48
South Africau Sketches,

Travel, proper object of, 5
1. The Boors, or Dutch farmers, 57 Traveller, the adder, and the fox, 93
11. The Bushman Hottentots, 73 Tripoli, description of, 232
II, The Korahs, 97

Triumphs over bodily suffering, 78
IV. The Kaffers, 153

True liberality, 188
V. The Bichuanas, 185

True philosophy, 219
Southey, Dr., extract from, 6

religion, 182
un sheep, 32

Truth, 219
Spanish sheep-dogs, á

Tyre, description of, 207
shepherd, the, 109
Spider, gossamer, 149
Spite, 129

Uses of a Church establishment, 67
Spread of British manufactures, 24

conversation, 34
Squirrel, the, 133

Utility of sheep, 3%
Sluck, the Brompton, 54
Study of botany, advantages of the, Value of a good name, 165

Vanity of intellect 90
Suicide, 27

Venus, to the planet, 156
Sullivan, Mrs., remark by, 198

Violets, 54
Swediyah, description of, 247

Virtue, true happiness, 24
Sympathy, 109

Vivid pleasures, 136
Syrian coast, the, I., 180-II., 191-

111., 195—IV., 206–V., 223-VI., Weeping for Tammnz, 231
231-VII., 238-VIII., 245

White-wax insect, 55

World, kaowledge of, 136
Tammuž, weeping for, 231

Wordsworth, sonnet to, 8
Tarabolous, description of, 232

sonnet by, 156
Technicalities, 27
Temper, equality of, 69
The earth is the Lord's, 18

Zante, description of, 44
Theodoric, king, anecdote of, 248 Zoophytes, notice of some remarkable,
The only two beautiful things, 64



ACALEPHA, hydrostatic, 237
Acre, view of, 192
Actinia, 236
Alexandria, Egypt. 161
Angel, Jacob wrestling with the, 233
Angle, right, diagram of, 199
Apparatus for the combustion of the

diamond. 12
Argostoli, Cephalonia, 65
Ash, the mountain, 16

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Banian-trer, 25
Barlaam, monastery of, 123
Bastille, Rue St. Antoine, 33
Bichuana woman mauufacturing earth.

enware, 185
Boor's family, halt of a, 57
Brarashill, Hants, 1
Brilliant, 12
Bushmen Hottentots armed for an ex-

pedition, 73

cup, 218

Camel, cricket, 156
Charter of Christ's Hospital, presen.

tation of the, 193
Chinese lantern-fly, 112
Christ's Church, north transept, 145
Christ's Hospital, presentation of the,
charter ot, 193

old hall and Whit-
tington's library, 201

grammar and ma.
thematical schools, 2:25

exterior of new hall,
Cloth of Gold, procession from the

Field of the, 41
Clond, St., palace of, 128
Cluni, hôtei de, Paris, 40
Colchester, 200
Combustion of the diamond, apparatus

for. 12
Corfu, drawbridge at, 28

-- isle of, 9
Cork, Glanworth Castle, 137
Crow, the, 69
Cyanæa cuccinea, 236

Diogenes in search of an honest man,

Distant view of the isle of Corsu, 9
Dockyard, Devonport, 53
Dormouse, the, 197
Dragon-fly, the, 120
Draw bridge at Corfu, 28
Druse females head-dress of, 224
Earthenware, Bichuana woman

nufacturing, 185
Edward VI presenting the charter of

Christ's Hospital, 193
Egypt, Alexandria iv, 161
Elater ignitus, 142

- noctilucus, 141
Exterior of the new hall, Christ's

Hospital, 241
Farthings, Qneeu Anne's, 76
Fire-fly of South America, 141
Frog, ihe, 49

progressive changes of the, 49
Gallery in Haddon Hall, 89
Garden front of the Tuilleries, 121
Glanworth Castle, Cork, 137
Grammar and mathematical schools,

