Lives of Distinguished Shoemakers

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Davis & Southworth, 1849 - Shoemakers - 340 pages

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Page 152 - Most wondrous book ! bright candle of the Lord ! Star of eternity ! the only star By which the bark of man could navigate The sea of life, and gain the coast of bliss Securely ; only star which rose on Time, And, on its dark and troubled billows, still, As generation, drifting swiftly by, Succeeded generation, threw a ray Of heaven's own light, and to the hills of God, The eternal hills, pointed the sinner's eye.
Page 62 - However superior to me in general knowledge and experience, the respectable body of this house may be, yet I claim to know more of America than most of you, having seen and been conversant in that country. The people, I believe, are as truly loyal, as any subjects the king has ; but a people jealous of their liberties, and who will vindicate them, if ever they should be violated ; — but the subject is too delicate, and I will say no more.
Page 251 - In fairs, also, and in markets, I was made to declare against their deceitful merchandise, and cheating, and cozening; warning all to deal justly, to speak the truth, to let their Yea be yea, and their Nay be nay; and to do unto others as they would have others do unto them; and forewarning them of the great and terrible day of the Lord, which would come upon them all.
Page 125 - No blood-stain'd victory in story bright, Can give the philosophic mind delight ; No triumph please, while rage and death destroy : Reflection sickens at the monstrous joy. And where the joy, if rightly understood, Like cheerful praise for universal good < The soul nor check nor doubtful anguish knows, But free and pure the grateful current flows.
Page 250 - These things I did not see by the help of man, nor by the letter (though they are written in the letter), but I saw them in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by his immediate Spirit and power, as did the holy men of God, by whom the Holy Scriptures were written.
Page 280 - Shoemaker, was one of those, to whom, under ruder or purer form, the Divine Idea of the Universe is pleased to manifest itself; and, across all the hulls of Ignorance and earthly Degradation, shine through, in unspeakable Awfulness, unspeakable Beauty, on their souls: who therefore are rightly accounted Prophets, God-possessed; or even Gods, as in some periods it has chanced.
Page 329 - In conversation his religion manifested itself in gratitude more frequently than in any other form. When I have visited him in his last years, and looked on his serene countenance, and heard his cheerful voice, and seen the youthful earnestness with which he was reading a variety of books, and studying the great interests of humanity, I have felt how little of this outward world is needed to our happiness. I have felt the greatness of the human spirit, which could create to itself such joy from its...
Page 121 - THE farmer's life displays in every part A moral lesson to the sensual heart. Though in the lap of plenty, thoughtful still, He looks beyond the present good or ill ; Nor estimates alone one blessing's worth, From changeful seasons, or capricious earth ; But views the future with the present hours, And looks for failures as he looks for showers ; For casual as for certain want prepares, And round his yard the reeking haystack rears : Or, clover, blossom'd lovely to the sight, His team's rich store...
Page 62 - ... on many occasions, has caused the blood of those sons of liberty...
Page 22 - Our portion is not large, indeed ; But then how little do we need ! For nature's calls are few : In this the art of living lies, To want no more than may suffice, And make that little do.

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