Christ's Hospital, 225
Grand Piazza at Zante, 45
Haddon Hall, long gallery in, 89
Hall, new, Christ's Hospital, 241

old, Christ's Hospital, 201
Halt of a Boor's family, 57
Ilarbour of Malta, 169
Head-ress of Druse females, 224
Hedingham Castle, Essex. 61
Honest maa, Vingenes in search of, 177
Hôtel de Cluni, Paris, 40

de Ville. Paris, 209
Hotteututs. Bushmen, 73

Korah, 97
Hydrostatic acela pha, 237
Idol, Persian, 5
Insect, walking-lear, 157

white wax, 56
Insects, luminous, 112, 141
Ithaca, Port Vathi, 113
Jackdaw, the, 243
Jacob wrestling with the angel, 233
Kaffer village, 153
King Arthur's tombstone, 164

Knight of Malta, 88

Procession from the Field of the Cloth
Korah Hottentots, preparing to re of Gold, 41
move, 37

Quagga, the, 144
Lantern-fly, Chinese, 112

Queen Anne's farthings,'76
Library. Whittington's, Christ's Hos.
pital, 201

Raren, the, 165
Lonth Church, Lincolnshire, 105

Rook, the, 68
Luminous insects, 112, 141

Rose diamond, 12"

Rue St. Antoine and the Bastillo, 33
Malta, Alof de Vignacourt, grand mas.

Ruins of Tuglakabad, 17
ter of the knights of, 88

harbour of, 169
knights of, 88

St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, 91
port of, in the time of the

St. Cloud, palace of, 128
knights, 81

Salvator Rosa, pictures by,
Mantis oratorio, 156

Diogenes about to throw away his
Marine, of Valetta, 176
Marmot, the, 205

Diogenes in search of an honest
Mathematical and grammar schools,

man, 177
Christ's Hospital, 325

Jacob wrestling with the aogel, 933
Modern Sidon, 208

Scythian presents, the, 80
Monastery of Barlaam, 199

Seal-engraver's tools, 244
Mountain ash, 16

Sidon, modern, 208
Mus avellanarius, 197

Skirlaw Chapel, 168

South American fire-fly, 141, 142
New hall, Christ's Hospital, 241

Spring buk, the, 96
Nuthatch, the, 117

Squirrel, the, 133
Nut weavil, 116

Toglakabad, ruins of, 17.
Old English Mansions, 1, 89

Tokens, tradesmen's, 64
Old hull ond Whitington's library, Tombstone, King Arthur's, 164
Christ's Hospital, 201

Tools, seal-engraver's, 244

Town hall and library. Devonport, 101
Palace of St. Cloud, 128

Tradesmen's tokens, 64
the Tuilleries, 121

Traveller, the adder, and the fox, 93
Patlah, the, 109

Tuilleries, palace of the, 121
Paris, Bastille and Rue St. Antoine, 33
Hotel de Ciuui, 40

Uacut diamond, 12
the Tuilleries, 121
Palace of St Cloud, 128

Valetta, marine of, 176
110tel de Ville, 209

Ven tome, Place, Paris, 216
Tillar of the Place Vendome, Victualling Office, Plymouth, 152

Vignacourt, Alof de, grand master of
Pausus sphærocerus, 141

the kuights of St. John, 88
Persiau idol, 5

Village, Kaffer, 153
Physalia, 237

Vile, hotel de, Paris, 209
Place Venciôme, Paris, 216
Pazzi, Gragi, at Zante, 45

Walking-leaf insect, 157.
Pillar of the Place Vendôme, Paris, 216 Weevil, nut, 116
Plymouth, New Victnalling Office, 148 White was insect, 56

St. Andrew's Church, 21 Whittingtou's library, Christ's Home
Port of Malta, in the time of the

pital, 201
knights, 81
Port Vathi, Ithaca, 113

Zante, Grand Piazza at, 15
Portuguese mau-of-war, 237

Zoophytes, 236, 237

Devonport dockyard, 53

town hall and library, 161
Diamond, brilliant, 12

Iose, 12

uncut, 12
Diogenes about to fling away his cup,


1. Vol. XIII, p. 234, it is incorrectly stated, that the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich is used for the preparation of Cadets for the East India

Company's serviec; the institution in question is solely for the education of officers for the Royal Artillery and Engineers,


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